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Episode 1.22 TSC – “Family”

I can’t believe I am writing my final post for this wonderful show.  I can’t believe I live in a world where “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” goes on, but shows with interesting stories, incredible writing, and great acting by beautiful young people are killed in their infancy.  I am truly disappointed, but hoping that somewhere in the entertainment business world, someone will recognize the potential of this wonderful show and pick it up elsewhere.  It deserves a second season and more.

In any case, the finale was everything I hoped it would be and more.   It is a pity and a shame that we may not get to see what happens next.  But here’s how it went.

Diana wakes up – in Grant’s car.  He’s sitting in the driver’s seat.  Her phone’s been ringing all night, but Grant didn’t wake her.  She checks her messages and says she needs to go.  Grant lets Diana know he will take her across the country if that’s what she wants, and she does, someday.  But today, the Circle needs her.

She meets the Circle (minus Faye, who’s been kidnapped by Eben and the Witch Hunters) back at the abandoned house.  They are locked in a debate about how to get Faye back – with or without John Blackwell’s help.  Diana says that together they are more powerful than they were separately.  But Melissa reminds her they could not defeat a Witch Hunter who only had one demon in him – Eben has six.

Cassie’s phone rings – Eben’s on the other end.  He tells her to bring a crystal to the boat where their parents burned – or Faye will burn like they did. He knows they can’t form the Crystal Skull without all six crystals – so he’ll take one, thank you very much

Adam says – “let’s do it” but Jake is sure Eben can’t be trusted.  The only way to get Faye is to kill Eben before he hurts her – and the way to do that is with the Crystal Skull.  Diana demurs – they think that because it’s what Blackwell told them – and he can’t be trusted.  But Jake says his grandfather told them it’s the most dangerous weapon ever created.  Eben is afraid of it, and Blackwell is the only one who knows how it works.  But Diana and Cassie will have to be part of creating it.

Adam, Jake and Melissa go off to the boatyard to see if they can rescue Faye.

Cassie and Diana meet Blackwell to create the skull. He explains they have to destroy the family crystals and that will unbind the Circle. Diana says “No” – they can’t unbind the Circle without talking to the other members.  Cassie argues that Faye will die if they don’t create the Skull – it’s worth the risk even if they don’t know what will happen to the other members of the Circle when it is unbound.

Blackwell begins the ritual – and now he is starting to look like the creepy dude I’ve always seen lurking beneath the surface.  And the ritual is creepy too.

At the boatyard, Melissa, Jake and Adam are feeling the effects of the unbinding – and Jake is ready to go after Faye – but Adam stops him – with his individual power. Now they know the Circle is not bound any more.  It’s too dangerous to go on the ferry.

In the ferry, Faye has also discovered her power is back.  She’s loose and looking for a way out.  And she bests a Witch Hunter to get her phone back.  I LOVE FAYE.

Back at the Meade house, Charles’ mother has come to call, and Dawn is also there.  Kate Meade is clearly concerned about Faye. As they talk, Faye calls her mother.  She tells her where she is and what’s happening – and that she knows she’s a witch.  And Dawn knows she knows (love the comedic exchange in the midst of the stressful situation!).  During their conversation, Faye is attacked.   The situation is now urgent.

Dawn begs Charles’ mother not to let history repeat itself.  Kate Meade says the second generation’s power was destroyed when it was stripped – but she will give them her own!  Go Grandma.

Meanwhile, back at the beach where the skull is forming, something is happening beneath the water.  It is churning and bubbling.  Cassie walks into the water as she feels the pull of the skull. She picks it up out of the water.  It is not yet fully formed, but she is clearly feeling a connection to it.  She encourages Diana to touch the mass -and as both Cassie and Diana touch it, the Skull forms.

Cassie looks satisfied – Diana looks terrified.

Melissa, Adam and Jake are worried about Cassie and Diana – neither will answer their phones.  Adam is going after them, while Melissa and Jake stay at the ferry and go after Faye.  This is one of the best scenes of the finale.  Adam and Jake encourage each other, and we see the deepening feelings between Adam and Melissa.  It’s a moment of warmth in a series where there always seems to be tension and danger.

Blackwell takes the skull, but Cassie wants to hold it.  Diana insists they do whatever it takes to save Faye.  Blackwell says the skull reflects an individual’s power, but without limitations.  Cassie seems to be mesmerized by the power of the skull and her connection to it – she takes it from Blackwell.  Blackwell wants it back – claiming Cassie’s dark magic isn’t advanced enough to use it.  Diana supports Cassie’s claim on the skull – if she needs help to kill Eben with it, Blackwell can guide her.  Cassie chimes in – they all have the same goal – isn’t that right?

And then the moment of truth – Blackwell admits they don’t have the same goal – but they will.

The girls fall to the ground at his bidding.

Back at the Meade home, Kate Meade has transferred her power.  Dawn thanks her and leaves.  Charles tells his mother he knows that Diana is not her daughter.  Turns out his mother has known all along that Blackwell was Diana’s blood father – but she tells Charles blood does not define a family. Kate claims that the demons in Eben cannot be killed without the Crystal Skull but Charles knows there is another way.  However, he needs his mother’s help.  He speaks of redemption, and we all know what he’s talking about.

Melissa and Jake make their way on to the ferry, and find Faye. Eben disarms them. And the demons can be seen running around his head.

Cassie and Diana regain consciousness back at the abandoned house.  The Skull is sitting on a table, and Blackwell is looking through a book. The girls quickly discover they are encircled and can’t escape.  Turns out Blackwell couldn’t care less about the other members of the Circle – or Eben.

Jake, Faye and Melissa are now wearing robes and tied to a post on the ferry – just as Blackwell was16 years ago.  It is encircled with ash.  Eben enters and gives the standard lecture about how he has to kill them because they are abominations.  And he sets the ash circle on fire.  As he and his minions leave, the entire room catches fire.

Dawn and Charles arrive and see smoke – and here screaming.  Charles takes on Eben and tells Dawn to circle around the other way. And Charles strategy becomes clear – he’s going to get the demons out of Eben and take them on himself!  Meanwhile, Dawn puts out the fires and breaks the kids’ bonds.  Off they go – but when they hear Eben screaming, Jake follows the screams as Dawn takes off the other way with Faye and Melissa.

Charles has taken on the demons and Jake shows up just in time to shove a knife into Eben’s gut, avenging his parents and his brother, Nick. But he looks up to find Charles gone.

Back at the abandoned  house, Blackwell says Witch Hunters have always been the best way to galvanize witches (and here I am reminded of the chase for “the moonstone and the doppelganger in my other favorite show!),  The strategy becomes clear – Blackwell wanted children, but not their parents – broken orphans are easier to control. But Amelia figured it out and tried to get Ethan to help kill Blackwell before his evil plot could take hold.

Blackwell – dressed all in black to match his heart – explains that the deaths of the parents gave him the opportunity to disappear and wait – until the right moment to return.

Back on the boat, Charles has run outside – and Dawn and the girls have caught up to him.  They can see the demons running loose inside him.  He asks Dawn to tell Diana that he loves her – and then jumps overboard.

Blackwell begins to chant over the skull as Cassie and Diana watch, stuck in the ash circle.  Inside the skull, black vapor dances. Cassie demands “If you are not using the skull to kill Witch Hunters, then what is it for?”

Blackwell:  “To kill witches…every single one without Balcoin blood”

And he holds up his hand to reveal the mark of the Balcoins – the imprint of the medallion.

On the boat, Dawn, Faye and Melissa are suddenly in distress – burning from the inside out.

Blackwell explains that the other witches have kept the Balcoins weak for 200 years. The time has come for a cleansing.

Adam arrives at the abandoned house, also in distress.

Blackwell drops his final bombshell.  There are 4 more Balcoin children – born in other towns, raised in other circles, on their way to Chance Harbor to join Diana and Cassie.

Diana declares that Adam’s grandfather was right.  Blackwell says a Balcoin Circle will be perfect – it is made of the purest race.  (Race?) Together, a pure Balcoin Circle will be a weapon more powerful than any Crystal Skull.

Megalomaniacal much Blackwell?

Adam, crawling along the floor and burning up, is not going down without a fight.  But Blackwell counter attacks.

When Cassie sees that the Skull is burning Adam – and understands that this is happening to all the members of the Circle, including Jake who has caught up with Dawn, Faye and Melissa – she reacts swiftly. Realizing her dark magic is not enough to break through the barrier, she turns on Diana – knowing Diana’s survival instinct will kick in.

And it does.  Diana fights back and the barrier is broken.  Cassie grabs the skull and begins to reverse the spell.  Blackwell fights back and for a moment, it looks like he is being successful, as blood begins to drip from Cassie’s nose.  But Diana joins her and Blackwell begins to burn!

And together, they kill him!

Later, Cassie, Diana and Adam greet Faye, Melissa and Jake at the door or Cassie’s house. Cassie admits that none of what has happened should have – she just wanted to believe in her father. Melissa says they were all fooled by him – but Cassie insists she should have known it was wrong.

She apologizes, and they move on to the next bit of business – how to destroy the indestructible Crystal Skull so nothing like this ever happens again.  Cassie describes its power as dark and seductive (and Faye hears it calling her name!)  Adam suggests they surround it with lead and drop it deep in the ocean.  Cassie says Adam should do it because “no one’s more reliable.” Even Jake agrees.

Cassie wants to rebind the Circle, but the others are not so sure. With Eben and Blackwell gone, there’s no compelling reason to increase their group power.  And all the evil stuff started to happen once the Circle was bound – better to go back to the way it was….maybe.

But Cassie reminds them there are other Balcoins coming, and being bound is a protection against them.  Diana wants no part of it – and she’s leaving town.  Cassie begs her to stay – she’s the only family Cassie has left.  But Diana reminds her that no matter where she may go, that will never change.  She needs to leave Chance Harbor.

Diana feels lost – something Cassie understands better than most. When she came to Chance Harbor, Diana was the one who helped her.  Now Cassie wants to do the same for Diana.  But Diana is terrified of her dark magic, and she can’t get away from it and be with Cassie at the same time.  And so she leaves.

Jake and Faye leave the promise of a rekindled love affair glowing as Faye departs.

Grant meets up with Diana at the coffee house – she’s packed a bag and ready to go with him.

Melissa comes home to find Faye in her room with champagne and in a partying mood.

Jake opens a package from Grandpa Royce – a note says “The Circles are coming together – your fight is far from over.”  Inside the package is a talisman every bit as mysterious as the Balcoin Medallion.

Charles – who is not dead – sits in a chair as his mother carves into his wrist the same symbol that bound the demons in Heather – but made her catatonic.

Adam encircles the Crystal Skull in his hands – and seems to be seduced by its power.  Is it Adam – or did Blackwell take possession of him during their battle at the abandoned house?

Diana gets into Grant’s car, and as she begins to fasten her seat belt, notices something on her hand – the imprint of the Balcoin Medallion.

Remember Diana – no matter where you go, there you are!

Cassie stands alone staring at the same symbol on the palm of her own hand.  She turns it toward the fireplace and lights a fire – and her face glows with satisfaction.

And on the outskirts of Chance Harbor, on a promontory, stand 4 figures – 3 boys and a 1 girl, dressed in black.  On their palms, the imprint of the Balcoin Medallion.

So this is where it ends?

It breaks my heart to have watched the show build and build and build – all the elements coming together – and now we are left to wonder what happens next, because there will be no Season 2.

