Episode 1.21 TSC – “Prom”

The Circle is at the abandoned house – Nick, Faye, Cassie and Diana are explaining to Melissa and Adam that the witch working with the witch hunters is Nick.  Blackwell speculates that when Nick drowned, perhaps the demon didn’t – and it kept his body alive.  (Doesn’t go very far in explaining how the buried – presumably in a coffin in the ground – Nick got out of his grave.  But who am I to argue?  This is much weirder than the world I inhabit.

Melissa wants to help Nick, but everyone else – including his own brothers – insists the Nick they knew is long gone.  Melissa leaves, with Adam close behind.  The rest of the Circle disperses, but Blackwell wants to talk to Diana.  She tells him she doesn’t trust him, and leaves.  Blackwell tells Cassie they need everyone in the circle to assemble the crystal skull to keep the witch hunters from killing them.  Adam and Melissa uncloaked the missing crystal – it is somewhere in the high school.

The Balcoin blood has a special connection to the crystals – it will help Cassie locate it.  He can’t be caught at the high school.  Why not?  He instructs Cassie to use her blood and a symbol – like a compass – to locate the crystal. Blackwell reassures her he wants only the best for her and the circle.  A trusting Cassie goes off to find the final crystal.

At the high school, Cassie draws blood from her finger to trace the symbol on the floor.  Suddenly, her mother appears, holding the crystal and calling after Diana’s mother, Elizabeth. But when Cassie follows her, she disappears around a corner.

At Diana’s house, Cassie explains what happened, and asks for Diana to help her see more, by combining their powers – and their Balcoin blood.  She baits Diana by holding out the promise that Diana may be able to see her Mom.  Diana wants nothing to do with dark magic.

Meanwhile, Jake is arming himself with a knife – he doesn’t want to end of like the guys are the carnival.

Diana assures her Dad that she is staying away from Blackwell – and yes, she’s going to the prom but he won’t be there.  Charles gives her a gift – a piece of jewelry that belonged to her mother, Elizabeth.   A necklace with a rosebud pendant.  It’s a sweet moment between father and daughter.

The four other members of the circle are making travel arrangements to prom.  Faye is going with Jake – which was the plan 4 years ago – but it didn’t work out.  The group puts the kibosh on Faye’s idea of a limo, but she insists they will all dance!

As Diana leaves Charles’ car to enter school, Dawn approaches.  They cannot give the most evil man they know the world’s most powerful weapon.  Dawn says she will talk to Blackwell but Charles warns her that they have no crystals and no power – but Dawn has power!  Maybe not the witchy kind…

At the old house, Melissa encounters “Nick” who says he needs her help.  Melissa is still in love with “Nick” so she’s vulnerable.  Nick says he needs the crystal – he’s dying.  (Isn’t he already dead?  This is so confusing…)

Adam shows up, and Nick, feeling threatened (demons feel threatened?) pushed Melissa and takes off.  They are all dressed up for prom.  (Which begs the question – what are they doing at the old house?)

Blackwell shows up at the Chamberlain house, where he asks Dawn what she said to Charles to make him stay in Chance Harbor.  Dawn explains she simply said that the circle was the best protection for Diana.  Blackwell tells her that Diana is hostile – but Dawn says she just needs time to get used to the idea. She also reminds him that 16 years ago he made a mistake taking loyalty for granted.  Diana is loyal to Charles.

Blackwell says Charles is the problem – but Dawn reminds him that the town saw the fight between them at the Brew – so if harm comes to Charles, Blackwell will be the first – and probably only – suspect.  And Diana will hate him.  Blackwell has a way to break the bond of loyalty between Charles and Diana – by exposing him.

Back at the old house, Faye, Melissa and Adam are drinking bubbly, waiting for Jake, who’s out looking for Nick.  When Jake shows up without having seen him, he tells Melissa that Adam may have saved her life.  Faye says “let’s go to prom” and off they go.

