Episode 2.09 “Katerina” Speculation – “The Petrova Doppelganger” (12/02/2010)

Episode 2.09, “Katerina”, was chock full of information about Katherine’s past.  And it provided many more details on the “Curse of the Sun and the Moon” too.

But for me, it also raised a lot of new questions.  Things have gotten very complex, so I decided to diagram the current situation and then go back in time to see if I could make sense of it, and have some of my questions answered.

And my biggest questions involve the origins and significance of the Petrova Doppelganger.

Based on what has been revealed about “The Curse of the Sun and the Moon”, we know that the curse was bound by a moonstone and Petrova blood.  We also know that the doppelganger was created as a way to break the curse.  So the blood of a Petrova doppelganger is they key to breaking the curse – along with a witch, a werewolf, a vampire and the moonstone.

We also know that if the werewolves break the curse first, the vampires will still be cursed by the sun – and vice versa.  If the vampires break the curse first, the werewolves will still be cursed by the moon.

We have seen Katherine bring together the ingredients necessary to break the spell.  She turned Caroline, she orchestrated Tyler’s transformation, she kept tabs on the Bennett witches (possibly since 1490, but definitely since at least 1692, when Emily Bennett left Salem, MA and showed up in Mystic Falls, VA with Katherine at the Salvatore Boarding House.)  And we know that she stole the moonstone from Klaus in 1492, carried it with her to America, and gave it to George Lockwood in 1864, before using Mason Lockwood to regain its possession.

But how did she track down the Petrova doppelganger, Elena?

I don’t think Katherine tracked Elena down at all.  I think she actually helped to create Elena.

Katherine did not just show up in Mystic Falls, VA.  I believe she has been tracking her ancestors ever since her daughter was born in 1490.

Katherine is a very smart woman.  When she found out what Klaus wanted with her, she made her escape with the moonstone.  She also made sure that she would be of no use to Klaus as a human Petrova doppelganger by turning herself into a vampire.  She knows that the Petrova doppelganger is an integral component of breaking the curse, and she has the moonstone.  If she can find – or make – another Petrova doppelganger, she can bargain with Klaus.

So she goes in search of her daughter.  She returns from England to Bulgaria, presumably to speak to her father.  He is the one who took her baby from her when she was born.  Unfortunately, Klaus beats her to Bulgaria and kills her entire family – everyone except her daughter.  Klaus doesn’t know Katerina has a daughter.  He continues to pursue her.

Somewhere between 1492 and 1692, Katherine leaves Europe and comes to America.  This may be because the family who took her baby girl went there.  We know she lived in Massachusetts because that is where she saved Emily’s life – presumably keeping Emily from suffering the fate of the Salem witches in 1692.  Katherine and Emily leave Massachusetts – we do not know when they leave or where they go, but we can assume they did not stay in a place hostile to witches.

Around 1864, Katherine and Emily arrive in Mystic Falls, VA.  There they encounter the Founding Families, who hate vampires and want to wipe them out.

Nothing Katherine does is an accident.  She is very deliberately tracking her daughter and her daughter’s ancestors.  This takes her from Europe, to Massachusetts, to Virginia.

Before the families round up all the vampires, Katherine gives the moonstone to George Lockwood and tells him “Don’t disappoint me”.  The fact that she gives the moonstone to a Lockwood means that Katherine knows that the Lockwoods carry the werewolf curse.  She may have learned this while she was still in Europe, since werewolves are very much a part of European folklore.  The Lockwoods become the guardians of the moonstone until Katherine tricks Mason into retrieving it for her in 2010.

It also means that Katherine was aware of what the Founding Families were up to and intended to make it look as if she was going into the church to be entombed and burned with the other captured vampires.  But Katherine is always a step ahead of everyone, and she always has a Plan B.   She is able to plan her escape.

Between 1864 and 2010, Katherine probably never ventured too far from Mystic Falls, at least not for very long.   We know she has been successful tracking her daughter’s ancestors because eventually, she meets Isobel.

Isobel was born and raised in Virginia, but Katherine does not actually meet her until she is a student at Duke University in North Carolina.  Isobel was there studying the supernatural.  We don’t know whether this interest, or her meeting with Katherine, gives her the desire to be turned into a vampire.  We do know that she succeeds in convincing Damon to turn her.

But Katherine did not arrive in Mystic Falls, and she did not stay near Mystic Falls, simply to track the distaff side of the Petrova doppelganger heritage.  In order to create a doppelganger, you also need someone from the father’s line.  Katherine deliberately came to Mystic Falls because that is where the family of the Petrova doppelganger’s father has settled.  He is a member of one of the Founding Families.

He is Jonathan Gilbert.  And in about 100 years, Katherine will be involved in the relationship between Isobel Fleming and John Gilbert – a relationship that produced a Petrova doppelganger – Elena Gilbert.

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