It also seems to me that the shows that are rich in storytelling, with interesting characters and complex plotlines – and intricate mythology and/or history – seem to be on cable.  I do not pretend to understand the entertainment business well enough to know why.  But that is my observation – so I am hoping that somewhere out in the world of cable, some smart executive sees the potential that is in “The Secret Circle” and picks it up for at least another Season.

I believe the show – and its loyal and passionate fans (of which I am one) – deserve it.  “The Secret Circle” was 22 episodes of great entertainment.

Thank you Kevin Williamson for making it happen, thank you Andrew Miller for keeping it happening each week.  And thank you to the cast, Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Chris Zylka, Louis Hunter, Gale Harold, and Natasha Henstridge for giving it your all in every episode and making me excited to see what happens next.


Episode 1.21 TSC – “Prom”

The Circle is at the abandoned house – Nick, Faye, Cassie and Diana are explaining to Melissa and Adam that the witch working with the witch hunters is Nick.  Blackwell speculates that when Nick drowned, perhaps the demon didn’t – and it kept his body alive.  (Doesn’t go very far in explaining how the buried – presumably in a coffin in the ground – Nick got out of his grave.  But who am I to argue?  This is much weirder than the world I inhabit.

Melissa wants to help Nick, but everyone else – including his own brothers – insists the Nick they knew is long gone.  Melissa leaves, with Adam close behind.  The rest of the Circle disperses, but Blackwell wants to talk to Diana.  She tells him she doesn’t trust him, and leaves.  Blackwell tells Cassie they need everyone in the circle to assemble the crystal skull to keep the witch hunters from killing them.  Adam and Melissa uncloaked the missing crystal – it is somewhere in the high school.

The Balcoin blood has a special connection to the crystals – it will help Cassie locate it.  He can’t be caught at the high school.  Why not?  He instructs Cassie to use her blood and a symbol – like a compass – to locate the crystal. Blackwell reassures her he wants only the best for her and the circle.  A trusting Cassie goes off to find the final crystal.

At the high school, Cassie draws blood from her finger to trace the symbol on the floor.  Suddenly, her mother appears, holding the crystal and calling after Diana’s mother, Elizabeth. But when Cassie follows her, she disappears around a corner.

At Diana’s house, Cassie explains what happened, and asks for Diana to help her see more, by combining their powers – and their Balcoin blood.  She baits Diana by holding out the promise that Diana may be able to see her Mom.  Diana wants nothing to do with dark magic.

Meanwhile, Jake is arming himself with a knife – he doesn’t want to end of like the guys are the carnival.

Diana assures her Dad that she is staying away from Blackwell – and yes, she’s going to the prom but he won’t be there.  Charles gives her a gift – a piece of jewelry that belonged to her mother, Elizabeth.   A necklace with a rosebud pendant.  It’s a sweet moment between father and daughter.

The four other members of the circle are making travel arrangements to prom.  Faye is going with Jake – which was the plan 4 years ago – but it didn’t work out.  The group puts the kibosh on Faye’s idea of a limo, but she insists they will all dance!

As Diana leaves Charles’ car to enter school, Dawn approaches.  They cannot give the most evil man they know the world’s most powerful weapon.  Dawn says she will talk to Blackwell but Charles warns her that they have no crystals and no power – but Dawn has power!  Maybe not the witchy kind…

At the old house, Melissa encounters “Nick” who says he needs her help.  Melissa is still in love with “Nick” so she’s vulnerable.  Nick says he needs the crystal – he’s dying.  (Isn’t he already dead?  This is so confusing…)

Adam shows up, and Nick, feeling threatened (demons feel threatened?) pushed Melissa and takes off.  They are all dressed up for prom.  (Which begs the question – what are they doing at the old house?)

Blackwell shows up at the Chamberlain house, where he asks Dawn what she said to Charles to make him stay in Chance Harbor.  Dawn explains she simply said that the circle was the best protection for Diana.  Blackwell tells her that Diana is hostile – but Dawn says she just needs time to get used to the idea. She also reminds him that 16 years ago he made a mistake taking loyalty for granted.  Diana is loyal to Charles.

Blackwell says Charles is the problem – but Dawn reminds him that the town saw the fight between them at the Brew – so if harm comes to Charles, Blackwell will be the first – and probably only – suspect.  And Diana will hate him.  Blackwell has a way to break the bond of loyalty between Charles and Diana – by exposing him.

Back at the old house, Faye, Melissa and Adam are drinking bubbly, waiting for Jake, who’s out looking for Nick.  When Jake shows up without having seen him, he tells Melissa that Adam may have saved her life.  Faye says “let’s go to prom” and off they go.

Cassie and Diana are at the Brew picking up coffee.  Diana sees Grant.  Cassie encourages her to talk to him.  As they talk and make arrangements to meet up later, Cassie gets a text – Nick attacked Melissa, meet us at school.

Meanwhile, Blackwell is giving Charles a unique experience – he’s reliving what he did to Amelia – in his own kitchen!

At the prom, Faye really wants to party, but the Circle is intent on hunting down the crystal.  And Dawn is frantically trying to get Charles on the phone.  But each time he picks up the calls from Dawn, he hears Amelia and Cassie.  Suddenly, everything he did to Amelia is happening to him – and Blackwell is standing right outside the window, clearly in control.

While Adam and Melissa stand guard, Cassie and Diana draw symbols on the floor with their blood.  At first, nothing happens, but Diana gets the idea that they should be connected, and grabs Cassie’s arm.  Suddenly they are transported back in time 16 years ago.  Amelia walks past them and up to Elizabeth – and Diana sees her mother for the first time.

Amelia and Elizabeth are arguing.  Elizabeth says she’s on her way to meet the others.  Amelia is trying to tell her that something bad is going to happen at the ferry.  She’s warning Elizabeth to take Diana and leave town.  Amelia knew something bad was going to happen.

Outside, Nick shows up, breaks a back window – and the guard’s neck – and enters the school, hot on the trail of the crystal.

Meanwhile, Amelia continues to try to get Elizabeth to listen to her.  Don’t go to the boat.  They never should have trusted John – he’s not who he said he is.  Elizabeth has never trusted John – and she told Amelia that when she brought him in to their Circle.  Amelia says, yes, she was wrong.  John’s been using them – and she only discovered it a few days ago.

So, Elizabeth asks, if she knew a few days ago, why did it take so long to getting around to telling her?  Amelia loves to be in control – and she expects the rest of the Circle to just fall in line behind her.  But Amelia tells her she knows that John is Diana’s father.  John won all the Circle members over – but they were the two idiots who slept with him.

Elizabeth says it was a mistake, but she’s not sorry.  As she grabs her necklace – the same one that Diana is now wearing – she says John gave her the most amazing gift – Diana.  But if Diana gets any of John’s darkness, it will be Amelia’s fault because she convinced the rest of the Circle to trust him.

As Cassie and Diana  (in another time) follow Amelia to see where she hides the crystal;  Adam and Melissa – still outside the classroom door guarding Cassie and Diana inside (weird, isn’t it?) have a heart-to-heart.  They’ve been paired up in the last few episodes, and I like them together – a lot.

This time, Melissa is feeling like an outsider. Interestingly, she sounds very much like a normal teenager – lamenting how different she feels, and wondering if she, or any of the circles, will have a normal life.  And don’t all teens worry about being outsiders – about not belonging?  And worry about what the future holds for them – and if they are up to handling it.  Melissa thought having magic would be magical – but it’s not turning out that way.

Adam sweetly reminds her that it can. He magically creates a speaker so that the prom music is piped into the hallway, then dims the lights and dances with her.  It’s a lovely scene.

Inside on the dance floor, Faye and Jake are having a heart to heart of their own – she reminding him how he stood her up 2 years ago.  And as they dance, Jake confesses he’s feeling guilty about not being there for Nick.  Faye talks him down from the emotional ledge.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Diana follow Amelia to Mr. Conant’s classroom.  Apparently Adam’s grandfather was a teacher at the high school.  He gave her the Conant crystal to protect herself from Blackwell, but she’s returning it because she’s leaving Chance Harbor.

When Mr. Conant won’t let her leave, Amelia confesses that Ethan is turning Blackwell over to the witch hunters as they speak.  Ethan apparently believes that if the witch hunters can get rid of Blackwell, it’s worth the risk.  The 6 girls in the Circle who got pregnant – Blackwell made it happen.  Blackwell used magic on the 4 girls he couldn’t get pregnant so they would conceive with their boyfriends.

So back in the day, all these kids were out having sex when they weren’t in school?  Yikes!

Mr. Conant says Blackwell is building a Circle for himself, centered on Balcoin blood.  The realization hits Cassie hard – she speaks it aloud to Diana as her mother tells Mr. Conant she is living so the Circle can never be bound.

Mr. Conant tells Amelia he will hide the crystal in the trophy case outside the gym – cloaked – in case she changes her mind – she will know where it is.  She tells Mr. Conant to tell Ethan that she doesn’t love him – but he will know that’s a lie, so she says he must make him believe it.  For his safety and Cassie’s.  Cassie can never know who she is.

Cassie and Diana now know that Blackwell used all their parents, and now he is using their Circle!  He never cared about their mothers or them at all.  But what is he using them for?

The spell is broken – Cassie and Diana are on the floor in the classroom. Cassie is overwhelmed and apologizes to Diana, who was right all along.  Diana tells her she should apologize to the Circle.  The only reason Blackwell is in their lives is because Cassie let him in.  Just like Amelia did with her Circle.  Diana’s mother is dead; half the Circle’s parents are dead, because Amelia couldn’t see him for what he is.

Maybe it’s not too late to save this Circle – even if it’s too late for Nick.

Diana rushes out of the room as Adam and Melissa rush in – Cassie brings them up to speed and tells them she knows where the crystal is, and because they have no idea what Blackwell is up to – they have to get it before he does.

Outside, Nick rushes past, and Cassie, Adam and Melissa dash off in the other direction on the way to the trophy case.  They join up with Jake and Faye.  Nick rushes past Dawn in the hall, knocking her out of the way as she stares in shock.

Adam reaches the case first and has the crystal in his hand – but Nick comes up behind him, shattering the glass, grabbing the crystal and running off – with Jake in hot pursuit right behind him.

Diana, meanwhile, has run home, only to find her father cowering on the kitchen floor. He’s mumbling that everything he’s ever done – good or bad – he did to protect her.  Diana is scared.  She picks up his phone – Charles takes it from her.  He says “She’s haunting me – she burned down the kitchen – Amelia.”  Diana figures it out – Charles killed Amelia.  Her world is thrown off its axis.  She rushes out the front door.

Outside, it’s cold, and misting.  Blackwell is walking along on the sidewalk in front of her house.  Grant pulls up behind her.  She breaks down in his arms.   Blackwell watches and leaves.

Meanwhile, the Scooby Crew is after Nick – who is once again in a creepy place, to Faye’s chagrin.  It’s a very big junk yard.  Off they go looking for him.  And they find him – and Eben!   Cassie charges out with her dark magic.  She gets the crystal out of Nick’s hand – he flings it to the ground.  But when Cassie grabs it, Eben casts her up in the air, and down on the hood of car. Falling unconscious to the ground, the crystal falls from her hand.

