Episode 2.12 TVD – “The Descent” Speculation (posted 12/29/2010: scheduled to air 1/27/2011)

The legend says that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire.  The details of how the death occurs were not specified, so the presumption has apparently always been that the bite is immediately fatal.

Death by bite – the end.  Sort of like the stake to the heart (unless you are Elijah!).

But now we know that once bitten by a werewolf, a vampire does not die immediately.  It’s pure speculation, but I am guessing this episode will be about Rose’s descent into a state of madness due to the werewolf bite she received from Jules.

It will also be about the reaction to this situation by witnesses to the event – specifically the vampire witnesses.

When Jules broke into the Salvatore Boarding House and bit Rose, it first appeared that the bite was not fatal, and she healed immediately.  Shortly thereafter, however, Rose’s flesh appeared to be infected.

From previews of this episode (scheduled to air at the end of January) Rose’s flesh appears to be erupting and falling away, she is in excruciating pain, and she is overcome with a lust for blood.  Jules also asks Damon if she is having chills or showing signs of dementia.

Actually, she is not asking Damon- she is taunting him.

All the other vampires in Mystic Falls – Katherine, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline – may get to see exactly what happens when a vampire is bitten by a werewolf.  And they will all respond in their own way.

Caroline is a young vampire.  She hasn’t even been “undead” for a year.  For her, Rose’s madness may seem very similar to her experience with Tyler – more specifically, the experience  of first watching Mason’s werewolf transformation experience on video, and then Tyler going through this very same experience himself while she stood near, unable to help him.

For Stefan, who has been “undead” for over 150 years, and has had a long time to get used to living eternally, observing Rose’s slow demise and fall into madness may be painful in a different way.  He may be imaging what Rose has become attached to in her time, and how the loss of those attachments might feel.

Stefan may also be feeling guilty – suppose Jules had hit her intended target, his brother Damon?  Stefan was the one responsible for turning Damon, and now he must witness what it may be like if his brother, who has been marked by Jules, is ultimately bitten.  Perhaps he is imagining his brother’s own descent into madness.

For all we know, Katherine, who has been around nearly as long as Rose herself, may have witnessed the death of a vampire by a werewolf somewhere in her distant past.  Surely she has been around werewolves at some time in the past 500 years.  And we have seen that Katherine doesn’t seem to mind when anyone dies, as long as it isn’t her.  In fact, the only thing she’s seen that upset her in any way was Elijah!  And Katherine doesn’t reveal any information that doesn’t benefit her in some way.  So I am betting that for Katherine, Rose’s predicament is not a big deal.

And for the lady herself – Rose?  When she was bitten, we heard her say she didn’t want to die.  She has been “alive” for over 500 years.  And for most of that time, she’s been on the run.  She has just begun to enjoy her new freedom – and now this!  To be stuck in a slow, agonizingly painful death – most of us would not wish that on our worst enemy.  Rose did nothing to deserve this fate – presumably it was Damon that Jules had come after.  Rose simply got in the way.

Ah, Damon.  Although we know he is in love with Elena, we also know he is “in like” with Rose.  They were enjoying each other intimately and there was no reason to believe their relationship would not have continued – until Jules broke in between them.  And now Damon has to watch Rose suffer in his place because he knows that bite was meant for him.

And he has to watch the descent into madness Rose is suffering – and which he, or his brother, or Caroline – may yet suffer if they can’t do something about their werewolf problem.

What effect will this knowledge have on the relationship between any of these individuals and Tyler?  After watching Rose suffer and fall, how will they ever be able to trust Tyler during a full moon?

So the legend is true – the bite of a werewolf is fatal to a vampire – but not in the way anyone expected.

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