Episode 3.09 TVD – “Homecoming” or “Honor Thy Father

As he promised Mikael, Stefan is luring Klaus back to Mystic Falls.  The ruse?  Telling him that they (Stefan, Damon and Elena) have killed Mikael – which interestingly enough, they have…sort of.

Elena, being human, has driven a dagger with white oak ash into Mikael – so he’s dead until someone pulls the dagger out!  Rebekah confirms the story to Nick over the phone – he is on his way home (from Oregon, where they apparently have a lot of werewolves so he’s been busy creating his army.) Elena pulls the dagger out of Mikael so he can be ready to kill Klaus with a special stake from the white oak ash tree – before it was burned.

Meanwhile, when Mikael awakens, he is greeted by a hostile Rebekah, who tells him that none of his children were born killers – HE made them that way.  She holds him responsible for destroying their family.

As Elena helps Damon prepare some wolf’s bane grenades and conveys her concern over Rebekah, Damon tells her he’s got a secret contingency plan.  He can’t tell her about it because Stefan will overhear.

Rebekah has dressed for the dance and is confessing to Elena that she’s never been to a high school dance before.  She also warns Elena to be careful because Mikael cannot be trusted – no one in her family can be trusted.  She’s spent a thousand years alternating between loving and hating her brother but she never thought she’s help drive a stake through his heart.

When she asks Elena how she looks, Elena tells her she looks amazing, but she’s missing one thing – and she takes out Rebekah’s mother’s necklace.  I confess, I would have been disappointed if this hadn’t happened.  It was perfect.

But the next moment shocked me.  After putting the necklace around Rebekah’s neck, Elena daggers her – she can’t take a chance that Rebekah will tell Klaus what they are up to.  Afterward, Damon compliment her on the “Katheriness” of the act, but Elena is convinced Stefan is right – someone’s humanity is going to get in the way of the plan and she’s sure it will be hers – she is the weak link.

Damon assures her that he’s got it all under control – and if she trusts him, he will carry out the plan.  Elena does trust him – how far they have come!

Meanwhile, a flood at the high school makes it impossible to have the dance there – so Tyler moves the venue to his house!  Why do I think Klaus had something to do with that one!  As Caroline freaks out about the fact that the party at the Lockwood mansion looks better than any she’s ever thrown, sure enough Tyler tells Stefan it’s all what Klaus wants – Tyler is just following his orders.

Elena and Matt show up, and are greeted by Caroline, but they are being all cloak-and-dagger like.  Caroline tells them Klaus is there. Neither acts surprised and Elena leaves to find Bonnie.  When Caroline asks why he’s not there with Rebekah, he says cryptically “Plans change” and makes a hasty exit.  Caroline is left standing there looking piqued.

Klaus tells Stefan that the party is his idea of a funeral for his father and he is going to reunite his family.  “The people you carry around in coffins?”  Klaus says none of that matters – bygones will be bygones.  Stefan denies knowing where Rebekah is and is commanded to bring Mikael to Klaus. Stefan bargains for his freedom – and Klaus agrees to give it to him once he has Mikael and his weapon.

Back at Casa Salvatore, Damon tells Mikael that Rebekah has gone to the dance.  Mikael reveals the white oak ash stake – a very fancy affair and the only weapon that can kill an Original (which means that once they use it, the other Originals are truly immortal – interesting).

When Stefan arrives to tell them that Klaus is expecting them, Mikael takes him out of the equation by biting his neck and rendering him unconscious.  (And the repartee between Mikael and Damon in the exchange that follows makes me want Mikael to stick around.) But off they go to carry out their plan.

Meanwhile, Klaus points out who the guests are – his army of hybrids, all sired by him and there to do his bidding.  He makes it clear that if anyone makes a move against him, they will attack – which puts the citizens of Mystic Falls in danger!

Tyler goes right to Caroline – who is not in the loop.  But Tyler still wants to keep her safe, bless his heart.  A vervain hypo to the neck and she’s out.  Then he tells Matt what’s about to happen and asks him to get Caroline and their friends out safely if he can.

Klaus is admiring Elena’s ability to dagger an Original.  She reminds him it’s not her first time.  He reminds her that he’s always one step ahead of the people after him so she and her friends should take their best shot.

Damon arrives and before you know it, he and Tyler are fighting and Damon pulls out the stake to use it on Tyler – but before he can do it, Bonnie gives them both one of her specialty juju migraines.  She sees the stake but Damon warns her off before she can say anything.  Damon has it because he’s the only one who can get inside the house.

But one of Klaus’s hybrids tells him Mikael is here.  He sends her off with orders to move everyone out back and special instructions to one of his minions – Tony.  When Klaus greets Mikael, he lets him know that if he snaps his fingers, his hybrids will tear him apart – which won’t kill him but will make a hell of a mess.

And Mikael calls Klaus a “big bad wolf”!  You gotta’ love that one.  He reminds Klaus that his hybrids are part vampire and can be compelled – by Mikael – who proves it by having several of them show up at his side – with Elena.

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse – with Elena as bait.  Mikael says he will kill her – ending his ability to enlarge his army of hybrids.  And he doesn’t stop with the threat.  He proceeds to expose Klaus’s loneliness – how the only people loyal to him are those he’s forced.

But Klaus calls his bluff.  And Mikael stabs Elena while Klaus watches, horrified.

And at that moment, Damon rushes Klaus in order to stake him.  Before he can finish the job, Elena rises to her feet in front of a shocked Mikael, who realizes it’s Katherine!  She throws the darts at the wolf pack, as Stefan knocks Damon out of the way.

Quick as a wink, Klaus grabs the stake and uses it on Mikael! The stake, and Mikael with it, burst into flames!  Guess the stake is one time use only, and now it’s gone!

And Stefan has earned his freedom from Klaus’s compulsion.

In the end, here is the situation.  Tyler and Caroline are at odds.  He’s the way he is, and he is not unhappy because having control over turning into a wolf leaves him free from pain.  But Caroline can’t accept that he is under Klaus’s control.

Damon is angry that the plan failed.  He and Elena can’t understand Stefan’s betrayal so they assume that he’s lost. And they are prepared to let him go.

But there is something they don’t know.  Stefan is with Katherine and he tells her they don’t need to know the truth.  That when Klaus was talking to Katherine, he told her that his hybrids were under orders to kill Damon if Damon killed Klaus – and the hybrids would do it even if Klaus were dead.

So Katherine conspired with Stefan to keep Damon safe. Katherine actually counted on Stefan’s love for his brother to foil the plan – and it worked!  She counted on a vampire’s greatest weakness – humanity.  She convinces Stefan that turning his emotions on is worth it for what she wants to do next.

Revenge.  When Klaus goes to his truck for the “family reunion”, he finds the coffins of all his family members gone!  And Stefan’s got them, and he’s not letting Klaus know where they are!

Welcome to the Vampire Diaries hiatus!  I can hardly stand the fact that we are going to have to wait until next year to meet the rest of the family!

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