Nick makes a grab for it, and Jake takes off after him, followed by Melissa.  Adam and Faye stand in front of him as he threatens to kill them all – a car behind them suddenly moves towards them – but another car crashes into it, preventing it from hitting them.  That other car is power by John Blackwell.

Blackwell tells them to go help Cassie, but Faye says she’s staying behind – Eben could kill Blackwell. Sure enough Eben throws a car at Blackwell.  Meanwhile, Nick is back to get the crystal which is lying next to Cassie’s unconscious body.  Jake intervenes – there is a fight with a knife. In a moment of weakness, Jake cannot stab his brother – but it’s not his brother, and Nick has no problem disarming Jake and then chocking him.  Fortunately, Melissa finds the knife and sticks it into Nick’s back.  Jake is saved.  And once again, Nick is dead.

Blackwell appears – and picks up the crystal.  But where’s Faye?  According to Blackwell, Eben took her.  But they can build the skull – they can save Faye.

Why don’t I believe him?

Episode 1.20 TSC – “Traitor”

In the previous episode, “Crystal”, we learned that – according to Blackwell – the bound Circle and the power of the rejoined crystals will be enough to stop Eben and the Witch Hunters.

This week’s episode opens with friends coming to Grandma Jane’s house to mourn her death – and I can’t help feeling so sorry for Cassie Blake.  First her mother, and now her grandmother – and both of them killed by Charles Meade.  And Charles is the only father that Cassie’s “sister” – Diana – has ever known.

When Cassie speaks to Diana (who is not completely convinced that she actually is a child of John Blackwell), she makes it clear that if it turns out Diana really is her sister, she would be very pleased.  It’s a sweet moment.

Enter Faye – as Jake bursts in looking as if he’s been crying.  He’s upset – apparently word is that Jane’s death was caused by the Witch Hunters.  Faye reminds Jake that most of the people in attendance are fragile old people who are already upset.  (Love it when the sweet side of Faye peaks out from behind the mean girl façade.)  She suggests another way for Jake to take the edge off.

Meanwhile Dawn continues with her attempts to have Blackwell help her get her power back – he rebuffs her completely.

Cassie sneaks off to her room for some alone time – but Adam joins her.  Cassie is feeling terrible about losing the only remaining connection to her mother.  Now there is no one left alive who knows “the real Cassie” – who she was before “everything changed”.

Adam tells her that although he may not have known her before, he knows her now.  (And he does – he mentions Cassie’s defining characteristic – her strength – in a previous scene.) Cassie kisses him, but they are interrupted by Blackwell.  Adam leaves, and Cassie tells Blackwell that she is not OK – and she is not happy about the fact that it appears her father has slept with half of Chance Harbor.  (And to think this guy was disapproving when Cassie slept with Adam!).

But Blackwell claims he only ever loved Amelia and Elizabeth was a rebound thing – finding out that it resulted in a child was a shock to him too.  (Why don’t I believe this?)

And he convinces Cassie that it’s more important than ever to find and destroy the Witch Hunters – and since Cassie believes they are responsible for Grandma Jane’s death, she’s totally on board with whatever Blackwell wants to do.

Diana returns home where she has a heart-to-heart talk with Charles.  When she asks him if there is any chance John Blackwell could be her father, the shock and disbelief from this curve-ball is written all over Charles’ face.  Diana presses, and when Charles’ hesitates further, she presses even more.  Charles admits he and her mother hit a rough patch and separated for a few weeks – just long enough for something to happen between Elizabeth and Blackwell.

Diana is trying to take it in, and Charles makes a compelling case that he is her father – the only one she’s ever known, and the only one she needs.  He entreats her not to speak to Blackwell, who (based on his own experience, will first earn her trust, then play on her fears, and finally make her do things she never thought she’d ever do.) Their hug is the second touching moment of the episode.

Back at the old house, Blackwell works with Cassie, Adam and Melissa, using the existing crystals to determine the location of the rest. And it points to Jake’s house.

Faye and Jake created a diversion so Jake can grab a bottle of suspicious pills from Dawn’s purse.  Jake and Faye are now “taking the edge off” in Jake’s room – but when Faye decides to use what she thought were some “happy pills” in Dawn’s purse, what she finds when she opens the bottle is the crystal! They rush to the old house with it – where Faye announces “5 down, 1 to go” while Jake shares the news that Faye’s crystal is dead.

And the only crystal missing is the Conant’s.  This did not appear on the map.  Blackwell suggests Adam’s grandfather cloaked it by spelling it and hiding it away before he died.  They wonder if it’s worth the effort to look if Faye’s crystal is dead – Blackwell convinces them there’s a way to recharge it. He tells the Circle to meet back at the house (with Diana) in the evening – and he tells Adam he needs to find his family crystal.

Cassie arrives at Diana’s home – and Diana tells her she has told her father about Blackwell.  She says he took it fairly well, considering she told him that the man he hates most in the world slept with his wife!

Cassie explains the plan about the crystal, but the ever-cautious Diana doesn’t think recharging the crystal is a good idea.  She questions the wisdom of doing whatever Blackwell says.  Cassie believes it’s the only way to stop the Witch Hunters – and based on her experience, it’s the only way to go.  But they need the complete Circle – including Diana – to perform the spell.

Adam and Melissa (paired up a lot lately – and I think it’s a great pairing) are searching the Boathouse (which was built by his grandfather – who was a history teacher).  Adam mentions the kiss he shared with Cassie – and Melissa suggests a plan of her own to “take the edge off” – mid-day drinking!

But back at the old house, the rest of the Circle is bickering.  Diana comes in to announce she is Blackwell’s child too – and Faye tells everyone that her Mom was part of his harem too!  They are not happy about Blackwell’s “sleeping around” and Diana voices her concern about listening to him.  Cassie continues to be a believer.

Suddenly the wind starts to blow through the house, the floor shakes, and the table in the center of the room spins.  The crystal that Faye set on the table moves to the center, and Jake makes a mad grab for it as it sinks through the table and disappears.  Jake determines that there is ash around the house – and the group considers that there is a traitor among the witches – someone who wants to stop the Circle for rejoining the crystals into the skull.  Someone helping Eben.

Jake is pretty sure that Isaac will help him, because Isaac would not believe in what Eben is doing.  When Cassie says she’ll run the idea by her father, Diana puts the brakes on that idea.  And Jake agrees – Isaac would never trust Blackwell.

At the Boathouse, Melissa suggests that there was something between Cassie and Adam from the very beginning.  And perhaps – despite the elixir – it will just keep developing over and over.  Adam reminds her about the curse.  (And all of this is reminding me about another “curse” and another “elixir” in another show on the same network!!!!)

Suddenly, Jake sees an old coined, framed and hanging on the wall.  He recognizes it as his grandfather’s – one he used to do magic tricks with.  Adam manipulates the coin (using sleight of hand called the “French drop”) and after a few attempts, is able to cloak it.  Unfortunately, he has no idea how to uncloak it!

Out in a woods that looks suspiciously like the area where Bella met Edward in Twilight, the group meets up with a Witch Hunter named Ian – while Charles takes a few shots at Blackwell in public.  When Blackwell starts to fight back and threaten Charles, he is reminded that he’s in a public place.  Everyone, including Diana, will know that if anything happens to Charles, Blackwell will be the first suspect.  Blackwell doesn’t look too happy about that “inconvenient truth”.  Charles plans to take Diana out of Chance Harbor so Blackwell will never see her again.  Blackwell doesn’t look happy about that either.

Elsewhere, Dawn discovers that her crystal is gone!  (Hee hee hee hee!)

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Ian informs Jake that Isaac is dead. Eben killed him.  Ian was part of the group who kidnapped the Circle and tried to kill them at Halloween.  Cassie is convinced that – since they know where she lives – Ian is part of the group responsible for grandmother’s death.  When he denies it, “that old Black(well) magic” cranks up.  She knocks Ian to the ground and he starts choking.  Jake tried to stop her but she knocks him to the ground.  It is Diana who intervenes successfully.

It appears that one Dark Magic Child can short-circuit the powers of another!

Ian tells Jake that Eben killed Isaac because Isaac turned on him.  Isaac believed that all magic was rooted in evil, and he hated that Eben was using it (having gotten it from the “traitor”).  When the witch helped Eben summon the demons, he was no longer useful.  Eben told Isaac to kill him – and when Isaac didn’t do it, the traitor escaped, so Eben killed Isaac as punishment.

Damn – this is complex!

But Ian never found out who the traitor was.  He tracked him to Chance Harbor and then lost him.  Jake allows Ian to leave.

They now know that the traitor wasn’t bringing the crystal to the hunters.  And that means he was on his own.  So they can track the crystal down and bring it back.  Diana suggest that if Isaac turned on Eben then perhaps Ian and those loyal to Isaac could also be convinced to turn on Eben.

Cassie suggests a truce is just how their parents were slaughtered – but Diana is not convinced that killing the Witch Hunters is the only way to stop the war between Witches and Witch Hunters. Jake thinks that finding the crystal and rejoining the crystals into the skull will give them power no matter what happens.

Back at the old house, the group discusses their plan.  It’s 4 of them against the one traitor.  Faye is less than thrilled that part of their advantage is “the Dark Magic Super Twins”.   Diana swears that even if she has Dark Magic (she is still unconvinced), she would never use it.  Together they determine that the crystal is at Hudson field – which Faye describes as “the creepiest place on earth”.

Can’t wait to see a place that a witch thinks is creepy!

Back at the Boathouse, Adam and Melissa are still trying to determine how to get the coin to reappear.  Adam remembers grandpa used to say something – and Melissa suggests what he said was what was written on the coin.  Although he can’t see it, Adam still has the coin in his hand.  He puts it in his lap, places a piece of paper over it and rubs the outline with a pencil – and voila – the words on the coin appear.  He and Melissa read them together – and the coin reappears!  And along with it – an uncloaked secret panel in the wall!  Unfortunately, it reveals nothing.

Blackwell shows up at Dawn’s house and when she asks about his face, Blackwell tells her Charles hit him when he found out Diana’s his daughter.  Dawn is shocked.  Blackwell reveals that although he and Dawn “tried”, it wasn’t meant to be.  Dawn says Blackwell has never forgiven her for it.

So “crazy Grandpa Armstrong” is not a lunatic after all.  Back in the day Blackwell was running around “boinking” all the Chance Harbor high school witches trying to make his very own coven with his Balcoin bloodline.  (Bloodline – has a familiar ring to it!)

Blackwell wants Dawn to stop Charles from leaving town with Diana.  He needs a complete circle to complete the skull.  Blackwell is trying to complete what they started 16 years ago – but this Circle is stronger because his own children are in it. If Dawn will help him, he will help her get her power back.

But Dawn says that even if the Witch Hunters are defeated, the elders will never allow her to have her power back.  But Blackwell tells her the rest of his plan.  Once the Witch Hunters are gone, they are going to get rid of the elders. Dawn agrees to talk to Charles.

The Scoobies arrive at Hudson Field – an amusement park which is “closed for the season” (Chance Harbor not being California, Texas or Florida!).  Faye is not happy about the prospects of entering the park – she has a fear of clowns, something I have never understood myself, but I’ll play along.  Lurking in the background is the presumed traitor.

The place is spooky, and when Jake suggest they split up to double their efforts, Diana’s first instinct is to go with Faye.  Faye declines, and Cassie is not thrilled with Diana’s lack of enthusiasm.  Their first encounter is with a rat – which prompts an actual “Scoobie” wise-crack from Faye.  Gotta love it!

