Episode 2.09 TVD – “Rose”

(Originally published as a speculative piece in advance of this episode, titled “Whither Rose?” on 10/23/2010)

We’ve been told that there will soon be a new character showing up in Mystic Falls. Her name is Rose, and she’s a 500+ year old Vampire. We’ve also been told she may catch Damon’s eye.

The fact that she may catch Damon’s eye (who doesn’t catch Damon’s eye?) is far less interesting than speculating about why she’s showing up at all.

Rose is making an appearance to shed light on Katherine’s past. Rose is also after the moonstone because it originally belonged to her. It was a gift from her lover – the one she had before she was “turned”. Legend has it that if you give a moonstone to your lover on the full moon, you will have eternal passion for each other.

Rose has never forgotten her first love – her only love. The moonstone legend also says that the stone has the power to reunite lovers who have quarreled. Rose and her lover quarreled on the night she was “turned” and she has not seen him since. 500 years is a long time to pine for a lost love, but this is what Rose has done.

Rose and Katherine’s paths crossed in the past, and Katherine took Rose’s moonstone. Rose wants it back – badly.

When Rose shows up in Mystic Falls, she catches Damon’s eye – and not just because she’s an attractive woman. Damon recognizes Rose as someone who is just as jaded as he is – perhaps even more jaded, because Rose has been around 500+ years and Damon hasn’t even reached 200 years yet.

Like Rose herself, Damon has spent years pining for his lost love. Also like Rose, he is very angry with Katherine. Rose recognizes a kindred spirit (can’t say soul about a vampire, can we?) in Damon, and she is going to charm him into helping her. It won’t be that difficult because Damon is as emotionally vulnerable as we’ve seen him so far. He’s been rejected by both Katherine and Elena. Rose makes her entrance with perfect timing.

Rose knows that Katherine has perverted the power of the moonstone to achieve her own goals. Katherine uses the moonstone to manipulate and control people for her own purposes. Rose is concerned that in doing so, Katherine is draining the stone of its true purpose – to reunite her with her long lost lover.

Rose needs help to exact revenge on Katherine and to get her moonstone back. Damon will be her perfect partner. Damon believes Katherine may have used the stone on both Stefan and himself, before losing it to the Lockwoods. He is more than willing to help Rose get her revenge, and get a little of his own in the process.

Roses are beautiful, but they have thorns. Rose is going to be one prickly bitch and mayhem will ensue when she shows up in Mystic Falls.

One more thing. Rose’s lover all those years ago – the one who gave her the moonstone – was Klaus. Rose, Klaus and Katherine briefly formed a triangle – a triangle similar to the one Katherine recreated with Stefan and Damon, and which we now see with Elena, Damon and Stefan.

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