Episode 1.20 TSC – “Traitor”

In the previous episode, “Crystal”, we learned that – according to Blackwell – the bound Circle and the power of the rejoined crystals will be enough to stop Eben and the Witch Hunters.

This week’s episode opens with friends coming to Grandma Jane’s house to mourn her death – and I can’t help feeling so sorry for Cassie Blake.  First her mother, and now her grandmother – and both of them killed by Charles Meade.  And Charles is the only father that Cassie’s “sister” – Diana – has ever known.

When Cassie speaks to Diana (who is not completely convinced that she actually is a child of John Blackwell), she makes it clear that if it turns out Diana really is her sister, she would be very pleased.  It’s a sweet moment.

Enter Faye – as Jake bursts in looking as if he’s been crying.  He’s upset – apparently word is that Jane’s death was caused by the Witch Hunters.  Faye reminds Jake that most of the people in attendance are fragile old people who are already upset.  (Love it when the sweet side of Faye peaks out from behind the mean girl façade.)  She suggests another way for Jake to take the edge off.

Meanwhile Dawn continues with her attempts to have Blackwell help her get her power back – he rebuffs her completely.

Cassie sneaks off to her room for some alone time – but Adam joins her.  Cassie is feeling terrible about losing the only remaining connection to her mother.  Now there is no one left alive who knows “the real Cassie” – who she was before “everything changed”.

Adam tells her that although he may not have known her before, he knows her now.  (And he does – he mentions Cassie’s defining characteristic – her strength – in a previous scene.) Cassie kisses him, but they are interrupted by Blackwell.  Adam leaves, and Cassie tells Blackwell that she is not OK – and she is not happy about the fact that it appears her father has slept with half of Chance Harbor.  (And to think this guy was disapproving when Cassie slept with Adam!).

But Blackwell claims he only ever loved Amelia and Elizabeth was a rebound thing – finding out that it resulted in a child was a shock to him too.  (Why don’t I believe this?)

And he convinces Cassie that it’s more important than ever to find and destroy the Witch Hunters – and since Cassie believes they are responsible for Grandma Jane’s death, she’s totally on board with whatever Blackwell wants to do.

Diana returns home where she has a heart-to-heart talk with Charles.  When she asks him if there is any chance John Blackwell could be her father, the shock and disbelief from this curve-ball is written all over Charles’ face.  Diana presses, and when Charles’ hesitates further, she presses even more.  Charles admits he and her mother hit a rough patch and separated for a few weeks – just long enough for something to happen between Elizabeth and Blackwell.

Diana is trying to take it in, and Charles makes a compelling case that he is her father – the only one she’s ever known, and the only one she needs.  He entreats her not to speak to Blackwell, who (based on his own experience, will first earn her trust, then play on her fears, and finally make her do things she never thought she’d ever do.) Their hug is the second touching moment of the episode.

Back at the old house, Blackwell works with Cassie, Adam and Melissa, using the existing crystals to determine the location of the rest. And it points to Jake’s house.

Faye and Jake created a diversion so Jake can grab a bottle of suspicious pills from Dawn’s purse.  Jake and Faye are now “taking the edge off” in Jake’s room – but when Faye decides to use what she thought were some “happy pills” in Dawn’s purse, what she finds when she opens the bottle is the crystal! They rush to the old house with it – where Faye announces “5 down, 1 to go” while Jake shares the news that Faye’s crystal is dead.

And the only crystal missing is the Conant’s.  This did not appear on the map.  Blackwell suggests Adam’s grandfather cloaked it by spelling it and hiding it away before he died.  They wonder if it’s worth the effort to look if Faye’s crystal is dead – Blackwell convinces them there’s a way to recharge it. He tells the Circle to meet back at the house (with Diana) in the evening – and he tells Adam he needs to find his family crystal.

Cassie arrives at Diana’s home – and Diana tells her she has told her father about Blackwell.  She says he took it fairly well, considering she told him that the man he hates most in the world slept with his wife!

Cassie explains the plan about the crystal, but the ever-cautious Diana doesn’t think recharging the crystal is a good idea.  She questions the wisdom of doing whatever Blackwell says.  Cassie believes it’s the only way to stop the Witch Hunters – and based on her experience, it’s the only way to go.  But they need the complete Circle – including Diana – to perform the spell.

Adam and Melissa (paired up a lot lately – and I think it’s a great pairing) are searching the Boathouse (which was built by his grandfather – who was a history teacher).  Adam mentions the kiss he shared with Cassie – and Melissa suggests a plan of her own to “take the edge off” – mid-day drinking!

