Episode 2.15 TVD – “The Dinner Party” or “History Lessons!” (02/21/2011)

Does your brain hurt when you watch “The Vampire Diaries”?  This show is so rich and complex, I’ve actually had to draw a diagram with a timeline in order to keep track of what the heck is going on!

But I LOVE IT!!!  Rarely have story and character gripped me as tightly as it has on this show.

This past week’s episode was another history lesson. Or two, or three.  But first, a few observations.

As much as I missed the presence of Tyler and Caroline from “The Dinner Party”, I understand that it was necessary to focus on certain other aspects of what goes on in Mystic Falls.

Bonnie losing her powers at the hands of Jonas?  This is radical, but I also feel that it is temporary.  It was a Father’s emotional reaction to an act that may have jeopardized his daughter’s safety – perfectly understandable, and I suspect easily undone.

Witches, after all, stick together like no other supernaturals.  And Jonas has the largest collection of grimoires in the world.  I doubt there are many spells he doesn’t know.

Bonnie will be fine.

Alaric – finally a hero in this episode – albeit only temporarily!  But how appropriate.   He is, after all, the town’s history teacher, and history is central to the town of Mystic Falls.

Did everyone notice that there were actually two dinner parties in the episode?”  One took place in the 1860’s and the other occurred in present time at the Salvatore home.  Brilliant!!!

And that brings me to the “history lessons” of this episode.  I love that some of what we learned came from “The Vampire Diaries” – literally.  Most of the information came from Elena reading the journals of her ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert.

What did we learn from the flashbacks?

Well, we see that back in the day, Damon and Stefan’s current day roles were reversed – Damon was the good guy.   I always suspected this, but my fondness for Damon is no secret to anyone who frequents “Bite On This” and has read my other posts.

Elena learned that Stefan nearly killed her Gilbert ancestor, Jonathan and did kill Honoria and Thomas Fell, and a host of luscious young ladies.  With relish.  Stefan was a monster.

Until he met Lexi, Stefan’s oldest vampire friend.   She was instrumental in helping Stefan stay in touch with his human side.  Lexi provided one of the best lines in the episode, “Once you can hurt, you can love.”

Lexi also wisely predicted Damon’s fate – that his anger would eventually consume him.  I really enjoyed seeing her again.

The journal also revealed the vital information about the dagger that caused Elijah to finally be killed (third times’ the charm?)  But I have a feeling we will see him again.  They need that dagger in order to kill Klaus – so somewhere down the road there will have to be a choice between Originals – Elijah or Klaus!

We also learn the most interesting fact in the history of the founding of Mystic Falls, from none other than Elijah, our favorite BAMF!

The town was not, in fact, founded by the founding families at all.

Two full centuries earlier, a group of witches left Salem, Massachusetts to escape the witch trials (circa 1692), founded Mystic Falls and created a community where they felt safe.  Ultimately, they were all rounded up, tied to stakes, and burned alive in a field, and their remains are buried there.  So much for safety.

Elijah wants to know where this field is.  And Damon seems to know. Recall that Damon has a special relationship to the Bennett witches.

In the 1860’s, when Katherine showed up in Mystic Falls, she arrived with Emily, her “maid” from…Salem, MA!  Emily is a Bennett witch and Bonnie is her direct descendant.   When Damon fell in love with Katherine, and her life was threatened, he entered into a bargain with Emily, to protect her descendents if she protected Katherine.  As Katherine is still alive in 2011, Damon is still obligated to protect Bonnie as a descendant of Emily.

Remember, Damon and Stefan both wear rings that were spelled by Emily – these rings have provided them with the ability to walk in the sun.

I have a feeling Damon knows a lot more about the history of the Bennetts and Mystic Falls than has been divulged so far.  I am sure the importance of the “witch burial ground” will be explained in an upcoming episode.  I’m guessing it may be the place where the curse of the sun and the moon can or must be broken.

The witches truly are a powerful element in this interesting mix of supernaturals.  They are the ones who forged the dagger and spelled it to bond it with the ash of the oak to kill an Original.   But when did Jonathan Gilbert write this entry in his journal, and why was he concerned about killing the Originals?

My guess is that is has something to do with Katherine!

In this town, we have arrived at a place where supernatural creatures in the forms of vampire, werewolf, witch and warlock come together and form an unusual alliance.  And I believe that the reason they are able to do this is bound up in the town of Mystic Falls itself.

There is something about the town and its history that is binding on all its inhabitants, especially anyone who is a member of one of the Founding Families – and that would be virtually ALL the main characters.  The Salvatore brothers – Damon and Stefan; the Gilberts – Elena, Jeremy and even Uncle John (but not Jenna); the Forbes (Caroline); the Lockwoods (Tyler – yes, Tyler will definitely be back!).

But it also includes Bonnie, through her grandmother’s connection to the original founders, the witches from Salem.

In some powerful way, Katherine has a connection to the town as well.  And as we already know, her knowledge of the history of Mystic Falls is going to be critical to keeping Damon, Stefan and Elena alive as the story moves along.

History – it’s always been my favorite subject!

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