Cassie and Diana are at the Brew picking up coffee.  Diana sees Grant.  Cassie encourages her to talk to him.  As they talk and make arrangements to meet up later, Cassie gets a text – Nick attacked Melissa, meet us at school.

Meanwhile, Blackwell is giving Charles a unique experience – he’s reliving what he did to Amelia – in his own kitchen!

At the prom, Faye really wants to party, but the Circle is intent on hunting down the crystal.  And Dawn is frantically trying to get Charles on the phone.  But each time he picks up the calls from Dawn, he hears Amelia and Cassie.  Suddenly, everything he did to Amelia is happening to him – and Blackwell is standing right outside the window, clearly in control.

While Adam and Melissa stand guard, Cassie and Diana draw symbols on the floor with their blood.  At first, nothing happens, but Diana gets the idea that they should be connected, and grabs Cassie’s arm.  Suddenly they are transported back in time 16 years ago.  Amelia walks past them and up to Elizabeth – and Diana sees her mother for the first time.

Amelia and Elizabeth are arguing.  Elizabeth says she’s on her way to meet the others.  Amelia is trying to tell her that something bad is going to happen at the ferry.  She’s warning Elizabeth to take Diana and leave town.  Amelia knew something bad was going to happen.

Outside, Nick shows up, breaks a back window – and the guard’s neck – and enters the school, hot on the trail of the crystal.

Meanwhile, Amelia continues to try to get Elizabeth to listen to her.  Don’t go to the boat.  They never should have trusted John – he’s not who he said he is.  Elizabeth has never trusted John – and she told Amelia that when she brought him in to their Circle.  Amelia says, yes, she was wrong.  John’s been using them – and she only discovered it a few days ago.

So, Elizabeth asks, if she knew a few days ago, why did it take so long to getting around to telling her?  Amelia loves to be in control – and she expects the rest of the Circle to just fall in line behind her.  But Amelia tells her she knows that John is Diana’s father.  John won all the Circle members over – but they were the two idiots who slept with him.

Elizabeth says it was a mistake, but she’s not sorry.  As she grabs her necklace – the same one that Diana is now wearing – she says John gave her the most amazing gift – Diana.  But if Diana gets any of John’s darkness, it will be Amelia’s fault because she convinced the rest of the Circle to trust him.

As Cassie and Diana  (in another time) follow Amelia to see where she hides the crystal;  Adam and Melissa – still outside the classroom door guarding Cassie and Diana inside (weird, isn’t it?) have a heart-to-heart.  They’ve been paired up in the last few episodes, and I like them together – a lot.

This time, Melissa is feeling like an outsider. Interestingly, she sounds very much like a normal teenager – lamenting how different she feels, and wondering if she, or any of the circles, will have a normal life.  And don’t all teens worry about being outsiders – about not belonging?  And worry about what the future holds for them – and if they are up to handling it.  Melissa thought having magic would be magical – but it’s not turning out that way.

Adam sweetly reminds her that it can. He magically creates a speaker so that the prom music is piped into the hallway, then dims the lights and dances with her.  It’s a lovely scene.

Inside on the dance floor, Faye and Jake are having a heart to heart of their own – she reminding him how he stood her up 2 years ago.  And as they dance, Jake confesses he’s feeling guilty about not being there for Nick.  Faye talks him down from the emotional ledge.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Diana follow Amelia to Mr. Conant’s classroom.  Apparently Adam’s grandfather was a teacher at the high school.  He gave her the Conant crystal to protect herself from Blackwell, but she’s returning it because she’s leaving Chance Harbor.

When Mr. Conant won’t let her leave, Amelia confesses that Ethan is turning Blackwell over to the witch hunters as they speak.  Ethan apparently believes that if the witch hunters can get rid of Blackwell, it’s worth the risk.  The 6 girls in the Circle who got pregnant – Blackwell made it happen.  Blackwell used magic on the 4 girls he couldn’t get pregnant so they would conceive with their boyfriends.

