Episode 3.18 TVD – “The Murder of One” or “Blood Will Out”

Elena drops by with food for Alaric – Damon encounters her at the door.  He takes the food and brushes her off.   Behind the door, Damon, Stefan and Alaric are cutting up the Wickery Bridge sign to make the stakes that will kill Originals.  Alaric has a power saw in his apartment?  Now that is strange.  Stefan critiques Damon’s whittling skills – the stakes needs very sharp points.  The only surprise here is that they could only get 12 stakes from that bridge sign.

Ric wants to turn himself in to Sheriff Forbes but both brothers talk him out of it.  They insist he must be part of the hunting party – and Damon insists that he wear his ring for this dangerous adventure.

Elena finally tells Caroline about Ric – specifically that he killed her father.  Caroline is understandably upset but Elena sort of defends Ric – portraying him as a victim.  None of them (Stefan, Tyler, and Caroline) asked for what they wound up with.  They are joined by Matt but not Bonnie.  Damon and Stefan show up with a bag full of stakes – this is a group project.  They will all have a weapon that can kill Klaus.

Meanwhile, Finn is walking about in a city and is being followed by Klaus.  Finn is not happy to see him.  He’s still got a death wish.  They turn a corner and there’s Rebekah – still on Klaus’ side.  Klaus knocks Finn to the ground.  They are still linked, but Klaus has Bonnie (he mentions a witch, who else could it be?) and he’s going to force her to unlink the siblings.

Back in the woods, Damon and Stefan describe one of a number of scenarios they have concocted to dagger an Original, bringing them all down.  The group likes the plan.  Each has a stake and they are to be on the lookout for any opportunity to take one of the Originals down.  There are 12 stakes – 12 shots – seems like a good plan.

Back at Kasa Klaus (AKA Evander Holyfield’s digs), Finn lands on the foyer floor, and Klaus and Bex tell him they are going to take his blood.  He says he won’t cooperate, but who’s at the top of the gorgeous staircase?  His one true love, Sage!

Kol’s in on this deal too – he’s texting Klaus – who’s got a neat new toy – a smartphone with a stylus – perfect toy for an artist!  Bex tells Klaus she’ll make a blood donation but she has to get after Damon for retribution!  Uh oh.  Nothing like a woman scorned.

Back at Casa Salvatore, Damon is “hiding” the stakes in a wood bin – and Ric is reminding him of the disaster with the moonstone in the soap dish debacle!   They are distracted by a loud noise downstairs, and when Damon goes to investigate, Ric follows – he’s thrown down the stairs by Bex – who is behind Damon when he turns – and she stabs him.  Yep – Bex is really pissed!

Elena is trying to call Bonnie without success.  When she asks Caroline and Matt about it, Matt answers by saying Finn is in the town square.  Caroline turns on her super hearing to listen in on their conversation.  Sage is recalling life in Mystic Falls 900 years ago.  Sage is still in love with him and doesn’t want him to die.  Finn suddenly has something to live for.  Ah, the power of love!

Elena calls Stefan, who warns her not to try anything against Sage, who is 900 years old and very strong.  Stefan then discovers Ric on the stairs, recovering from Bex’s smack down – Stefan tells Elena there may be a problem.

Sure enough, there is.  Bex has incapacitated Damon with a couple of small animal traps – of the kind they use to trap bears, only smaller.  She has shackled him at the wrists and is cutting him with a knife – her plan is to bleed the vervain out of him.

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s trying her best to resist Klaus’ instructions to get on with the spell to unlink the siblings, but as usual, Klaus has a way of “compelling” people when he wants something.  He strikes at Bonnie via Jeremy – turns out Kol’s in Denver keeping an eye on Jer and Klaus is threatening to kill him if Bonnie doesn’t cooperate.

Back at Casa Salvatore, Caroline has a heart-to-heart with Ric about him killing her Dad.  He makes a sincere apology and Caroline – sweetest girl in the world – forgives him.

Stefan meets up with Elena and they argue over which way they should proceed – Elena insists they should rescue Damon – if Stefan were in danger, Damon would blow the plan to help him.  But Stefan is equally insistent that they need to stay on point – their mission is to kill one of the Originals and Finn and Sage are at the Grill right now!  He knows that is what Damon would do – stick with the plan.

Damon is now hallucinating that Elena has come to rescue him.  But it’s not a real hallucination – Bex is in his head “messing with his thoughts”.  Damon taunts her.  Go Damon.  Bonnie hears it!

Go Bonnie.  She resists Klaus again but Klaus uses his powers of persuasion to get her to do his bidding.  He’s got blood samples of all the sibs and bites his hand for his own sample.

In the Grill, Sage is introducing Finn to tequila, and one of her vamps – Troy – walks by.  Sage explains that she turned him because she doesn’t want to be alone in enemy territory.  When Sage asks Matt for two more tequila’s, he spikes them with vervain.

Bonnie is casting the spell to separate the Originals as Sage explains to Finn that she’s turned a lot of people.  Repulsed at first, Finn starts to warm to the idea that living an eternal life might just be fine with Sage.  As they toast to “living life” they realize they are drinking vervain.  They see Stefan leaving – with a smirk on his face.  They follow.