Dawn arrives at Charles’ house (apparently she just walks right in) and he tells her he’s leaving town for a while.  She says half the town saw him fighting with Blackwell – Charles says Blackwell is the reason he’s leaving. Diana is the one good thing in his life and he’s not going to let John Blackwell have her for his own purposes.  Dawn realizes that Blackwell has their children working for him in secret just like he had them in the past.  And she says it’s their fault – her and Charles.  They brought Cassie back to Chance Harbor to get their power back.  Charles is aware of that – he’s leaving.  Dawn reminds him that no matter where they go, the Circle is still bound.  And this time around, it won’t be their spouses who wind up dead – it will be their children.

I don’t know if Dawn is expressing maternal concern (although I believe she truly does love her daughter) or is just manipulating Charles once again.  But nothing she says is false.

Back at the park, Jake and Faye discover Ian on a ride – dead – with his throat slashed. When they turn on the ride, several other dead Witch Hunters are sitting – throats slashed – in the cars.  Cassie and Diana hear the ride and join Faye and Jake, who speculates that the traitor is apparently looking to kill witches and witch hunters too. They split up again – Faye and Jake following a trail of blood.

Back at the old house, Adam and Melissa are working on locating the missing crystal.  Blackwell wanders in.  They don’t seem to notice the cuts on his face.  Adam informs him they’ve narrowed the location of the crystal to the high school.

At the park, Diana tells Cassie that since her fathered arrived in Chance Harbor (notice Diana is still not acknowledging that Blackwell is her father too), Cassie has lost all sense of what is right.  Diana is scared that Cassie is letting her Dark Magic dominate her.  But Cassie counters this assertion – what Diana is really afraid of is that she will turn out to be like Cassie.  Diana says she’s sure she could never kill anyone. But Cassie reminds her that Dark Magic is what saved Diana’s life – saved them all – when the Witch Hunters were going to kill them.

Diana doesn’t really know what she would or would not do given the choice Cassie had to make on Halloween.  And Diana admits she’s right.  But killing is still wrong.

Suddenly, the traitor appears, and the girls take off after him.  As they girls give chase, Jake and Faye discover the traitor’s lair – and his sway (that transfers powers from witches to mortals) – and something else.  A picture of Jake’s parents!

Cassie brings down the traitor – who drops the crystal – and turns to reveal himself.

IT’S NICK!!!!!!!

Wait…isn’t Nick dead?

This is the most interesting twist yet, and with only two episodes left in the first season, it will be fascinating to see where this takes us.  But at this point, it’s clear – Blackwell cannot be trusted.

Episode 1.19 TSC – “Crystal” or “Sister, Sister”

The episode opens with Faye and Melissa searching for Faye’s family crystal.  What they find is an old journal of Dawn’s circa 1994, in which Dawn waxes poetic about John Blackwell and her feelings for him.  Note the date Faye reads aloud – July 12, 1994.  It will be an interesting point of reference later.

Back at the old house, Cassie and Diana arrive to find Adam and Jake cozied up over a book on witch massacres (witch history). It seems there was a 200 year period known as “the Burning Times” where witches were routinely burned at the stake – even before the Witch Hunters had demons helping them.  Cassie reminds them that all of this is why they need to find their family crystals. The only crystal they have is Cassie’s.

Enter Faye and Melissa, to tell the group they haven’t been able to locate Faye’s family crystal.  Faye, believing she is Blackwell’s child and –therefore- has Dark Magic, grabs Cassie’s crystal to give it a shot.  She bursts vases and glasses and other glass objects all around the room – with glee – until Blackwell, who has just arrived, grabs the crystal from her and in a very stern “Daddy-like” voice admonishes her to be careful. Crystals can be drained of their power.

Adam wants to know why they can’t just ask their grandparents for the crystals, but Blackwell tells them the Elders will take their powers just as they did with their parents.  Jake says he is going to his granddad’s house – his family crystal would definitely be there. Adam’s grandparents are on the east coast so his options are limited.  Diana’s grandmother disappeared after she tried to kill Cassie. Melissa thinks she can search her grandmother’s place with little problem.

Blackwell tells them to be careful and not work alone – they need to be in groups to use their magic if need be.  So Diana, Adam and Melissa start off together, leaving Jake, Cassie and Faye to join forces.

First stop for group #1 – Diana stops to tell Grant she has to break their date.  She begs Melissa and Adam to let her have just an hour with Grant – and they go it alone.  But not before Melissa runs into Callum as Adam grabs a couple of coffees.  Before Adam joins back up with her, Jake arrives and confronts Callum.  And finding out Jake’s a witch, Callum gets even creepier – talking about the price of witch blood on the open market.

Wait – there’s a market for witch blood?  Now, that’s creepy.  No wonder Callum seems like walking slime.

With the witch blood crack, Jake attacks, but Melissa pulls him off and they leave the scene.

Meanwhile, Cassie returns home to find Grandma Jane in the kitchen acting very chipper, considering what Charles has put her through.  Cassie asks her if she will please try to get alone with Blackwell, and Jane grudgingly agrees.

Cassie is then off with Jake, who asks her why she told Adam she was going with him before they’d actually made plans.  Cassie tells him it’s difficult to be around Adam – but Jake calls her on that – it shouldn’t be a problem since she drank the elixir.  She says difficult isn’t the right word – but the look on Jake’s face says he knows Cassie hasn’t lost her feelings for Adam at all, and he feels sorry for her.  And perhaps a bit for himself.  Lest we forget, Jake has a thing for Cassie too.  This was a terrific scene between the two characters, and some great acting from Chris Zylka.

Joined by Faye, they begin to drive away – and we can see Callum following on his motorcycle, wearing the most gigantic helmet I’ve ever seen!

Back at Melissa’s grandma’s, she and Adam are surrounded by crystals – apparently Grandma was a hippy and collected them in Sedona back in the day!  So they collect them all!

Jake, Cassie and Faye arrive at Grandpa’s house.  They knock, but he’s apparently not home so they use their powers to unlock a plethora of locks on the front door.  Apparently, Grandpa is some kind of “Beautiful Mind” conspiracy theorist.  Maps, diagrams, writing on the walls with strings all over the place.  But the first thing Cassie notices is that there is a list with the Circle’s names and birthdates on the wall.

Now here is something interesting – in the beginning of the episode, we are told Dawn’s journal entry is dated 7/12/1994 – and Faye’s birthday is 9 months later!  (Not that we didn’t know that before – it’s her Mom’s computer password after all).

The other interesting thing is that all the kids in the Circle were born within a few months of each other!  Me thinks this is not a coincidence.

While our Scooby Crew looks for the Armstrong crystal at Grandpa’s house, Blackwell is having a confrontation with Charles!  Very bad blood here, perhaps even worse than with Ethan Conant.  Charles feels betrayed and accuses Blackwell of killing his wife, Elizabeth.  But Blackwell denies it – naturally.  And he calls Charles “Charlie”.  (And Gale Harrold acts circles around Joe Lando – sorry Joe!)

Meanwhile, back at the House of Armstrong, Grandpa bursts in and denies that Jake is his grandson – using witchcraft to pin the 3 youngers against a wall – with a pool table, no less.  They, in turn, use their combined power to push it right back to him.  Reality dawns – and Grandpa seems genuinely glad to see Jake, sweeping him into a big bear hug.

But it dawns on him that they have powers – and they are bound! Grandpa asks Jake if his brother is part of this too – apparently Grandpa is completely unaware that Nick is dead.  When Jake tells him, Grandpa is beyond sad and shocked – he is terrified. He says it’s too late – the Circle will be the death of all of them.

Back at Casa Blake, Jane greets Charles.  They are plotting the demise of Blackwell.  Jane is planning to use a spell to kill Blackwell.   The ingredients are a chair with a symbol carved under the seat – malleus malficurum “the hammer of the witches” – a crystal, and a witch’s cruet she prepared for Blackwell 16 years ago.  The cruet contains his blood and a ring he used to wear. The symbol on the chair will block his power, the crystal will immobilize him, and then they can use the cruet to kill him.

Now here comes a boatload of mythology from Jake’s Grandpa.

  • 300 years ago, 18 families escaped from the Salem Witch Trials.
  • They split into 3 circles – 2 stayed in the east, but one went west, to Chance Harbor.
  • 16 years ago, a Balcoin named John Blackwell tried to corrupt the Circle.
  • He lied to them, taught them dark magic, and pushed them to confront the Witch Hunters.
  • They were massacred, but Grandpa never believed that Blackwell was dead.
  • Grandpa figured out Blackwell knew he couldn’t control the Circle from the outside.
  • He needed to find a way to control it from within.  What Blackwell wanted from the Circle was children!
  • He wanted enough children to ensure that the next circle would be dark.
  • If the other two Circles have also been tipped towards darkness and the three original Circles are brought together, it will tip the balance of power between good and evil.

Phoebe’s face reflects her thoughts – she looks at Jake as if to say “Your grandpa is a loon” and Jake is apparently feeling the same way, because he says “We shouldn’t have come here”.  Cassie asks if there is a way to protect the Circle, but Grandpa says no – their fate is sealed because the Circle has been bound.  Cassie presses on about the Crystal, but Grandpa tells her it’s buried deep in a mine. And it’s been spelled so that no witch with dark magic can get near it.

And then we get the coups de grace – when combined together, the 6 crystals form a Crystal Skull!!  It’s the most powerful weapon of destruction ever created. (And there was this really cool movie about it – Indiana Jones!!!)

Back at Casa Meade, Diana and Grant are trying to have a date, but Melissa breaks in and signals that there is an emergency.  Diana meets Melissa and Adam in the garage – they need her help to identify the right crystal.  Grant walks in on the group, the mumble some lame crap about what they are up to, Diana suggests she meet him at the boat in 20 minutes, and Grant – looking confused and a bit crestfallen – reluctantly agrees.

Diana – pissed at the intrusion – joins with Adam and Melissa and together they determine the real crystal.  And Diana rushes off for her date.

Meanwhile, Faye is sharing her mother’s diary (and dropping her American accent!) and the fact that Mommy had an affair with Blackwell right around she became pregnant with Faye (see!!!!)  Cassie is not happy with this news!  Jake reveals that Isaac told him Cassie wasn’t the only Blackwell child – and the girls are not happy that he didn’t offer this information up sooner. But they are interrupted by the sound of breaking glass.

Callum has followed them to the cabin in the woods and broken through a window to steal the map to the mine where the crystal is hidden.  Doubtlessly, this little artifact is worth big bucks on the black market for witch stuff.

But Cassie took pictures of everything on Grandpa’s walls, including the map – she’s sending it to Adam and Melissa – and they can beat Callum there!

Grandpa and Jake share a very tender moment, where Grandpa hugs him again and tells him how sorry he is about Nick.  Jake’s expressions are heart-breaking, and Chris Zylka’s acting chops are impressing the hell out of me!

In the least interesting part of this episode, Diana and Grant keep trying to have their date.  At this point I am not even sure why Grant is here, and there is nothing remotely interesting about him – or a possible non-Adam relationship for Diana.  I want to believe that Grant is not what he seems – that when his true nature and purpose are revealed, it will be one of those notorious “game-changing moments” – but so far, this is all a giant snooze. Diana is called away and she leaves to meet Melissa and Adam at the mine.

