Episode 3.12 TVD – “The Ties That Bind” or “What Did I Miss?”

This episode was one of those unremarkable ones that moves the story line along, but doesn’t pack the punch (or punches) of some of the others.  Well, personally I want to thank the writers for giving us a breather.  And for the one punch it did pack at the very end.

To quote the eldest Original sibling – “Boom!”

The episode opens with Bonnie – dreaming again – and this time she’s in the cemetery, with “the” coffin.  Next thing you know, she’s IN the coffin, desperately trying to get out.  (If you watch The Secret Circle, this is like déjà vu, but unlike Cassie, Bonnie can’t get out of the coffin on her own.)

As she screams, a figure opens the coffin – Bonnie recognizes her.

In the cellar of the witch’s house, Bonnie tells Elena about the coffin dream.  As they are talking, Stefan walks in – he’s pissed that Bonnie told Elena about the coffins. But Bonnie says she thinks the dream means that her mother can help them open the coffin that is spelled closed.

Elena requested all information on Abby Bennett from the police, but it is Damon who locates her current whereabouts.  Damon divulges that he and Elena have kissed, and now it’s weird.  Bonnie and Elena set out on a road trip to find Abby – without Damon.

Elsewhere – Tyler apologizes to Caroline, and says he wants her compulsion-resistant Dad to help him learn control and resist his sire bond.

When did Bill turn into a nice guy?

The scene moves to Alaric and Meredith eating lunch, and Alaric’s asking if next time it can be dinner.  Meredith agrees.  As she leaves, Damon enters, and tells Ric that she’s hot and smart and – therefore – damaged.  He also informs Ric that the medical examiner is dead – staked like a vampire – and the doctor is the number one suspect.

At Casa Salvatore, Klaus and Stefan continue their chess game.  As usual Klaus is a few steps ahead of everyone else.  Stefan still has the upper hand, but Klaus is making all kinds of moves on the chess board.

On their way to Abby’s house, Elena and Bonnie have a brief discussion about “the Kiss”.  Bonnie asks if it was good – Elena says it doesn’t matter – Bonnie knows that means it was!

Klaus’s latest hybrid shows up at Abby’s house just before Elena and Bonnie arrive and Abby lets him in.  When they get there, they are greeted by Jamie – son of the man Abby was dating after she left Mystic Falls.  He invites the girls in.

Abby arrives home – and she must have been really young when Bonnie was born because she’s a very young woman herself.

She tells Elena that she is like her Mom, who was Abby’s best friend.

And here begins a history lesson.  15 years ago, Mikael came to Mystic Falls looking for the doppelganger.  To protect her best friend’s child, Abby lured him out of town, and cast a spell to desiccate him, leaving him in the crypt in Atlanta.  The consequences were that it nearly killed Abby.  She survived but lost her powers.  She realized that she had an opportunity to live a “normal” life so she did not return to Mystic Falls.

Abby did not come home because she wanted to be someone else – just a normal woman.  She felt Grams was way better at this stuff than her.  At this point, Bonnie realizes that Abby doesn’t know her mother is dead.  With the realization, she asks Bonnie what happened.  Bonnie explains that they were doing a rough spell and were exhausted – it took more of a toll on Grams, who ultimately died.

Abby wants to know why Bonnie has come and she wants to help.

Damon meets Meredith at the hospital.  He lets her know he thinks she killed the medical examiner and he wants to protect his buddy Ric.  And just like that she sticks a vervain syringe in his neck, and takes some of his blood.  When Damon regains consciousness, he goes to Alaric’s apartment and tells him that the doctor vervained and “blood-jacked” him.  Why?

Meanwhile, Bill chains Tyler up and says he needs to turn to break the bond (he can change any time he wants to) but Tyler doesn’t know how to start the process (but he’ll do it because he loves Caroline)

Tyler is turning – and it’s painful and he hates it.  Things get nasty – Bill tries to make Tyler speed up the process by making Tyler angry – “turn or I’ll kill you here and now.” That works all too well – Tyler breaks his bonds and turns on Bill before he can escape.

