Episode 2.11 TVD – “By the Light of the Moon” or “Can Elena Trust Elijah?” (12/15/2010)

Recently on the Vampire Diaries, Elena made a deal with Elijah. I’m thinking this is more like a deal with the devil. In any case, it’s a deal with one of the “Originals”.

Elijah tricked Jenna into inviting him into the Gilbert family home, although I suspect that for an Original, getting into a house is not big deal. Once in, it was easy for him to get Elena alone for a private little chat.

Elijah says he doesn’t want to hurt Elena. He wants to make a deal with her. Turns out he doesn’t want to break the curse of the sun and the moon – or so he says.

His story is that he is not in Klaus’s inner circle. I’d love to know what he did to get kicked out of the inner circle, because I can’t imagine that he just left! Elijah says that Klaus is a paranoid recluse. When Klaus shows up, Elijah wants to kill him. He wants Elena to help draw him out, and in return, he will protect her and everyone she cares about.

This explains why Elijah hasn’t killed Elena yet, because he’s certainly had his opportunities. But he says that if other vampires – who are as scared of Klaus as Rose is – find out about her doppelganger self, they will attempt to take her to Klaus in exchange for favors. Elijah wants to control the timing of this event so he has the advantage over Klaus, and can kill him.

Elijah assures Elena that he can protect her and everyone she cares about because of Bonnie, and his own witch friends, Jonas and Luka. Elijah tells Elena that he is a man of his word (although I’d argue that he’s not a “man” at all – certainly not in the truest sense). He insists that when he makes a deal, he keeps his end of the bargain.

To her credit, before she agrees his terms, Elena makes a bargain of her own. She will agree to go along with Elijah only if he gets Stefan out of the tomb.

Elijah complies.

This is not the first time Elena has tried negotiating with Elijah – remember back in “Rose” when she didn’t want to go with Elijah and told him she knew about the moonstone? And Elijah compelled her?

Then the discussion was interrupted by the Brothers Salvatore – and Elijah wound up dead – or so we all thought.

But this time, Elena is free to deal, and so she does. Now she is obligated.

And Elijah is not someone that I’d want to be obligated to in any way. So many things just don’t add up.

When we first met Rose and Trevor, it was because they’d kidnapped Elena for Elijah, – who showed up and knocked Trevor’s head off, but who also told Rose he had complete authority to grant her request for freedom in return for the Petrova doppelganger.

Now where does he get off making an offer like that if he is not in Klaus’s inner circle? Sounds like a liar to me – and a liar can’t be trusted.

Remember that Elijah – an original – was surprised by the news of Elena. He knew “for a fact” that Katerina Petrova was the last Petrova doppelganger.

So if that’s true – if he was “fooled” – he’s not as powerful as he’s pretending – and again, if he’s pretending, he is not to be trusted!

There are two other elements in particular that have me doubting Elijah’s story. One of them is his friend Jonas, the warlock, who is now in possession of the moonstone, since his son Luka tricked Bonnie into giving it up. So Elijah has one of the required elements for breaking the curse. If he doesn’t want to break the curse, why go to all that trouble to get the moonstone?

Of course, Jonas could be working for Klaus behind Elijah’s back!

And what about Jules? She has said herself she’s been around a long time. How long? Perhaps 500 years. Maybe more. And exactly who was she talking to on the phone when she said “Mason lied to us”? Could it possibly have been Elijah – or Elijah’s buddy the warlock, Jonas? If Jules is involved with Elijah, he has another element for breaking the curse – a werewolf.

But Klaus could have Jules on his side already – perhaps it was Klaus who Jules was talking to on the phone.

Elijah has a witch/warlock, a werewolf, the moonstone, and presumably his pick of vampires.

Or Klaus does.

We just don’t know, do we?

Trust Elijah? No way.

Katherine is clearly scared to death of Elijah. Why? It can’t be good!

But now that Elijah has kept his part of the bargain with Elena – to get Stefan out of the tomb – what other choice does Elena have?

Trust Elijah? In the words of Katherine “That right there was the biggest mistake you ever made.”

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