Meanwhile, Adam and Melissa have arrived, and the mine is actually seriously creepy. And it is an iron ore mine, which means they are powerless. After some difficulty – and a seriously good rope swing a la Indiana Jones – Adam and Melissa retrieve the Armstrong crystal.  No sooner do they have it in their possession than they are confronted by Callum – with a gun!

Back at Grandma Jane’s house, her plan is set into motion.  But delays the execution by witch’s cruet to determine if John is her daughter’s killer.  She knows Amelia’s death was no accident.

Callum demonstrates that he is more than willing to use his gun – if not to shoot, at least to pistol whip Adam, so Melissa grabs the crystal from Adam’s pocket and gives it to Callum.  The rest of the Scooby Crew show up at the mine and are greeted by Diana (when did she arrive) who tells them she just heard a shot and thinks Adam and Melissa are still in there.

They all see Callum making his escape and Faye and Diana take off after him, but Cassie holds Jake back saying they need to make sure Melissa and Adam are OK.  But Cassie can’t go into the mine – it’s spelled and she can’t breathe. Jake goes into the mine and Cassie runs to catch up with the girls.

Callum is making a getaway on his motorcycle, and Faye – convinced she has dark magic – tried to block him with her body and a spell.  It doesn’t work and Diana pushes her out of the bike’s path just as Cassie makes her way outside.  Cassie disables Callum just as Adam, Melissa and Jake run out behind her. Callum is marked by the Circle so he can never return to Chance Harbor without them knowing it.

Meanwhile, Blackwell defends himself with Jane, and the clear crystal indicates he is telling the truth – he didn’t kill Amelia. Jane only wanted to kill Blackwell because she thought he’d killed her daughter.  But Charles – who is the actual killer – panics (because Blackwell might know the truth). He throws a match into the cruet – and kills Jane!  Blackwell knew what Jane was up to and remade it into Jane’s cruet.  The only reason Charles is still alive is Blackwell has use for him.

Well, doesn’t that sound ominous!

Back at the old house, Faye confronts Blackwell with Dawn’s journal.  He tells her the affair existed only in Dawn’s mind.  But in another display of Blackwell charm, he is very nice to Faye – and tells her that her Father would be very proud of her.  Is that true – or just more Blackwell deception?

Cassie checks up on Diana, who tells her she needs to take a break from the Circle. Cassie reminds her she was the original leader – the first one to find her Book of Shadows, the one who insisted on binding the circle.  But Melissa wants a break and a chance to have a “normal” relationship.  Cassie presses her and Diana agrees to see the witch hunter angle through – but after that, she’s done.

Cassie won’t let her off the hook.  She says Diana should have done a better job protecting Adam and Melissa, but Diana tells her she arrived in time to help, but when she tried to step inside mine, she started to suffocate.

BAM – the other Blackwell child is revealed – Cassie realizes Diana is her sister!

Well, I could not have been more wrong about that. 

Episode 1.18 TSC – “Sacrifice”

Cassie’s serving it up at the coffee shop and nearly runs straight into Adam.  It’s obvious things are not the same between them.  The elixir clearly worked on him.  Observing them, Melissa comments on how tragic it is that they loved each other and now can’t remember how they felt.  Faye’s take on it is that Adam was like a puppy dog and is better off.

I agree with Faye!

Cassie serves them and Melissa asks how she’s doing – Cassie does a great job pretending she’s just as oblivious as Adam appears to be about their former feelings for each other.  Adam joins the group and tells them if they will agree to waitress at the next evening’s annual hockey celebration at the Boat House, the pay is $10 an hour.  Cassie takes a pass.

Jake goes on a riff about how his Dad is freaked about Blackwell being back, Jake nearly died and the witch hunters want to kill them more than ever – he’s less than thrilled at the situation.  Melissa agrees to waitress – but Faye holds out for $15 an hour.

I love Faye!

But my admiration for Melissa is growing.  More and more, she is the heart of this show – and JPK has some serious acting chops.

Out in the woods, Samuel is running for his life from the witch hunters.  Eben appears and tells them not to chase him.

Next day.  Blackwell shows up at the coffee shop.  He asks Cassie if she’s told Adam that the elixir didn’t work on her – and she tells him she hasn’t told anyone.  Cassie clearly doesn’t want to discuss it – so Blackwell asks her if she’d like to go play miniature golf!


He’s trying to think of father-daughter activities.  Cassie kind of buys into it.  Frankly, I think he’s just trying to lure her in for his own purposes.

At the boathouse, Faye and Melissa hang the League Championship sign as Grant asks Adam to deliver ginger ale in a champagne flute to Diana – who goes to thank him.  Grant asks her to spend the afternoon with him and Diana agrees.

Meanwhile, Samuel just lets himself into Jakes room.  They fight – and Cassie observes it from her room and comes a runnin’ – when she arrives, Jake tells her “he’s a friend.”

Well, maybe he used to be.

Samuel says he needs to speak to John Blackwell.  Cassie thinks it’s a set up.  Samuel tells them Eben is resurrecting demons.

At the Boat House, the hockey players are celebrating, and Melissa and Faye are trying to have some fun – they contemplate dating outside the witch world.   As Faye does her “patented lean-in” with the team, Melissa plots with Adam to have some fun.  Next thing you know, Adam’s words (clearly he knows his hockey) are coming out of Melissa’s mouth.  The team – especially the captain – is transfixed and Faye is dumbfounded!

Hilarious.  Best scene of the episode.

Grant and Diana are ice skating – and I am more and more suspicious of this Grant guy.  He’s definitely not what he seems.  I just don’t know if he’s simply full of it – or really bad news.

Blackwell shows up and Cassie tells him that Samuel found Blackwell via Jake – they served together.  Samuel tells Blackwell that Eben wants to summon the demons for their power.  Blackstone says Eben can’t use demons because he’s human.  Samuel says that Eben is working with a witch, but he has no idea who the witch is.  Eben has apparently become obsessed with magic and demons – he’s actually become worse than what the witch hunters intended to stop.

Eben is going to summon the demons in Harbor Woods – just like Blackwell did 16 years ago.  Back then Blackwell apparently tried to give the demons bodies – the bodies of witches – so they could use their powers against the witch hunters.  In order to do it, Blackwell sacrificed someone – like Eben was planning to sacrifice Samuel.

Eben is after the demon power that Blackwell wanted – and Cassie has overheard this whole story.

Back at the Boat House, the tables are turning.  As Melissa flirts playing a game of darts with the captain of the hockey team, Faye asks Adam for his help to turn the tables.  Faye hits a bull’s eye with his first dart – and another with the captain’s help on the second.  Melissa’s face is priceless.

Cassie confronts her father, who claims he never sacrificed anyone – he simply used his Balcoin blood.  But the demons wanted to possess the Circle.  Cassie’s mother was the one who stopped them.  She trapped them (in the old suitcase?) before they could take over.  Unfortunately, Heather Barnes did not escape.

In order to stop Eben they will need the power of the Circle – Blackwell tells them to meet him at the abandoned house.

The hockey captain’s girlfriend shows up at the celebration and Adam loses his cool.  Melissa and Faye are compassionate and understanding – and Melissa assures Adam that not being able to remember how perfect things were would be worse than what he’s feeling.

Diana is discovering that Grant is a liar.  And she’s really pissed.  When Cassie finds her at the coffee house, she is seeking solace in her alone time and doesn’t appreciate it when Cassie comes after her.  She knows she can’t have “an actual life” but she did put her coffee in a to-go cup just in case the Circle needed her!  And they do – and off she goes with Cassie.

Blackwell is taking Samuel to the woods – asking the Circle to join him at the house was a diversion.  Samuel is already possessed.  Blackwell has determined that Samuel has been sacrificed to a demon – and he has trapped him inside a circle and symbols.  Now Eben can summon the rest of the demons.  And Eben shows up to apparently to do just that.  He throws Blackwell into a wall and knocks him out. Then he stands over the crack in the ground – the source of the demons – cuts his hand with a dagger, and chants.

At the abandoned house, Jake is trying to convince the circle that Blackwell is trying to make up for his mistakes – while they remind him that Blackwell’s mistake cost Jake’s brother his life!  Cassie arrives with Diana and figures out that her father didn’t want them to go to the woods. But off they go now.

When they arrive at the woods, Jake is the first one to get to Samuel – who hurls him out of the circle.  Recognizing he’s got a demon in him, the Circle joins against him.  But they can’t seem to stop him.  Cassie decides to try her dark magic – to disastrous effect.  She lights Samuel on fire, but he is not stopped – he grabs Cassie by the throat and lifts her into the air – just as Blackwell regains consciousness.

He sees Samuel start a fire to keep the rest of the Circle back while he holds Cassie aloft.  Blackwell yells at Samuel to stop – and he does, throwing Cassie to the ground.  The fire goes out and the Circle rushes to her.  Blackwell tells Samuel to come to him – but Samuel says Blackwell is useless because he has no power.

Suddenly Blackwell holds up his hand – the hand scarred with the symbol from the pendant.  He holds it out towards Samuel – who bleeds and then explodes!

Blackwell is a liar – he has power!

Eben has harnessed the power of the demons, who enter him through the cut in his hand.  He runs off.  The Circle wants to follow, but Blackwell tells them Eben is too strong.  Cassie confronts him – he has had magic all along.  He tells Cassie he was trying to protect her – but she says it was his power that saved her.  However, now that Eben has the demons, he’s more powerful than all of the witches.

The Circle returns to the abandoned house – with Blackwell – who proceeds to give them an “us vs., them” pep talk.  And Cassie figures out that crystals will help magnify their power.  Separately they have tremendous power but bound together their magic is unstoppable.  There used to be one crystal but the elders split it into 6. The Circle with the power of the 6 crystals can defeat the witch hunters – forever.

The Circle buys it.

Later, back in the Harbor Woods, Blackwell digs up the body of his original sacrifice from 16 years before.

Why?  And who was it?


  • Can we trust John Blackwell or not? My sense is that he’s up to no good just like he was 16 years ago.
  • Can Diana trust Grant?  Here again, I would exercise caution.
  • I liked the idea of Witch Hunters better in the beginning, when it seemed like they were motivated by the good vs. evil paradigm.  Now that they are harnessing demons, how are they different from witches?  This is confusing.
  • John DeLancie’s voice on the promo is awesome.  I can’t wait to meet Jake’s grandpa!

Episode 1.17 TSC – “Curse” or “Sex Education”

Previously, on “The Secret Circle”, Cassie and Adam consummated their relationship.  We rejoin them as they awaken from the presumably blissful slumber that followed this “cosmic” event.  After all, the Conants and the Blakes are destined to be together because it’s “written in the stars”, right?

Well, perhaps not.  Outside the Blake house, all those crows that were encircling it while Cassie and Adam were getting it on are now lying dead.  John Blackwell is stepping gingerly through them.  When Cassie and Adam emerge, they don’t get it – but Blackwell explains they have awakened the “curse” and this is a sign.

He explains that the curse is supposed to prevent their families from joining their bloodlines – it’s what made Amelia break off with Ethan.  They visit Grandma Jane, who is still having a rough time and thinks Cassie is Amelia.  When pressed, Jane discloses that the curse was cast by another witch out of jealousy, and awakening it will cause one of the members of the Circle to die.