So back in the day, all these kids were out having sex when they weren’t in school?  Yikes!

Mr. Conant says Blackwell is building a Circle for himself, centered on Balcoin blood.  The realization hits Cassie hard – she speaks it aloud to Diana as her mother tells Mr. Conant she is living so the Circle can never be bound.

Mr. Conant tells Amelia he will hide the crystal in the trophy case outside the gym – cloaked – in case she changes her mind – she will know where it is.  She tells Mr. Conant to tell Ethan that she doesn’t love him – but he will know that’s a lie, so she says he must make him believe it.  For his safety and Cassie’s.  Cassie can never know who she is.

Cassie and Diana now know that Blackwell used all their parents, and now he is using their Circle!  He never cared about their mothers or them at all.  But what is he using them for?

The spell is broken – Cassie and Diana are on the floor in the classroom. Cassie is overwhelmed and apologizes to Diana, who was right all along.  Diana tells her she should apologize to the Circle.  The only reason Blackwell is in their lives is because Cassie let him in.  Just like Amelia did with her Circle.  Diana’s mother is dead; half the Circle’s parents are dead, because Amelia couldn’t see him for what he is.

Maybe it’s not too late to save this Circle – even if it’s too late for Nick.

Diana rushes out of the room as Adam and Melissa rush in – Cassie brings them up to speed and tells them she knows where the crystal is, and because they have no idea what Blackwell is up to – they have to get it before he does.

Outside, Nick rushes past, and Cassie, Adam and Melissa dash off in the other direction on the way to the trophy case.  They join up with Jake and Faye.  Nick rushes past Dawn in the hall, knocking her out of the way as she stares in shock.

Adam reaches the case first and has the crystal in his hand – but Nick comes up behind him, shattering the glass, grabbing the crystal and running off – with Jake in hot pursuit right behind him.

Diana, meanwhile, has run home, only to find her father cowering on the kitchen floor. He’s mumbling that everything he’s ever done – good or bad – he did to protect her.  Diana is scared.  She picks up his phone – Charles takes it from her.  He says “She’s haunting me – she burned down the kitchen – Amelia.”  Diana figures it out – Charles killed Amelia.  Her world is thrown off its axis.  She rushes out the front door.

Outside, it’s cold, and misting.  Blackwell is walking along on the sidewalk in front of her house.  Grant pulls up behind her.  She breaks down in his arms.   Blackwell watches and leaves.

Meanwhile, the Scooby Crew is after Nick – who is once again in a creepy place, to Faye’s chagrin.  It’s a very big junk yard.  Off they go looking for him.  And they find him – and Eben!   Cassie charges out with her dark magic.  She gets the crystal out of Nick’s hand – he flings it to the ground.  But when Cassie grabs it, Eben casts her up in the air, and down on the hood of car. Falling unconscious to the ground, the crystal falls from her hand.

Nick makes a grab for it, and Jake takes off after him, followed by Melissa.  Adam and Faye stand in front of him as he threatens to kill them all – a car behind them suddenly moves towards them – but another car crashes into it, preventing it from hitting them.  That other car is power by John Blackwell.

Blackwell tells them to go help Cassie, but Faye says she’s staying behind – Eben could kill Blackwell. Sure enough Eben throws a car at Blackwell.  Meanwhile, Nick is back to get the crystal which is lying next to Cassie’s unconscious body.  Jake intervenes – there is a fight with a knife. In a moment of weakness, Jake cannot stab his brother – but it’s not his brother, and Nick has no problem disarming Jake and then chocking him.  Fortunately, Melissa finds the knife and sticks it into Nick’s back.  Jake is saved.  And once again, Nick is dead.

Blackwell appears – and picks up the crystal.  But where’s Faye?  According to Blackwell, Eben took her.  But they can build the skull – they can save Faye.

Why don’t I believe him?

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