Episode 3.02 TVD – “The Hybrid” or “Make Room for Daddy!) (09/27/2011)

Every week, we are treated to this show where there are enough standout moments in one episode for an entire series.   These are my picks for outstanding moments of Episode 302.

Daddy’s Home!

It seems that for most of the Twitterverse, the end of this episode had a “head exploding moment” with the reveal of Caroline’s “Daddy”.

I am feeling my age.  There had been chatter on the web that Jack Coleman would make an appearance as Caroline’s father.  I am feeling as if I am the only one who recognized him when he stepped across Carol Lockwood’s threshold.   Is that because I am old enough to have watched him as Steven Carrington on “Dynasty”?  He was, of course, younger then – and blonder, but he doesn’t look all that different.  At least, not to me.

As soon as he entered the Lockwood Mansion, I immediately Tweeted “Daddy’s Home”.  No one responded.  I didn’t even feel guilty that perhaps I’d Tweeted a “spoiler” – although perhaps I should have….

In any case, Bill Forbes is a direct descendant of the original Sheriff Williams Forbes, one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls (and yes, I will be updating the TVD Family Tree to reflect that.)  This explains his extreme hatred of vampires – which apparently extends to his own daughter, our Sweet Caroline.

Although Carol Lockwood tries to call him off, he’s determined.  “My family has been committed to this fight for years.  I know what my obligations are.”

Hatred this ingrained over so many years is going to be hard to overcome.

Speculation generally doesn’t work out for me, but in this case, I’m taking a shot, pun definitively intended.   I am betting that the present day Sheriff Forbes shoots her ex to protect their daughter.  We shall see.

But I Did Everything I Was Told!

In the scene where it is clear that Klaus’s dreams of his hybrid army are going awry, my first thought when he uttered this line was “Told by whom?”  Interesting plotline there and I am anxious to see where it leads.  My suspicion is that witches are involved.

But I also had a major flashback because of the way Joseph Morgan delivered the line.  Generally, he’s great at being sinister with an impish twist.  But in this moment, he was as petulant as a small child who’s just been told he won’t be getting any dessert after all.

The flashback took me to all the way back to 1967 – and an episode of Star Trek entitled “The Squire of Gothos”.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It is one of the all-time best episodes of that series.  A fabulous actor – William Campbell – played a character named “Trelane”.  He caused Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise all kinds of trouble for the entire episode.

And at the end, when Capt. Kirk is about to be hanged by Trelane, it is revealed that Trelane is a child of an alien race who has been given his own planet and told he can play with other creatures as long as he behaves – which he has not.  His “parents” (floating clouds with voices) apologize to Capt. Kirk and tell him their son will be punished, as Trelane whines.

And it is that scene which sprang to mind.  When Klaus said “But I did everything I was told” I saw the whining Trelane, stamping his foot and repeating “But you said I could, you said I could…”

So what I imagine was supposed to be a very serious moment was, for me, hilarious.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t catch on to the part where Klaus kicks back into gear when he sees something in Stefan’s face in reaction to the “killed the doppelganger” part of the recipe.  It just didn’t have the impact it should have.

Lost in Translation

In an episode that moved so many plot threads forward – Jeremy and the ghosts of Vicki and Anna, Tyler’s werewolf reveal to his Mom, the introduction of Bill Forbes, and Klaus’s plans not working out that well – the moments that stand out for me are always the ones with the strongest emotions, and they often involve Damon.

Blood is thicker than water and we can always counts on the Salvatore Brothers to be there for each other, regardless of what they may say.   So although Stefan is not happy about being tracked (“What part of ‘Don’t follow me anymore,’ got lost in the translation?”) he is not about to let his brother get eaten by a rabid hybrid – especially when he’s got a rabid hybrid bite of his own to worry about.

As a result, Damon later admits to Elena “I changed my mind because even in his darkest place my brother still can’t let me die. So I figure I owe him the same in return. I’ll help you bring him back.”

Damon loves his brother, but he also – still – loves his brother’s girl.  He’s going to take care of her because that is what he promised to do – and I’ve always maintained that Damon is a man of honor.

However, doing the honorable thing often hurts.  For Damon, it hurts badly and often.  So Damon interrogates Elena about why she abandoned her search for Stefan when she was so close.  And he won’t let her off easy.  She cares about him, and he knows it, but he needs to hear her say it.  When Elena asks why knowing it isn’t enough, Damon let’s her have it.

He’ll help her bring Stefan back but “I want you to remember the things you felt while he was gone.”

A hundred years cannot repair a moment’s loss of honor.

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