So, it’s not bad enough to know that your father knows you’ve been having sex – now all your friends have to know what you’ve done too because you owe it to them if one of them is in danger of dying!  This is especially awkward given the past relationship of Adam and Diana.  But Faye’s reaction is priceless – first she tries to suppress a giggle and then she tells them it’s just a ruse devised by the older generations to keep their kids from having sex!  Honestly, this makes a great deal of sense!

But Jake is missing from the Circle.  Cassie finds him at home, in bed, sick as a dog, with an alarming looking blood-poisoning kind of thing on his forearm.  Later, Blackwell – leafing through Amelia’s journal – believes he’s found a possible elixir to stop the curse.  Presumably, the endangered Circle member, Jake, will have to drink it.  But it calls for some rare ingredients, and Blackwell thinks the best chance of finding them lies with Calvin Wilson!

Well, how inconvenient.  Calvin’s dead – and Jake killed him!  This – and his obvious illness – is not enough to keep Jake at home.  Off he goes with Blackwell, Adam and Cassie to Calvin’s shop.  Calvin’s niece is running it now, and she has all the ingredients needed to create the elixir – except one.  Cassie, Adam and Jake will need to find it in the local forest – but not before Jake begins to hallucinate – Calvin appears in a mirror and accuses him of murder!  Still, he is simply NOT going to let Adam and Cassie run off into the forest together.

As they hunt for the final ingredient, Cassie and Adam notice that Jake is getting worse and falling behind.  Asking them to hold up while he gets a drink, he hallucinates that his water bottle is a witch’s cruet.  He’s got a raging fever and the blood poisoning is now visible on his chest.  Suddenly, he attacks Adam, believing him to be Calvin.

This sets Cassie off toward use of her dark magic to break it up – but Adam cautions her to focus on him – and together they are able to throw Jake off.  But now the secret is out – they know Jake killed Calvin.  Soon after, Cassie discovers the root they need to complete the elixir.

While mixing the potion, Blackwell has an exchange with Melissa.  It’s one of the best moments of the episode.  He tells her he used to wander in the woods with her mother, who was close to nature and knew a great deal about plants and herbs.  Melissa listens with obvious pleasure.  I’m betting people don’t talk about the dead parents much with these kids.

Once mixed, Blackwell informs Adam and Cassie that they must drink it to break the curse.  But when they do, they will remember they loved each other, but not how they felt, or why.   Reluctantly, they drink.

When they awake, Adam feels better than he has in quite a while.  No more nervousness around Cassie.  But when he leaves, it’s clear that Cassie remembers everything and is devastated that Adam no longer loves her.  Blackwell tells her that it’s likely her dark magic has made her resistant to the full effects of the potion.  He claims ignorance but his face tells a different story.

But it looks like the curse on the Circle is broken.  Completely healed when he awakens, Jake feels tremendous guilt – his friends have given up their love for him, and everyone knows he’s a murderer.

Elsewhere, Faye has gone off looking for Lee but encounters Eva, who tells her Lee is gone.  Faye doesn’t believe her and enlists Melissa and Diana to search Lee’s car, which she knows he would never leave behind.  Unfortunately, the police show up – but Eva comes to their aid with the police.  She says when he left, Lee took his bike.

Faye is undeterred.  She returns to Lee’s to find Eva confused about her sudden power and its consequences.  Eva shows Faye Lee’s corpse in the bed she once occupied.  She wants Faye’s help to bring him back to life.  To save her own, Faye pretends she knows a spell, and while chanting, discovers the totem under the mattress.  She breaks it in half, and Eva’s power is gone!  Thank God, because Eva was seriously psycho.

The episode ends with a twist.  Dawn, as persistent as her daughter, confronts Blackwell, claiming there is no curse.  He wanted to drive Adam and Cassie apart because he’s afraid of their destiny, just as he was with Ethan and Amelia.  But Blackwell tells her Ethan and Amelia are actually responsible for all those deaths 16 years ago.  They wanted to leave the Circle – and that left them vulnerable to the Witch Hunters.

And the Witch Hunters are back!!!!! And they have a witch working with them now.  That puts all the children in danger.

Meanwhile, back at the looney bin, Charles is visiting Jane.  He’s using the crystal to help her regain her senses, because he needs her help to defeat John Blackwell.

Cassie hums the lullaby her mother used to sing to her, and the stars on her ceiling dance!

As the first season marches towards its ending, I’m wondering:

  • Is Melissa Blackwell’s other child?
  • Can Jake hope to rekindle any roman with Cassie, now that she knows he’s a murderer?
  • Is Eva’s power truly gone?
  • Will Adam and Diana get back together?
  • What is Charles’ plan for Jane?

Episode 1.16 TSC – “Lucky” or “As the Crow Flies…”

After weeks on hiatus, The Secret Circle is back with a party, a new guy, a death, some interesting new mythology, and a curse!

The episode opens with Faye spilling the beans to her Mom about John Blackwell being back.  Dawn appears stunned, but not shocked (as in perhaps she knew he wasn’t dead – or perhaps it was stunning that her daughter appears to know there was something between her mother and JB!)

At the Blake house, Cassie and her father are having a chat.  Clearly Cassie doesn’t trust him – she wants to know why her mother never brought him up – ever.  John believes Amelia was afraid of what he’d become.  He explains “Once dark magic takes hold of you, it’s impossible to get free.”  Sounds like a drug.  Cassie is not so sure – she thinks she can handle her dark magic. As he leaves the Blake house, John encounters Jake and confirms that Jake is watching out for his daughter.

Cassie gathers the Circle at the coffee shop where she’s working. The Circle wants to know how Eben has witch power without being a witch.  Jake suggests they get Blackwell’s help to protect the Circle.  Cassie is reticent.  As the Circle members depart, Adam asks Cassie to be his date at the evening’s Casino fund-raiser at the school.

Elsewhere, Lee is torn between Faye and Eva, and a new handsome young man named Grant appears at the Boathouse as Diana and Melissa gather supplies for the evening’s event.

At the abandoned house, Cassie discovers Blackwell searching for something in the wall.  When he doesn’t find it, he throws a fit.  Cassie seeks out Adam, and he reveals that when he and Nick first discovered the abandoned house, they searched it – and discovered a sway.  It’s a device used to take a witch’s power.  This must be what Blackwell was looking for, because they found it where he was looking.  But why does he want it?  Adam recalls that Blackwell stole power from another coven – is he going to try to take the Circle’s power?

Later, Cassie asks Blackwell about the sway.  He explains – it doesn’t take a witch’s power.  It transfers it – temporarily – to a mortal.  Blackwell suspects this is what happened on the boat 16 years ago – but he doesn’t know who the betrayer is.  He tells Cassie he can trace it through the sway – but Cassie retains it and motions for him to leave.

Shortly thereafter, she reveals her suspicion about Ethan’s role in the fire to Adam, who is understandably angry at that suggestion.  Cassie later tells Jake what she’s thinking, and he is only too happy to agree – there is no love lost between Jake and the Conants.  Meanwhile, Adam confronts his father and asks what happened on the boat, but Adam refuses to discuss it.

Meanwhile, Faye seeks out Lee to ask him to Casino Night.  And she finds a pair of kitten heel shoes – clearly not hers!  Lee turns her down – and Faye stalks off, not realizing – of course – that Eva is right in the next room.

With encouragement from Melissa, Faye returns to Lee’s house dressed for the event. But instead of finding Lee, Eva is there.  Pretending to be a customer, Faye engages Eva, who says she is Lee’s girlfriend.  In walks Lee, but he quickly assesses the situation and embraces Eva with a kiss.  Faye recovers from her shock and leaves, while Lee explains the incident away by telling Eva he thinks Faye has a crush on him.

Diana is manning the main table at Casino Night, taking money in exchange for chips.  Grant drops 5 $100 bills on the table, but Faye is still holding back, reluctant to get involved with someone “normal”.  Elsewhere at the Fundraiser, Lee arrives and kisses Faye passionately, Dawn surprises Blackwell, who is not interested in her but would love to know where Ethan is, and Adam arrives, finds Cassie, and both apologize to each other.

But as quickly as all this begins, it is interrupted.  Eva walks in and catches Lee with Faye.  After insulting her, Eva stomps off. Grant flirts a bit more with Diana (and uses stuffed monkeys??), and Melissa tells Jake he needs to get over Cassie.

As Cassie takes a breather, she finds someone stabbing Blackwell in the parking lot.  After determining he’s OK, she takes off after the perpetrator, enlisting her dark powers to take him down with a bleacher seat.  Upon discovering the attacker is Ethan, she grabs one of the bleacher boards and is about to take his head off, but Blackwell stops her.  Later, Cassie tells him she is afraid of her dark magic – and Blackwell tells her she must stop using it.  It is a slippery slope – it will take her to place she doesn’t want to go until it changes her – and then she will only want to go there.

He explains that regular magic is about connecting with the energy around you, but dark magic is about connecting to the energy created by your own hate and anger.  Even if you use it for good, whatever you are trying to prevent will turn out to be much worse.  But it’s Cassie’s choice.

As Grant makes further attempts to connect with Diana, Lee returns home to check on Eva – and discovers she is pissed, and has powers now.  And she uses them to suck the life out of him.  Lee falls to the floor dead!

Blackwell finally confronts Ethan, and he admits he betrayed the Circle, but Eben was only supposed to eliminate Blackwell.  Blackwell knows Ethan is not working with the Hunters now because he has no power.  In exchange for his silence on Ethan’s role in the betrayal, he makes Ethan promise not to tell anyone about Cassie’s dark magic.  Ethan counters by telling Blackwell that it was Amelia who wanted him dead so she could fulfill her destiny with Ethan.  You know – the whole celestial romance thing – “written in the stars”.

But Blackwell has the last laugh – he tells Ethan that Amelia apparently didn’t tell him that the real meaning of the phrase “written in the stars”.  It’s a curse!

Cassie confesses to Adam that she lost control.  Instead of being upset, Adam is angry at the parents and their lies.  He tells Cassie their fate is their own – and he loves her.  And just like that, passion is ignited.  Clothes are flying off inside – and crows are flying in circles outside, above the Blacke  house!

As Cassie Black and Adam Conant consummate their love, they trigger the Celestial Curse!

Things to Look Forward To

  • Eva loved Lee, but she killed him – what does this mean for Faye?
  • Will Cassie give Blackwell the sway, and what will he do with it?
  • Cassie and Adam have triggered a curse.  What does it mean for the Circle?


Dark Magic – Although Cassie is convinced it helps her protect her Circle, her father reminds her that this is what he was trying to do and it got the better of him.  Their first conversation in the episode was reminiscent of a parent-child talk about drugs – by a parent who’s tried them!

Sway – a device that temporarily transfers a witch’s power to a mortal – this is apparently how Eben “spelled” Cassie.

The Curse Apparently, a union of a Blake and a Conant triggers a curse.  I’m betting the Elders know a lot about this but don’t talk about it.  

Episode 1.15 TSC – “Return” or “Make Room for Daddy”

Cassie and Diana are chatting.  Cassie is packing to go back home.  She doesn’t want to overstay her welcome at Diana’s house, and I think she really wants her privacy back.    Charles brings college catalogs to Diana.  The look on his face when Diana tells him that Jane is coming home – well, he doesn’t look happy.  Or perhaps he knows that Cassie is lying – Jane is not coming home.

Cassie’s also got a job at Java Brew.  Interesting.   As Charles leaves, Diana asks “Why do all the men in my life like you better than me?”

