Episode 3.14 TVD – “Dangerous Liaisons” or “Belle of the Ball”

This was definitely one of my favorite episodes.  A beautiful setting, everyone dressed up and looking gorgeous, dancing, family conflict, love conflict, and mythology!

The show opens with Elena and Matt at the hospital, concerned about Ric and reminding all of us that a killer is on the loose.  In the background, a shadowy figure is watching them.  Turns out, it’s Rebekah.  She’s still pissed at Elena for stabbing her in the back – so to speak – and just as she’s about to take a bite out of her, Elijah shows up to stop her! Even though he is one of the “Original Three Musketeers (all for one and one for all, no?), Bex is pissed and lets him know it.  Elena is saved, for the time being.

In a town where there’s never a shortage of reasons to throw a party, the new kids on the block – known as the Mikaelsons – are throwing not just a party – but a ball!  Shades of Cinderella – and that’s what Caroline thinks!  Esther has penned a personal note to Elena that it’s time for them to meet.

At the Mikaelson mansion, Mommy Dearest is embarrassing her middle child by asking who he is bringing to this affair.  Guess it worked, because Caroline not only gets an invitation – and her own personal note from Klaus – but a gorgeous gown to boot – and it’s beautifully wrapped and everything!  Caroline – to her credit – resists the whole idea.  I’m betting she’s thinking just what I’m thinking.  Klaus set up the bite from Tyler for the express purpose of saving her so she will feel beholding to him.  And Caroline is not that easy!!!

This is huge, people, because when we first met Caroline – way back in Season 1 – she would have been happy to have love from anyone – remember?  God, she even got intimate with Damon, of all people.  Of course, she was compelled but still.  Caroline has matured by leaps and bounds – we will see just how much later on.

Meanwhile, the Salvatore brothers are dead set against Elena going to this affair, and she’s fighting them all the way.  But next thing you know, we are watching the beautiful people at the Mikaelson mansion.  When Elena walks through the double doors (looking radiant), Damon is bedazzled.   Stefan shows up by her side, and although both he and Damon make it clear she should just not be here, they each offer her an arm and walk into the fray, determined to protect her.

Caroline is looking for something to wear – anything but that dress that arrived with the note from Klaus.  I guess her Miss Mystic Falls dress was not up to snuff, because she relents and arrives in the gown – looking just like Cinderella herself – and she is even wearing the diamond bracelet from Klaus.  When Klaus sees her, it is evident that he is – indeed – smitten.

The Original Family is standing on the Grand Staircase.  Elijah is apparently the family spokesman, because he announces that there will be a waltz – and the next thing you know, everyone in town is dancing as if they have all competed on “Dancing with the Stars”!!!

Watching the pairs change was part of the great fun of this scene – but the absolute best part was watching Klaus melt like an ice cube in front of a heater in the presence of Caroline.

I cannot pretend to be a fan of this pairing, because I know it will end badly for Caroline.  But I can’t pretend that I did not enjoy watching Klaus – the big, bad, horrible, deadline, sinister, creepy villain – become a romantic fool in the glowing Caroline’s magnificent presence!!!

The second best pairing had to be Damon and Rebekah.  The look on her face when Damon compliments her?  Priceless.

Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan are outside plotting – Elena needs Stefan to distract Damon so she can get in to see Esther – alone.  And he agrees!  This is another Elena “bad plan” and he just goes right along with it – breaking Damon’s neck!

At this point, I do not like Elena OR Stefan much at all.

Elena and Esther have their meeting.  And we get a mythology lesson.  Klaus did kill her but Ayana (who – no surprise – IS a Bennett ancestor) preserved her body.  She’s had 1,000 years on the other side, with the souls of the dead witches – to contemplate the mistake she made.  Ayana was right.  Casting the Original spell created a race that is an abomination of nature.  She wants to undo the wrong she’s done.  She wants to kill her entire family – and she needs a drop of “Elena the Petrova Doppleganger’s blood” to bind her children together.  It will be mixed with champagne – which the will all drink.  It will take time to execute the entire spell, but once they are bound, kill one child, and all the children will die.

