Episode 3.13 TVD – Bringing Out the Dead” or “Family Business”

From now on, I am watching “The Vampire Diaries” with an oxygen tank, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and an enormous box of tissues at the ready!  This was another one of those episodes that had me gasping, jumping and crying.  As I tweeted while I was watching “This show is an emotional roller coaster and I want to ride it forever.”

There were basically three things going on in Mystic Falls in this episode.

  • Someone is killing the Mystic Falls Council Members – and it’s not Meredith!
  • Bill Forbes has turned into John Gilbert!
  • Meet the Originals!

Both Bill Forbes and Ric have been stabbed.  But Meredith has an air-tight alibi.

Bill has vampire blood in his system and doesn’t want to turn.  Bill’s final scene with Caroline was very reminiscent of John Gilbert’s letter to Elena. This scene – and the one between Elena and Caroline – both brought me to tears.  It’s true that Candice Accola has chemistry with EVERYONE.  I still marvel at the fact that in season one, I just didn’t like her at all.

Meanwhile, Ric thinks that his ring will protect him from a supernatural death and asks Elena to kill him – which she does, with Matt watching.  (Matt, I tend to agree with you – this is “messed up”.)  Thankfully, it works and Ric survives.

I don’t know why, but it kept occurring to me during this episode that Matt may be the one behind these stabbings.  Even as he was hugging Caroline – and later when he said the town is messed up and no one should have to live like this – I just felt there was a possibility that he was behind the stabbings.  I know that there are those who think it’s Katherine (on the basis of the prints on the weapon belonging to Elena) – or maybe it actually IS Elena.  We shall just have to wait and see.

But – let’s be honest – this episode was all about the Original Family.

Elijah pick up where they left off, with Elijah saying that if Klaus thinks he’s pissed off, he can’t wait to see how Finn and Kol will feel.  Finn has apparently been locked up for the past 900 years and Kol 100.  Before you know it, Klaus is making all kinds of promises about uniting the family – and it appears that Elijah is buying into it.

While Bonnie and Abby work on a way to open up the mysterious coffin, an extremely entertaining dinner is taking place at Casa de Nicklaus.  Seriously, despite the episode’s rather shocking ending, this was the highlight – and maybe my favorite scene of the entire series so far.  I could watch a loop of this scene forever.  The chemistry of these four is fantastic in the extreme.  You get the feeling that all four of them had a wonderful time and really like each other off set as well.

The Brothers Salvatore want to negotiate a truce – but Klaus and Elijah parry their efforts by regaling them with the tale of Tatia – the lovely Original Petrova. So far, Elena seems to be avoiding the curse of the “Petrova teenage pregnancy” because Tatia was already a Mom by the time Elijah and Klaus BOTH fell in love with her (I loved this despite – or maybe because of – the obvious parallel with the Salvatore Brothers’ dilemma. I even loved Damon’s reference to Stefan killing their father – yet another parallel to the Original history!)

Anyway, in order to keep the peace among the Original Brothers – Original Mom “took her” (what does that mean?) and later used her blood as part of the ritual to turn her kids into vampires.  Let us not forget, Klaus is still tied to this blood line.  The attempt at a truce – fake or otherwise – looks like a no go. Klaus makes an offer – and Stefan refuses.  Klaus threatens and Damon and Elijah appear to leave to go and get the mystery coffin back.

But they actually don’t go anywhere – except into the next room to undagger (love that word) Finn and Kol, who are obviously not happy.  Klaus appears genuinely terrified.  After being stabbed by both brothers he turns to make an escape – only to be confronted by a really pissed off Rebekah!  She stabs him too.

At this point, Elijah tells the Salvatores they can leave because this is “Family business” (and I particularly love this because it gives me a chance to hear Daniel Gillies long “a” sound – lovely!)

As the walk home, each confesses their love of Elena – finally it is out in the open.  Now what?  Well, for one thing, Damon appears to have taken part of that dinner conversation to heart.  He ignores a call from Elena, a gesture meant to show that he intends to put some distance between them – for her sake!  I Love Damon – he is the better man Elena wants him to be, truly.

They continue on to the cave, where they find Bonnie and Abby, both still alive but unconscious – and the coffin is open and empty!

Back at Casa Nicklaus, our Original Hybrid is a raving lunatic – ranting that he is a hybrid and has nothing to fear from them because he can’t be killed!  But the anti-Klaus siblings have something else in mind.  Elijah is reminding Klaus how dangerously close he is to turning the person he hates the most – their father!  And Rebekah intends to kill Elena, depriving Klaus of his blood supply and therefore leaving him utterly alone.

In the midst of this family revenge party, the door bursts open and everyone has a shocked look on their face!  Because who walks into the midst of this encounter but…..ORIGINAL MOM!

Now, many people were not surprised by this turn of events (including me), BUT what she says IS a surprise.  She is NOT there for revenge – she wants nothing more than for all of them to be a family again!


Call me cynical but I don’t trust this woman for a second.  I don’t believe she has any intention of forgiving Klaus. For anything.   In fact, I think she plans a huge, glorious scene for her own revenge.

A ball perhaps?

The next episode is “Dangerous Liaisons”.  Those who do not agree with me might want to check out the plot of the movie.

Just sayin’!

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