But back at the old house, the rest of the Circle is bickering.  Diana comes in to announce she is Blackwell’s child too – and Faye tells everyone that her Mom was part of his harem too!  They are not happy about Blackwell’s “sleeping around” and Diana voices her concern about listening to him.  Cassie continues to be a believer.

Suddenly the wind starts to blow through the house, the floor shakes, and the table in the center of the room spins.  The crystal that Faye set on the table moves to the center, and Jake makes a mad grab for it as it sinks through the table and disappears.  Jake determines that there is ash around the house – and the group considers that there is a traitor among the witches – someone who wants to stop the Circle for rejoining the crystals into the skull.  Someone helping Eben.

Jake is pretty sure that Isaac will help him, because Isaac would not believe in what Eben is doing.  When Cassie says she’ll run the idea by her father, Diana puts the brakes on that idea.  And Jake agrees – Isaac would never trust Blackwell.

At the Boathouse, Melissa suggests that there was something between Cassie and Adam from the very beginning.  And perhaps – despite the elixir – it will just keep developing over and over.  Adam reminds her about the curse.  (And all of this is reminding me about another “curse” and another “elixir” in another show on the same network!!!!)

Suddenly, Jake sees an old coined, framed and hanging on the wall.  He recognizes it as his grandfather’s – one he used to do magic tricks with.  Adam manipulates the coin (using sleight of hand called the “French drop”) and after a few attempts, is able to cloak it.  Unfortunately, he has no idea how to uncloak it!

Out in a woods that looks suspiciously like the area where Bella met Edward in Twilight, the group meets up with a Witch Hunter named Ian – while Charles takes a few shots at Blackwell in public.  When Blackwell starts to fight back and threaten Charles, he is reminded that he’s in a public place.  Everyone, including Diana, will know that if anything happens to Charles, Blackwell will be the first suspect.  Blackwell doesn’t look too happy about that “inconvenient truth”.  Charles plans to take Diana out of Chance Harbor so Blackwell will never see her again.  Blackwell doesn’t look happy about that either.

Elsewhere, Dawn discovers that her crystal is gone!  (Hee hee hee hee!)

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Ian informs Jake that Isaac is dead. Eben killed him.  Ian was part of the group who kidnapped the Circle and tried to kill them at Halloween.  Cassie is convinced that – since they know where she lives – Ian is part of the group responsible for grandmother’s death.  When he denies it, “that old Black(well) magic” cranks up.  She knocks Ian to the ground and he starts choking.  Jake tried to stop her but she knocks him to the ground.  It is Diana who intervenes successfully.

It appears that one Dark Magic Child can short-circuit the powers of another!

Ian tells Jake that Eben killed Isaac because Isaac turned on him.  Isaac believed that all magic was rooted in evil, and he hated that Eben was using it (having gotten it from the “traitor”).  When the witch helped Eben summon the demons, he was no longer useful.  Eben told Isaac to kill him – and when Isaac didn’t do it, the traitor escaped, so Eben killed Isaac as punishment.

Damn – this is complex!

But Ian never found out who the traitor was.  He tracked him to Chance Harbor and then lost him.  Jake allows Ian to leave.

They now know that the traitor wasn’t bringing the crystal to the hunters.  And that means he was on his own.  So they can track the crystal down and bring it back.  Diana suggest that if Isaac turned on Eben then perhaps Ian and those loyal to Isaac could also be convinced to turn on Eben.

Cassie suggests a truce is just how their parents were slaughtered – but Diana is not convinced that killing the Witch Hunters is the only way to stop the war between Witches and Witch Hunters. Jake thinks that finding the crystal and rejoining the crystals into the skull will give them power no matter what happens.

Back at the old house, the group discusses their plan.  It’s 4 of them against the one traitor.  Faye is less than thrilled that part of their advantage is “the Dark Magic Super Twins”.   Diana swears that even if she has Dark Magic (she is still unconvinced), she would never use it.  Together they determine that the crystal is at Hudson field – which Faye describes as “the creepiest place on earth”.

Can’t wait to see a place that a witch thinks is creepy!

Back at the Boathouse, Adam and Melissa are still trying to determine how to get the coin to reappear.  Adam remembers grandpa used to say something – and Melissa suggests what he said was what was written on the coin.  Although he can’t see it, Adam still has the coin in his hand.  He puts it in his lap, places a piece of paper over it and rubs the outline with a pencil – and voila – the words on the coin appear.  He and Melissa read them together – and the coin reappears!  And along with it – an uncloaked secret panel in the wall!  Unfortunately, it reveals nothing.