A loving mother this is NOT – and I don’t believe her.  Furthermore, if she’s that interested in undoing the evil she created, it follows she’d need to kill ALL vampires.  Not good news for the Salvatores, Caroline, etc.  I do not like this at all.

Esther also makes a statement that doesn’t bode well for the living Bennett witches – Abby and Bonnie.  She will need their help, but she also refers to them as the end of the Bennett line.

No, I do not like any of this.  And I like it all even less as things move along.

But first, there is another encounter between Klaus and Caroline that is matchless.  Caroline has gone out for some air and is admiring a horse (did they have horse drawn carriages deliver the guests to this soiree? I might have missed that – I must watch this episode again – and again.)

Klaus tried to curry favor with Caroline, and she continues to shut him down – in the sweetest most polite way.

Best part of this encounter (besides the veiled reference to the “Godfather-ish” way in which Original Papa killed Klaus’ most beloved horse)?  Klaus’ description of why he “fancies” Caroline.

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong, and you’re full of light!”  FULL OF LIGHT!!!  My God – YES.  That may just be the perfect way to describe the personal of Caroline Forbes – full of light.  Even as one of nature’s darkest creatures, she remains cheerful and optimistic – and strong beyond measure.  How could anyone possessing these qualities be anything short of beautiful?

And despite myself – despite the fact that I know this will end badly for Caroline if she falls for it – I find myself actually liking Klaus.  (Bravo Joseph Morgan!)

Despite his obvious infatuation for this lovely young woman, Caroline is not taken in by his charm.  She rejects him – again!  My heart sings!

Elsewhere, we find the other blonde Original child – Bex – starting to fall for the only really normal guy left in town – Matt.  Where her plan was to kill him, he – just like Caroline – is just so sweet and chivalrous, she thinks better of turning him into a snack for her brother Kol (who is pissed as hell.)

Back in the mansion, Elijah meets up with Elena.  Prior to her meeting with his mother (whose motives – it is clear – he does not trust) he asked Elena to let him know the content of their discussion.  And now that she knows Esther’s plan, Elena….LIES TO ELIJAH!

At this point, I don’t know who’s a bigger bitch – Esther or Elena!  In any case, Esther proposes a toast, and everyone drinks the blood laced champagne!  Step one of the spell is concluded.

Once again, we see Caroline and Klaus – this time, in a room full of art.  And Caroline is, once again, unimpressed.  Until she sees drawings – and asks Klaus if they are his.  He tells her they are (my God – he can draw too?  Is there no end to the charm?) and one of his paintings is hanging in a museum.

Rather than being impressed, Caroline once again asks why he needs sires – particularly her boyfriend Tyler?

And she confronts him with the sad truth.

Caroline: “I get it. Your father didn’t love you so you assume that no one else will either. And that’s why you compel people or you sire them or you try to buy them off. But that’s not how it works. You don’t connect with people because you don’t even try to understand them.”

In that description of Caroline – beautiful, strong and full of light – Klaus forgot something.


Klaus quietly tells her it is time for her to leave – a sure sign that she’s struck quite a nerve.

Meanwhile, Damon is alive again and furious with Elena for going behind his back.  When he tells her he loves her – she tells him “that’s the problem” – then tried immediately to retract it.

The pain on Damon’s face is heart-breaking.  Of course, I have an enormous soft-spot for Damon so this hurt, but I am also starting to wonder about whether or not Elena is worthy of him.  How’s THAT for irony?

Up on the balcony, a pissed off Kol is attempting to take a piece out of Matt after all.  But he doesn’t go in for the kill immediately – instead, he starts by breaking Matt’s hand.  Damon walks in on this scene and at first, I think he’s behaving with remarkable restraint, considering what just happened in the hall below.  He informs Kol “careful – this is the quarterback” and then Damon throws Kol right off the balcony – vaulting over the railing after him!!!!

On the pavement below, Damon is smashing up Kol’s face – and Kol doesn’t look as if he can fight back.  And that’s when it hits me!  Remember Rebekah said each family member’s qualities were enhanced when they were turned?