Cassie arrives at grandma’s house to find the door open.  Cassie wields an umbrella as a weapon.  It’s Jake, who claims he saw someone from his house.  He tells her the door was open.  Cassie found ash on the floor – Jake recognizes it – it’s outside all around the house.  Ash mixed with salt – witch hunters use it to block witches power.  Jake tells Cassie Isaac warned him but Jake didn’t think they’d come after her so soon.

Jake tells Cassie that Isaac wanted the medallion and was furious when it was destroyed.  It has the power of 1000 witches and is – apparently – the only way to stop a witch hunter attack on dark magic.  Cassie wields the umbrella and forces Jake out of the house.

Later, Cassie is attempting to waitress – bringing an order to the wrong table!  Adam offers her some tips on loading and carrying a tray full of drinks.  She tells him she’s gone back home – and no, her grandmother is not arriving any time soon.  She wanted to stop imposing on Diana and Charles – and she also wants to sleep in her own bed.  But she also tells Adam about the witch hunters being after her.  Adam is, not surprisingly, protective.

Faye and Melissa are also at the Java Brew – Faye loving the idea of Cassie having to wait on her.  Melissa wonders why Faye is behaving as if she’s jealous if she truly doesn’t care that Jake has a thing for Cassie – why doesn’t she move on – to Lee!  Callum shows up and invites them to a party.  Melissa claims he’s “not like that” – but Faye’s not buying it.  Callum is bad news.

Back at her house, Cassie – lying to her grandma on the phone – finds her father at her door. She tells him he owes her no explanation – she’s used to him not being around.  But he couldn’t let anyone know he was alive.  There are people looking for him and he needed to protect Cassie and her mother.   But he knew she was in trouble once she activated the medallion.  Cassie wants him to leave.  He claims she needs his help.  “Meet me on the boardwalk in an hour.  No one can know I’m here.  I only stayed to help you.”  He leaves as Adam arrives.

Despite her father’s admonition that no one can know he’s here, Cassie tells Adam.  The medallion spell brought him back.  He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s here.  Adam tells her not to meet him later.  But Cassie wants to know the truth about what happened 16 years ago.  She’s sure her father won’t hurt her.  Adam is sure Blackwell is not there just to help Cassie.  He’s got a hidden agenda.

Faye and Diana have a confrontation over Melissa, who has gone to Callum’s party.  They go to Lee to find out where Callum lives.  Lee wants to accompany them because Callum is bad news.

Cassie meets up with her father but she doesn’t trust him.  His story is that he abandoned Cassie and her mother because if anyone knew he was alive, they would come for her – and her mother.  He knows Amelia is dead – he loved her.  Cassie is the daughter her parents always dreamed of.  He asks for the medallion – as long as she has it, she is in danger.

Cassie reveals she has told Adam about him – and she’s not giving him the medallion.  But she doesn’t tell him it’s been destroyed.   At her car, Eben captures her; and later instructs his hunter crew to prepare her for a ceremony.

At the party, Callum discovers that Melissa is a witch.  He definitely wants her power.  Lee shows up with Diana and Faye and instructs them to find Melissa and leave.

At his house, Blackwell encounters Jake.  Jake tells him that hunters are after her and he can’t find her anywhere.  Maybe at the Conant’s boathouse.

Jake takes off and encounters Eben – who is clearly Isaac’s boss.  Jake is prepared to trade himself to Eben if he will let Cassie go – but Eben says Cassie’s dark magic is more valuable than anything Jake can offer.  Jake counters with John Blackwell – if Eben will let her go, Jake will bring Blackwell to him,

Cassie awakens to find herself in danger.  Eben appears to perform a spell on Cassie – interesting for a witch hunter – or is he a witch hunter?  And if he’s not, what IS he?

Blackwell encounters Adam and Ethan at the boathouse.  Clearly terrified, Ethan tells Blackwell to stay away from Adam, and Cassie.  Amelia would not want Blackwell near her.  He needs to get out of Chance Harbor.  Blackwell vows to stay until he finds Cassie.

Ethan warns Adam that he and Cassie need to stay away from Blackwell.  Adam observes Jake and Blackwell in the parking lot.  They leave together.

Adam calls Diana and asks for her help.

Callum confronts Melissa – “you’re a witch, right?” She calls his bluff – “don’t test my power!”  It works.  She finds Faye – and tells her about the power of the totem, and warns her about Lee. Diana meets up with them and tells them Adam and Cassie need their help – but not before Faye confronts Lee – who tells her the totem is just an object.  It’s the spell that matters.

Walking to a meeting place in the woods, Jake tells Blackwell he has history with the witch hunters.  Eben shows up with Cassie.   But it is not Blackwell he wants – it’s Jake!  He will trade Cassie for Jake.  Something passes between Eben and Cassie and Jake is taken prisoner – with iron handcuffs, which will keep Jake’s power in check,

Jake asks Eben “What happened to killing Blackwell?”  Eben responds “I don’t have to – Cassie will do it.”

Cassie is doing things and doesn’t understand why.  She’s been spelled – she circles Blackwell and casts a fire.  He is powerless to help her – he has no magic.  He tells Cassie to fight the spell – she is stronger than she thinks.  It appears she is powerless against whatever spell Eben has cast.

Meanwhile, Eben prepares to kill Jake – the same way he killed his father – by slitting his throat.  But the Circle arrives and throws him into a tree branch.  They free Jake – and  Jake thanks them just as he notices Eben is no longer pinned to the tree.  They waste no time going to look for Cassie.

Blackwell tells Cassie to block the spell – the Circle joins up with her – and they tell her to concentrate.   Together, they are able to block the spell.  The fire goes out.

At Blackwell’s house, the Circle talks about him.  Adam says he’s never seen his dad so scared as when he looked at Blackwell.

Blackwell is with Cassie at Jane’s house.  He tells her the Circle was there for her.   She asks how he lost his magic.  He explains that after fire, the elder’s stripped her mother’s generation of their power – and it affected him too.  He wishes they’d taken his power a long time ago.  Magic took everything he ever cared about.  “You – your mother.  No one will believe I’ve changed, I am not who I was and all I care about is keeping you safe.”

Cassie tells him that she destroyed the medallion.  And Blackwell insists he needs to stay now – to protect her.  Eben must be working with a witch because otherwise he can’t cast a spell.  Blackwell is staying in Chance Harbor until her gets to the bottom of things.

Lee is at Faye’s – she’s angry.  He destroys the totem that was under her bed.  They embrace.  Meanwhile – the comatose ex-girlfriend awakens!

Blackwell meets up with Jake.  He is willing to forgive Jake because he can see how much Jake cares for Cassie.  He wants them to team up, and Jake agrees.

At the boathouse, Cassie settles into Adam’s arms and they sit in silence.


  1. Blackwell’s back but he has no magic.  That basically makes him just another member of Generation 2 – Dawn, Ethan, and Charles don’t have any magic either.  The medallion’s gone, but what about those crystals?
  2. Once blessed with power, it’s hard to give it up.  I can’t imagine Blackwell is going to go down easy.  It’s more than likely he will try to link up with Dawn, who is just as power-mad as he is, and we know she won’t object because she had a crush on him!
  3. I see the plotlines of Generation 2 heating up.  Both Charles and Ethan have bad history with Blackwell – but if you need a whole Circle to magnify power, they are going to have to join forces eventually – unless possession of the crystal renders that factor moot.
  4. It looks like there may still be a triangle here – Jake and Adam are both clearly enamored with Cassie.  Despite the “celestial romance” angle of the Adam/Cassie pairing, I like Cassie and Jake better.  I guess that makes me a “Cake” shipper!
  5. Another reason I like Cassie and Jake is that I still believe the other Balcoin child is Adam.  That would cast the “celestial” angle in a totally different light.  And could actually be interesting.
  6. I find the whole Lee/Callum/voodoo angle woven into the plot a waste of time – but I have to believe there is some purpose behind it.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.  But right now, I don’t care about Lee, his formerly comatose girlfriend, or Callum.  I’m hoping they wrap up this sub-plot soon.

Episode 1.14 TSC “Valentine” or “The Devil’s Spirit Made Me Do It

The opening of this episode was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed the fact that “The Secret Circle” follows immediately after “The Vampire Diaries”.  I don’t know if the writers of these shows collaborated, but one show ended with a hot love scene and the next began with one.  Nice touch.  We pick up where we left off, with Faye trying to “sneak” out of Jake’s room – and winding up back in bed with him.  I’m not sure which couple I like better in the Cassie-Faye-Jake triangle.  I think Faye and Jake are well suited to each other – but I also enjoy watching Cassie and Jake together because they are such a contrast.

Turns out none of the female members of the Circle are particularly looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  Faye’s never liked it, Melissa is feeling wonky due to Nick’s recent death, and Diana is out of sorts due to breaking up with Adam.  The girls decide to throw a “Screw Valentine’s Day” slumber party at Faye’s house, and Cassie agrees to join them.

Cassie, forgetting a book for class, bumps into Adam on the way to fetch it – and he asks her for a genuine date – and she accepts!  (Considering my theory about these two – that they are both children of Blackwell – this makes me uncomfortable.)  When she gets to her car, there is a figure there wearing the same kind of hooded robe that Blackwell was wearing when the Witch Hunters were preparing to burn him at the stake.  Cassie doesn’t see this figure, however.

Meanwhile, Jake takes a lot of anger out on Isaac, who has returned.  Jake is feeling used after learning the truth about his parents’ death in his memory flashback.  Isaac, however, is claiming that he still doesn’t know the whole story.  He claims the whole thing was grounded in Blackwell’s trickery, but Jake doesn’t buy it.  Isaac presses on – he wants the medallion.  He claims the only way to save Cassie is to give him the medallion – if she keeps it, evil will continue to be attracted to her.

Back at the Blackwell house, Cassie has an encounter with the hooded figure from the school parking lot.  As she runs screaming from the basement, she runs smack into Adam.  She describes the robe as like the one her father wore during the fire – with a symbol on the front.  They decide to find Jake, who knows more about symbols than they do.  Jake recognizes it as the symbol of a coven that originated in Europe (not Salem) but was destroyed long ago.

At Faye’s house, Lee has dropped by with a very strange looking doll, which he claims will give Faye the power she’s craving.  All she needs to do is put it under her bed – the doll will draw out her weaknesses and replace them with power.  Sounds very fishy to me – and apparently to Faye!

Diana arrives (Melissa’s already there) and in a confrontation with Faye, the voodoo doll breaks.  An exasperated Faye leaves the room but Melissa tells Diana she needs to loosen up – and brings out the Devil’s Spirit.  Let the games begin!

Borrowing liberally from a part of the books on which the series is based, the next few scenes are my favorite of the series so far.  Diana on drugs is even better than Melissa with a demon in her head!  The girls decide to cast a spell to make the pizza delivery hot and sexy – but when the doorbell rings and Diana attacks the person on the other side with her hot kisses – it turns out to be Lee, there to fix his voodoo doll!  Lee’s not too happy about the girls doing drugs – his former girlfriend was a victim of the same thing.

But they party on – even though part of the “party rules” was no guys allowed – in, that is.  The pizza finally arrives and Diana has her way with him – just as Cassie arrives!  Melissa takes another hit of the Devil’s Spirit.  Gathered around a table, Cassie fills the girls in on what’s been happening.  Faye thinks using a Ouija board may help but it doesn’t work.  Cassie has the idea that perhaps the medallion will – and without anyone touching it, it spells out a word – SACRED.  No one knows what it means, and the group breaks up as Cassie gets a text from Adam.  Cassie leaves and Melissa takes yet more drugs!