And fall into the trap.  Although Sage is able to disarm Stefan before he has a chance to stake Finn, Elena appears and uses the crossbow to send a stake into Finn’s chest.  He rips it out but not before Matt stakes him in the heart.  Matt and Elena bolt back through the door from which they came – and Stefan runs off.  Sage cries as Finn dies and then bursts into flames.

But Bonnie has completed the spell.  The siblings are no longer joined. Bex and Klaus are fine.  But on her way out, she sees a bloody Damon hanging around in the ballroom.  Klaus tells her to help him, but Bonnie can’t wait to leave.

Thus, the “Murder of One” has not achieved its purpose.

Or has it?

Back at Casa Salvatore, Stefan tells Elena and Caroline he won’t believe killing Finn has worked until he sees Klaus’ dead body.  Bonnie calls Elena and tells her Klaus has Damon and that Klaus is not dead – he forced Bonnie to do the unlinking spell.  Bonnie starts to break down, revealing that Klaus threatened Jeremy and Abby – and when she hangs up, she comes undone.

Stefan starts to leave, with Elena trying to convince him they need a new plan.  He no sooner walks out the door when he is thrown back in – by a furious Sage, who is accompanied by her friend Troy.  But as she attacks Stefan, she is struck down by something, and so is Troy.  At first I thought “well, sure, no one invited them in to Casa Salvatore’s house” but then I remembered Damon did.  So that’s not the deal here.

They both fall dead on the carpeted floor.  As Elena and Caroline try to figure out what happened, Stefan has reasoned it out.

It’s the bloodline – all vampires began from an Original.  The bloodline consists of whoever they turn.  Troy was turned by Sage, Sage by Finn.  Finn’s death brings death to anyone turned by Sage and those she turned.

The full meaning of this turn of events hits them.  If all the Originals die, all vampires go with them!

Stefan shows up to rescue Damon – and he brings the stash of stakes with him to make a bargain with Klaus.  He tells Klaus and Rebecca that Finn is dead.  But he hasn’t brought all the stakes. And Klaus suspects it.  Klaus compels Damon to leave – and Damon tries to free himself from the traps, his flesh ripping away.

Meanwhile, Caroline returns from burial detail to find that Stefan has taken most of the stakes to bargain for Damon.  Elena tells her 3 stakes remain and they need to determine which of the Originals NOT to kill.  Caroline was turned by Damon, Damon and Stefan were turned by Katherine and Katherine was turned by Rose.  If Rose was NOT turned by Klaus, they can kill him.  But that’s not a great plan because as Caroline reasons, Klaus turned Tyler!

Klaus compels the true number of stakes out of Damon and then goes off one of his narcissistic rants!  Rebekah releases Damon and tells Stefan to take Damon as a sign of good faith – she believes Stefan will bring them the remaining stakes.

Alone together, Klaus reveals his disdain for Finn, which riles Rebekah who truly believes in family.  She knows and likely respects but definitely admires the bond between the Salvatores.  A bond she can’t claim with her own brother.   She tells him he has destroyed their family – he counters by saying he wanted a family but they didn’t want him!  Now, they are no longer linked – and it’s apparently every man for himself.  Klaus is leaving when he has the remaining stakes – and he’s taking Elena so he can create a whole new family – one that will have no choice but to be loyal to him.

And he tells Bex that if she chooses to stay, she is just as pathetic as Finn. Klaus is an incredible idiot – Bex is not a girl I’d piss off – especially not with Elijah still alive!

Stefan does a soliloquy about time wasted over Klaus – Elena does her best to convince him he’s a better man for it, but Stefan says Elena is in love with Damon, he dares Elena to admit it – but she admits only that she doesn’t know what she’s feeling.

Meanwhile, Damon shows up at Ric’s to get the last stake – to find that Ric’s alter ego has hidden it!

I chose “Blood Will Out” to summarize my feelings about this episode because it is about bloodlines, but also about character.  Klaus has revealed his true character once again quite plainly to his sister.  He cares about no one but himself.  Whether or not he was driven to this perspective by his father’s treatment of him or not, he is a narcissist and incapable of feelings for anyone else.

This is in stark contrast to every other character in the show, most especially the Salvatores.  But also two other members of Klaus’ own Original family.  Elijah is well known for his moral character – but even Rebekah understands the bond of family, and however selfish she may seem on the surface, this episode was not the first time we’ve seen how important family relationships are to her.

The bloodline mythology is not a complete surprise.  Esther’s plan made this a possibility.  Tracing vampire lineage now becomes an integral part of saving them in the race to find the dagger.

But there is another part of Esther’s plan that I find just as intriguing – make her children human before they are killed.  At some point, this has got to come up again.  Considering Damon’s “secret” (revealed way back in “The Descent” – how much he misses being human), I cannot imagine that this angle won’t make an appearance at some point in the future.

Until then, exploring “vampire genealogy” works for me!

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