Episode 2.13 TVD – “Daddy Issues” or “Who’s Your Daddy?” (01/13/2011)

I must confess that when I saw the name of this episode, I jumped all over it.  I mean, is there anyone in Mystic Falls who doesn’t have Daddy issues?  With apologies to Caroline (who may not actually have Daddy issues – but she sure has Mommy issues!), the most interesting father-child lineups are:

  1. Elena and her real father, John Gilbert
  2. Tyler and his father, Mayor Lockwood
  3. Damon and Stefan Salvatore,  and their father,      Giuseppe Salvatore
  4. Katherine Pierce – her anger with her father at taking      away her child OR and her possible Gilbert father issues (based on my      previous speculation)
  5. Katerina Petrova’s baby – who is her father?

Spoiler sources tell us that John Gilbert may make a return to Mystic Falls, so it’s possible that this episode concerns his return and his relationship to Elena.  The man she thought was her father isn’t, and she hates the man who is!  We may see paternal concern from John Gilbert – concern about her safety – concern about the danger from “the Originals”.

John Gilbert comes from a long line of vampire hunters and his hatred towards them is as intense as that of Giuseppe Salvatore.  This may now be a form of self-hatred.  He is the one who sent Isobel to Damon for research (he must have known, therefore, that Damon was a vampire) and we know what happened from that meeting.  He may also know a lot more about the town history and the history of the Founding Families than has been revealed so far.  Could his return shed new light on all this history?

Or, the issues could concern Tyler and his father, Mayor Lockwood.

Tyler has now been through his first, painful transformation.  Mason told Tyler that his brother the Mayor didn’t know about the curse.  But is that true?  Mayor Lockwood’s temper can now be explained away, but none of the physical hurt that Tyler ever suffered at his father’s hands is as painful as keeping a secret this important.  If he knew, one can’t even rationalize that Mayor Lockwood was trying to protect his son – he also knew there isn’t much control over triggering the curse.  If he knew, and he said nothing, that might just be worse than any beating he ever gave Tyler.

Another possibility?    More revelations about the relationship between the Salvatore Brothers and their father, Giuseppe Salvatore.

Lord knows, there were major issues between Damon and his father.   They are evident in “Children of the Damned”.  Giuseppe disapproved of Damon.   In the same episode, we see cracks in the relationship between Stefan and his father.  Stefan wants his father to consider fairer treatment for the vampires – Giuseppe won’t hear it.  And during Stefan’s final time with him, his father’s disgust at what he has become is apparent.

Giuseppe Salvatore was an intolerant man – how far did this intolerance go?  In “Blood Brothers”, we see how far – all the way to killing his own children.

Are we going to learn more about the Daddy issues between Giuseppe Salvatore and his sons?

We have seen that when Katerina Petrova’s baby was born, it was her father who insisted that the child be taken from her immediately.  After all, she had shamed the family with her behavior.  Katerina may well have hated her father for this action.  She did not lovingly touch his face in the drawing she was looking at during the closing scenes of “Katerina”.  Will this episode reveal anything about their relationship?

Or does Katerina have other Daddy issues?

I previously speculated that perhaps Elena is a doppelganger because she is the result of a mating between someone descended from the line of Petrova (Isobel – descended through Katerina’s baby daughter) and the line of Gilbert (John).  This means Katerina Petrova may also have been the result of such a match – Petrova on her mother’s side and Gilbert on her father’s.  Perhaps something like this will be revealed in this episode.

I said that when Katerina fled to England, it was to her Gilbert father’s home, so she may have known at the time that he was her father.

But suppose she didn’t know.  Suppose that when she was kicked out of Bulgaria because she shamed her family by having a child out of wedlock, that she did not know she was going to her father’s house – she was simply sent there.  And now here it is nearly 500 years later, and the truth is revealed.

Imagine what it is like to grow up with a set of perceptions about your family and suddenly find out they are not true at all.  Talk about rocking your world – a paradigm shift of those proportions is intense, and unsettling.  I’m guessing that something like this may be about to happen to Katherine.

Finally, Daddy issues could also be about “the Big Reveal” – who is the father of Katerina Petrova’s baby daughter?

I’m betting there are more than a few fans who are wondering if there is any possibility that the father of this little girl, the survivor who made Elena possible, is none other than Elijah.  I think that’s an interesting angle, but since we know (don’t we?) that Elijah is one of the originals, he was probably already a vampire when this child was conceived so it’s not likely Elijah is the baby daddy.

But it is a delicious thought, isn’t it?

We don’t know who is going to have the Daddy Issues among the residents of Mystic Falls.   All we do know is that it could be virtually anyone!

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