Elsewhere, Jake meets with Isaac again to let him know that it looks like dead witches from the old coven are haunting Cassie.  Isaac tells Jake that Blackwell is the one who killed off the coven – at a local church (SACRED?).  He used the medallion to take their powers.  And now the dead witches want their power back.

Apparently, the medallion is filled with the powers of thousands of dead witches whose souls are cursed.  That much evil attracts more evil – and having the medallion puts Cassie in danger.  Jake recognizes now that Cassie could be in terrible danger.

Cassie is driving away from the slumber party and towards Adam, but she doesn’t reach him.  The medallion rides up her chest to her neck and begins to choke her.  She loses control of the car and there is a spectacular crash – with the car flipping and skidding to a stop.  Unbelievably, Cassie emerges – unhurt.  Seeing a hooded figure in the field next to the road, she yells.  When there is no response, Cassie takes off in anger.

Jake arrives at Adam’s boat, but finds Cassie is not there.  Jake explains the trouble Cassie could be in.  Adam grabs a knife and takes off with Jake to find Cassie.  He calls Diana – who is not happy to hear from him.  She tells him Cassie is not there.  They take off and find Cassie’s wrecked car, and Jake knows the church where the coven was destroyed is nearby.  He’s sure the ghosts of the witches are leading Cassie there.

Faye and Diana have a heart-to-heart and suddenly realize that Melissa is not there.  They discover her convulsing in another room, an empty bag next to her.  Realizing she’s OD’d, they get her to the bathroom and induce vomiting.  Several recriminations later, it appears Melissa will be fine.

Cassie has arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart – scene of the death of the European coven.  Once inside, she is surrounded by hooded figures. As they close in on her, Jake and Adam arrive – Adam with knife in hand.  Jake wants to hold back, but Adam charges ahead – and he is suddenly the one surrounded by dead witches.  And in the blink of an eye, he is possessed.

What follows is a classic “Thomas Dekker” moment.  This young man is a fine actor and he is in his element here, as a “shell” in danger of committing his own suicide.  Through Adam, the witches demand the medallion – they want their power back.  Jake tells Cassie what he knows – and reveals the knowledge came from Isaac.

Jake tries to reach Cassie, but she pushes him out of the way with her power. Adam is cutting his wrist with his knife.  Cassie holds out the medallion as if to give it to the possessed Adam, who reaches out with his other hand.  But a defiant Cassie crushes the medallion!  The spirits of the witches, realizing they can’t retrieve their power now – leave Adam’s body.

Later, Jake gives Isaac what’s left of the medallion – and Isaac is not a happy camper.  Jake does not understand what Isaac wanted with the medallion – witch hunters can’t use it.  Isaac offers no further explanation.  Saying Jake’s anger is obscuring the truth, he leaves.

Back at Faye’s house, Faye puts Lee’s doll under her bed. Faye and Diana agree that they will both be friends to Melissa.  And as they watch movies, Faye says she’s done with boys for now. Diana reveals that Lee is a good kisser. Feathers fly as Faye tosses a pillow and the scene ends in a full blown pillow fight!

Somewhere, Lee is seen in a hospital room looking down on a young woman who is hooked to machines.  Holding a doll just like the one he gave to Faye, he tells his girlfriend that he has found a way to help her – yikes!

And back on Adam’s boat, Cassie admits that chasing after her father was probably a bad idea after all.  She just wanted to find out if he was evil because that meant she could be too – but Adam tells her he thinks she’s amazing.  The scene, and the episode, end with Cassie and Adam kissing.


This was my favorite episode so far – even though the parents were left out completely.

Favorite moments?

  • Opening with Faye and Jake
  • Diana on drugs
  • Adam “possessed”
  • Faye gets a lesson in friendship

What I didn’t like?

  • Adam and Cassie.

I know, I know.  It’s “written in the stars” and all that, but I believe there was a good reason the dead witches possessed Adam – and that it wasn’t just that they knew they could use his own knife against him!  I think they sensed “one Blackwell child against another”.  And there is just something about Cassie and Adam kissing that doesn’t feel right to me.   I’m pretty sure it’s because they are siblings.  Just my opinion though.

However, I do appreciate Cassie’s sacrifice (the medallion) for the sake of her friend, and her Circle.  This was a noble act and a stark contrast to the selfish Faye, who continues to pursue her own power, despite seeing how that has already put her friends in jeopardy.  She apparently has not learned her lesson and it appears that Lee is taking full advantage of this for his own purposes.

Up next week?  We finally get to meet John Blackwell!

Episode 1.13 TSC – “Medallion”

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle was a disappointment on many levels but did move the plot forward.

It appears that Cassie’s grandmother is still out of town.  She’s collecting a few things from her home when Adam shows up to warn her to take it slow – with both Jake and her dark magic.  They are in conflict.  When Adam leaves, Cassie hides the medallion with her Book of Shadows.

Lucy Gibbons – the gal who recognized Cassie in Jake’s memory – shows up.  Apparently she is a psychic and she explains that each moment in time leaves a psychic imprint.  When Cassie shared Jakes memory via tethering, the imprint changed.  Lucy tells her that the witch hunters are coming for her.  Lucy wants to help – she owes it to Cassie’s parents.

The middle generation plotline revolved around the crystal.  Ethan’s got it and Charles and Dawn both want it back.  The one thing I found interesting in this episode was that Dawn has many “marking” scars on the palm of her hand.  And apparently, when someone who has been marked shows up after being “banished”, the marking cut opens up.   This is what happened when Lucy arrives in Chance Harbor.

Ignoring Adam’s warning, Cassie meets up with Jake at the old house.  Once again, she has the medallion.  Jake suggests that since the symbol on the medallion matches the one in the ceiling downstairs, perhaps they go there.  Cassie tries to align the medallion with the symbol, and when she does, she becomes stuck in place while the energy around them shakes the entire house.  Cassie tells Jake to run – but when she lets on that she can’t move, Jake runs back and tackles her, just as Adam arrives! This appears to break up the energy and the energy flux abates.  Everything is still again.

Adam is angry with the appearance of things between Jake and Cassie, and he runs outside.  Cassie follows and tells them that the witch hunters are coming and she believes since the medallion protected her father, it can protect the Circle as well.  Adam thinks the power of the Circle is all they need.

Cassie returns to the house and tells Jake she plans to meet up with Lucy.  Jake goes with her.  Lucy appears to know that Jake is a witch.  When Cassie tells her she has found the medallion, Lucy seems to be very happy and to know quite a lot about it.  Cassie wants to know if the medallion can protect the Circle, Lucy tells her it can, but its “locked”.  It can be activated if the Circle performs a ritual.  They all agree to meet in the woods later.

When the kids leave, there is a knock at Lucy’s door.  Thinking it’s Cassie, Lucy opens the door – and finds Dawn standing there.  Dawn reveals that Lucy was Blackwell’s psychic, and she betrayed him on the night of the fire.   Dawn wants Lucy to help her get the crystals!

I don’t trust either of these gals – they both have hidden agendas!

Back at her house, Cassie looks for the medallion in its hiding place – but it’s not there.  And there’s only one person who knows about that hiding place – Adam.  She goes off to confront him – at his birthday party!

And things at this party are just odd.

  • First of all, the place is packed – and Adam doesn’t strike me as a guy with an abundance of friends. Who are all these people?
  • Second, Ethan’s speech is extremely underwhelming for a Dad!  The pregnant pause that follows is just another indication to me that perhaps Adam is the other Balcoin child because Ethan is NOT a doting father (and we already know he probably betrayed his own Circle – why?)
  • Third, although I appreciate Diana’s speech for what it tells us about her perspective and Adam’s character, it seemed completely out of place given the status of their relationship.
  • Finally, Faye and Melissa are outside – and Melissa is high on the Devil’s Spirit which Faye has shared with her!   To be honest, Melissa’s drugged out speech in this scene, and Faye’s mishap with the drug and the wind were the episode highlights!

But I digress.

Cassie confronts Adam (Happy Birthday?) and he admits taking the medallion – he wants to protect her, and he continues to sow seeds of doubt about Jake.

Elsewhere, there are confrontations galore – the one between Charles and Ethan plays out with Charles slipping Ethan a “mickey”.  (Later, when Ethan has passed out, Charles retrieves the crystal!).  Also, Faye has called Callum for more drugs and when he arrives at the party, he gets into a stare-down with Jake – which is hilarious because Jake is the tallest guy in the room!  And finally, back at the Chamberlain residence, Lucy shows up and stabs Dawn!

No surprise – Lucy is NOT who she appears to be.

After the party, Cassie tells the Circle about the medallion ritual.  Faye is jealous and thus reluctant, but Diana is all for it, and Melissa – stoned – is up for anything!  Jake’s already in – Adam holds back but eventually agrees, continuing to be cautious.

But they all show up in the woods, and they start the ritual.  And one by one, the Circle members starts to feel weak.  Cassie becomes suspicious and turns to Luc, who explains that the medallion can channel magic – in or out!  It has “stolen” magic from thousands of witches over the years and that’s why it is such a powerful talisman.  Right now, it’s taking the Circle’s power.

Cassie – apparently again the least affected by this spell and suddenly remembering the chant her father used the night of the fire – turns on Lucy in spectacular fashion having the fire chase her!  Cassie gets Lucy to admit that her father is still alive – and then banishes her from Chance Harbor forever.

No worries – back at the motel, one of the witch hunters (apparently NOT burned to death in the fire 16 years ago, but scarred from his experience) shows up and slits Lucy’s throat!

Back in the woods, Cassie and Jake have a confrontation – she asks him point blank if he’s ever killed a witch.  His silence is her answers.


  • Melissa meets up with Callum for more drugs!
  • Faye meets up with Jake – just like if old times, if you know what I mean!
  • Charles saves Dawn with the crystal!
  • Cassie encounters her father’s presence in the basement of his old house!


After the wonderful “Witness” episode, perhaps it’s too much to expect each new episode to be as good, but this one seemed like afiller.  Although it did provide some interesting information, it did not pack the emotional punch that “Witness” did.

I continue to be completely confused about the status of Melissa’s mother.  In this episode, Adam says plainly she was killed in the fire.  But back in “Beneath” she is out of town with her Mother.  Is it her “step-mother”?  I wish someone would clear this one up.

I was also confused by the medallion, of all things.  First Cassie’s got it, then she’s hiding it, then she’s got it in the house, then she’s looking in its hiding place to find it missing.  This made very little sense – I call continuity issues!

Also a bit confusing is the changing dynamics of the relationships.  It looks as if perhaps Adam and Diana are in for a reconciliation, Jake and Faye are in for a rekindling of their past romance, and lord only knows what kind of journey Melissa is on.  I just hope it’s not with Callum!

I am also hoping we get to see more of the previous Generation and the Elders.  This is my personal preference, because I enjoy the history and mythology of the show – but their stories appear richer than those of the current Circle.  Perhaps when Blackwell finally arrives we will get to see more of “the parents”.

Despite the fact that this episode was somewhat underwhelming, I’m sticking with it because I’m really looking forward to Blackstone’s arrival.   I expect things will really take off from there!