Blackwell shows up at Dawn’s house and when she asks about his face, Blackwell tells her Charles hit him when he found out Diana’s his daughter.  Dawn is shocked.  Blackwell reveals that although he and Dawn “tried”, it wasn’t meant to be.  Dawn says Blackwell has never forgiven her for it.

So “crazy Grandpa Armstrong” is not a lunatic after all.  Back in the day Blackwell was running around “boinking” all the Chance Harbor high school witches trying to make his very own coven with his Balcoin bloodline.  (Bloodline – has a familiar ring to it!)

Blackwell wants Dawn to stop Charles from leaving town with Diana.  He needs a complete circle to complete the skull.  Blackwell is trying to complete what they started 16 years ago – but this Circle is stronger because his own children are in it. If Dawn will help him, he will help her get her power back.

But Dawn says that even if the Witch Hunters are defeated, the elders will never allow her to have her power back.  But Blackwell tells her the rest of his plan.  Once the Witch Hunters are gone, they are going to get rid of the elders. Dawn agrees to talk to Charles.

The Scoobies arrive at Hudson Field – an amusement park which is “closed for the season” (Chance Harbor not being California, Texas or Florida!).  Faye is not happy about the prospects of entering the park – she has a fear of clowns, something I have never understood myself, but I’ll play along.  Lurking in the background is the presumed traitor.

The place is spooky, and when Jake suggest they split up to double their efforts, Diana’s first instinct is to go with Faye.  Faye declines, and Cassie is not thrilled with Diana’s lack of enthusiasm.  Their first encounter is with a rat – which prompts an actual “Scoobie” wise-crack from Faye.  Gotta love it!

Dawn arrives at Charles’ house (apparently she just walks right in) and he tells her he’s leaving town for a while.  She says half the town saw him fighting with Blackwell – Charles says Blackwell is the reason he’s leaving. Diana is the one good thing in his life and he’s not going to let John Blackwell have her for his own purposes.  Dawn realizes that Blackwell has their children working for him in secret just like he had them in the past.  And she says it’s their fault – her and Charles.  They brought Cassie back to Chance Harbor to get their power back.  Charles is aware of that – he’s leaving.  Dawn reminds him that no matter where they go, the Circle is still bound.  And this time around, it won’t be their spouses who wind up dead – it will be their children.

I don’t know if Dawn is expressing maternal concern (although I believe she truly does love her daughter) or is just manipulating Charles once again.  But nothing she says is false.

Back at the park, Jake and Faye discover Ian on a ride – dead – with his throat slashed. When they turn on the ride, several other dead Witch Hunters are sitting – throats slashed – in the cars.  Cassie and Diana hear the ride and join Faye and Jake, who speculates that the traitor is apparently looking to kill witches and witch hunters too. They split up again – Faye and Jake following a trail of blood.

Back at the old house, Adam and Melissa are working on locating the missing crystal.  Blackwell wanders in.  They don’t seem to notice the cuts on his face.  Adam informs him they’ve narrowed the location of the crystal to the high school.

At the park, Diana tells Cassie that since her fathered arrived in Chance Harbor (notice Diana is still not acknowledging that Blackwell is her father too), Cassie has lost all sense of what is right.  Diana is scared that Cassie is letting her Dark Magic dominate her.  But Cassie counters this assertion – what Diana is really afraid of is that she will turn out to be like Cassie.  Diana says she’s sure she could never kill anyone. But Cassie reminds her that Dark Magic is what saved Diana’s life – saved them all – when the Witch Hunters were going to kill them.

Diana doesn’t really know what she would or would not do given the choice Cassie had to make on Halloween.  And Diana admits she’s right.  But killing is still wrong.

Suddenly, the traitor appears, and the girls take off after him.  As they girls give chase, Jake and Faye discover the traitor’s lair – and his sway (that transfers powers from witches to mortals) – and something else.  A picture of Jake’s parents!

Cassie brings down the traitor – who drops the crystal – and turns to reveal himself.

IT’S NICK!!!!!!!

Wait…isn’t Nick dead?

This is the most interesting twist yet, and with only two episodes left in the first season, it will be fascinating to see where this takes us.  But at this point, it’s clear – Blackwell cannot be trusted.

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