Kol’s major character trait is VANITY.  He’s not a whimp – he’s upset because Damon is hitting him in THE FACE!!!!  (Remember back at the beginning of the episode when he asked Rebekah to tell him how handsome he was?)

Anyway, everyone comes bursting through the mansion doors, starting with Stefan who wants to know if Damon’s crazy.

And “the old Damon” is back.  He says “Maybe just a little” and swaggers off!!

This is nearly too much – mythology, darling Caroline, and swaggery Damon?  And the episode isn’t over yet!!!

Speaking of Caroline, who actually did leave the party after that last confrontation with Klaus, she arrives home and calls Tyler asking him to please come home.  And she finds that bracelet box on her bed.  But this time, instead of the bracelet (which she previously ripped off her arm and threw at Klaus) she finds a drawing by the Master himself – a drawing of her, and a horse.  She is looking like a princess, and the horse might as well be a unicorn!  And I do not like the look in Caroline’s eyes.

Caroline, I beg you, do NOT fall for this.  Remember, Ted Bundy was charming too!!!!

Back at Casa Mikaelson, Mom and Finn (who I am sure is the oldest child and is apparently a real Mam’s boy) are preparing for Phase 2 of “the Spell”.  Esther slices Finn’s hand and drops of blood fall on a parchment.  It contains the names of the siblings, and the blood traces a pattern through all of their names.  When the trail of blood is complete, the shape of the old Oak tree (the Family Tree) is on the parchment, which bursts into flames.

Next there is a scene between Elena and Stefan which I didn’t like at all.  It’s clear that Stefan is so full of self-loathing that he doesn’t believe there is anything he can do to deserve Elena’s love, and it is apparently so painful that he’s cut off all feeling forever.  With apologies to all Stelena shippers, I think they could have skipped this scene and maintained the integrity of the episode.  It’s been clear for quite a while that Stefan thinks things with Elena are hopeless.

Rebekah shows up at the Mystic Grill to apologize to Matt – and she is REJECTED.  In the nicest way possible, of course.  Matt is a total gentleman.  But clearly Rebekah is not used to this kind of thing.  Lucky for her, a sympathetic Damon (who’s himself just been rejected) shows up to console her.

And they end the night with a bang – literally!  I know Delena shippers are hating this, but really – Damon and Rebekah make a great couple, for now.  Rejected – and “durable”.  Works for me.


Klaus and Caroline:  I believe this is awful for Caroline, but admit that it is interesting to see this side of Klaus.  However, remember, this is the man who said “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness.”

Becoming a vampire enhances your dominant trait – each Original has one:

  • Elijah-morality.
  • Klaus-can’t stand betrayal.
  • Kol-vanity.
  • Rebekah-spoiled brat. .  She’s the baby and the only girl in the family – spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.  (Rebekah: “Get over yourself Elena – it’s not all about you.”)  Can’t stand that someone gets more attention than she does – ever.
  • Finn-maternal love?  Finn appears to be the eldest surviving child, and that may be the basis of his attachment to Original Mom.  No doubt after losing her first child, she clung to the next one, and I’m betting that’s Finn.  But he is still something of a mystery.  Maybe he’s just pissed at Klaus for daggering him about 100 years after they were turned into vampires! He’s missed so much!

Kol was last daggered 100 years ago – in 1912.  Wait, isn’t that the title of an upcoming episode?  And Damon seemed to think he was familiar.  And Kol gave him a dig.  These two have met before – can’t wait to find out what went down!

Stefan is getting boring.

Elena is getting reckless.

Damon has matured.  In the old days, after another rejection from Elena, he’d go off half-cocked (so to speak) and kill some poor, innocent human.  But this time, he pairs up with one of his own kind.  I don’t know why anyone has a problem with this.  Damon deserves some love – and so does Rebekah.  Even if it’s just temporary, or a one night stand, this works perfectly.

The spell:  No question about it.  This spell is going to kill all vampires.  Think about it.  The originals are the ones from whom all other vampires came – all vampires are their descendants – they belong to the same family tree.  Kill the Originals, and everyone goes with them.  And I’m not even sure the werewolves will survive.  Aren’t they “unnatural” too?

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