Meanwhile, Elena has been outside while Bonnie catches up with her mom – and Stefan shows up.   Jaime interrupts their conversation and Stefan compels him to leave.  But Jamie returns – with a shotgun – and shoots Stefan with wooden buckshot (ouch)! Then he ties up Elena – just as Abby appears to take Bonnie prisoner and puts her in the car.

Abby meets up with hybrid guy and tells him that Bonnie is not telling anyone where the coffins are.  He tells her to try harder.  Abby explains to Bonnie that she used herbs to remove her magic and she needs Bonnie to tell her where the coffins are or he’s going to have Jamie shoot himself.  But as she tells her this, she writes a text and shows Bonnie what it says – “warn your friends”.

Elena questions Jamie and he tells her what happened – and that the hybrid said that she was not to be hurt.  Elena breaks free and knocks Jamie out!  Then she digs into Stefan’s flesh to remove the buckshot – with her fingers.

Back at the witch house, Damon is greeted by Klaus – but the witches are pissed and punish him with the aneurism.  Klaus knows that witches – living or dead – take care of each other.  But he is going to kill every last one if he doesn’t get what he wants.

“My hybrid friend is prepared to end the Bennett line” – and the witches stop their torture – just like that.

With a “please” Klaus asks for them to show him the coffins – and they all appear – except for that locked one.  Damon explains they can’t show him that one because it’s not here – Bonnie got through to him and he only had time to get one out.

And here I am struck by the incredible chemistry between Klaus and Damon in a confrontation.  This is an even more interesting chess game than the one with Stefan.

Alaric meets up with Meredith at the hospital just as a badly injured Bill Forbes is brought in by ambulance, and Meredith reveals her secret – she’s a doctor who hates death so she uses vampire blood to heal. Bill is near death – but he will make it thanks to Damon’s blood.  (I have a feeling Bill’s not going to like that one bit!) Later, Tyler visits him in the hospital to apologize.  Bill tells him he knew the risk he was taking. But to break sire bond, turning needs to be painless – Bill won’t let Tyler near Caroline until he can act on his own free will. Tyler’s got a long row to hoe!

Back at Abby’s house, Stefan notices Elena’s changed – she’s stronger, tougher.  She tells him “We all had to change.”  And then she tells him just how much and who – she tells him she kissed Damon.

Stefan looks totally defeated.  He gets up and walks away, speechless.  She follows. Stefan apologizes for the car – bridge incident.  But he cautions her that she can’t lie to him while Klaus is still alive.  It’s too dangerous.

“You are better than him, Elena – you’re better than both of us.”

And yes, he no longer feels he deserves Elena – but he doesn’t think Damon does either.

Abby is now telling Bonnie the whole truth.  Her magic abandoned her over time after putting Mikael down – as if it was a punishment, for not returning to Mystic Falls and Bonnie.  Maybe Bonnie can help her get it back – she wants to help.

Now that Meredith has told Alaric her “secret”, he tells her his truth.  He’s a vampire hunter – semi-retired.  He also tells her about his ring – and they begin to kiss as Elena walks in.  Meredith leaves.  Elena thanks Alaric for staying, and gives him permission to move on.

Is this what Elena’s been thinking?  That Stefan’s gone and it’s time for her to move on too?  Is that why she told Stefan about her kiss with Damon?

Speaking of which, Stefan arrives home, and when Damon asks if Elena is OK, Stefan hauls off and pounds him in the face with a huge blow.  Damon knows immediately that Elena told him about the kiss and Stefan doesn’t want to talk about it – noted.

“So let’s talk about this!”  And Damon holds up a familiar looking dagger!

Stefan – “What did you do?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Damon only had time to remove one coffin, but he also had time to remove a dagger in order to revive one of the Original Siblings.

I’ve always loved Damon!!!!!

Klaus is talking to his hybrid when the guy gets a pained look on his face.  His heart’s just been snatched by ELIJAH – who asks

“What did I miss?”

So much, Elijah, so much!

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