Episode 1.18 TSC – “Sacrifice”

Cassie’s serving it up at the coffee shop and nearly runs straight into Adam.  It’s obvious things are not the same between them.  The elixir clearly worked on him.  Observing them, Melissa comments on how tragic it is that they loved each other and now can’t remember how they felt.  Faye’s take on it is that Adam was like a puppy dog and is better off.

I agree with Faye!

Cassie serves them and Melissa asks how she’s doing – Cassie does a great job pretending she’s just as oblivious as Adam appears to be about their former feelings for each other.  Adam joins the group and tells them if they will agree to waitress at the next evening’s annual hockey celebration at the Boat House, the pay is $10 an hour.  Cassie takes a pass.

Jake goes on a riff about how his Dad is freaked about Blackwell being back, Jake nearly died and the witch hunters want to kill them more than ever – he’s less than thrilled at the situation.  Melissa agrees to waitress – but Faye holds out for $15 an hour.

I love Faye!

But my admiration for Melissa is growing.  More and more, she is the heart of this show – and JPK has some serious acting chops.

Out in the woods, Samuel is running for his life from the witch hunters.  Eben appears and tells them not to chase him.

Next day.  Blackwell shows up at the coffee shop.  He asks Cassie if she’s told Adam that the elixir didn’t work on her – and she tells him she hasn’t told anyone.  Cassie clearly doesn’t want to discuss it – so Blackwell asks her if she’d like to go play miniature golf!


He’s trying to think of father-daughter activities.  Cassie kind of buys into it.  Frankly, I think he’s just trying to lure her in for his own purposes.

At the boathouse, Faye and Melissa hang the League Championship sign as Grant asks Adam to deliver ginger ale in a champagne flute to Diana – who goes to thank him.  Grant asks her to spend the afternoon with him and Diana agrees.

Meanwhile, Samuel just lets himself into Jakes room.  They fight – and Cassie observes it from her room and comes a runnin’ – when she arrives, Jake tells her “he’s a friend.”

Well, maybe he used to be.

Samuel says he needs to speak to John Blackwell.  Cassie thinks it’s a set up.  Samuel tells them Eben is resurrecting demons.

At the Boat House, the hockey players are celebrating, and Melissa and Faye are trying to have some fun – they contemplate dating outside the witch world.   As Faye does her “patented lean-in” with the team, Melissa plots with Adam to have some fun.  Next thing you know, Adam’s words (clearly he knows his hockey) are coming out of Melissa’s mouth.  The team – especially the captain – is transfixed and Faye is dumbfounded!

Hilarious.  Best scene of the episode.

Grant and Diana are ice skating – and I am more and more suspicious of this Grant guy.  He’s definitely not what he seems.  I just don’t know if he’s simply full of it – or really bad news.

Blackwell shows up and Cassie tells him that Samuel found Blackwell via Jake – they served together.  Samuel tells Blackwell that Eben wants to summon the demons for their power.  Blackstone says Eben can’t use demons because he’s human.  Samuel says that Eben is working with a witch, but he has no idea who the witch is.  Eben has apparently become obsessed with magic and demons – he’s actually become worse than what the witch hunters intended to stop.

Eben is going to summon the demons in Harbor Woods – just like Blackwell did 16 years ago.  Back then Blackwell apparently tried to give the demons bodies – the bodies of witches – so they could use their powers against the witch hunters.  In order to do it, Blackwell sacrificed someone – like Eben was planning to sacrifice Samuel.

Eben is after the demon power that Blackwell wanted – and Cassie has overheard this whole story.

Back at the Boat House, the tables are turning.  As Melissa flirts playing a game of darts with the captain of the hockey team, Faye asks Adam for his help to turn the tables.  Faye hits a bull’s eye with his first dart – and another with the captain’s help on the second.  Melissa’s face is priceless.

Cassie confronts her father, who claims he never sacrificed anyone – he simply used his Balcoin blood.  But the demons wanted to possess the Circle.  Cassie’s mother was the one who stopped them.  She trapped them (in the old suitcase?) before they could take over.  Unfortunately, Heather Barnes did not escape.

In order to stop Eben they will need the power of the Circle – Blackwell tells them to meet him at the abandoned house.

The hockey captain’s girlfriend shows up at the celebration and Adam loses his cool.  Melissa and Faye are compassionate and understanding – and Melissa assures Adam that not being able to remember how perfect things were would be worse than what he’s feeling.

Diana is discovering that Grant is a liar.  And she’s really pissed.  When Cassie finds her at the coffee house, she is seeking solace in her alone time and doesn’t appreciate it when Cassie comes after her.  She knows she can’t have “an actual life” but she did put her coffee in a to-go cup just in case the Circle needed her!  And they do – and off she goes with Cassie.

Blackwell is taking Samuel to the woods – asking the Circle to join him at the house was a diversion.  Samuel is already possessed.  Blackwell has determined that Samuel has been sacrificed to a demon – and he has trapped him inside a circle and symbols.  Now Eben can summon the rest of the demons.  And Eben shows up to apparently to do just that.  He throws Blackwell into a wall and knocks him out. Then he stands over the crack in the ground – the source of the demons – cuts his hand with a dagger, and chants.

At the abandoned house, Jake is trying to convince the circle that Blackwell is trying to make up for his mistakes – while they remind him that Blackwell’s mistake cost Jake’s brother his life!  Cassie arrives with Diana and figures out that her father didn’t want them to go to the woods. But off they go now.

When they arrive at the woods, Jake is the first one to get to Samuel – who hurls him out of the circle.  Recognizing he’s got a demon in him, the Circle joins against him.  But they can’t seem to stop him.  Cassie decides to try her dark magic – to disastrous effect.  She lights Samuel on fire, but he is not stopped – he grabs Cassie by the throat and lifts her into the air – just as Blackwell regains consciousness.

He sees Samuel start a fire to keep the rest of the Circle back while he holds Cassie aloft.  Blackwell yells at Samuel to stop – and he does, throwing Cassie to the ground.  The fire goes out and the Circle rushes to her.  Blackwell tells Samuel to come to him – but Samuel says Blackwell is useless because he has no power.

Suddenly Blackwell holds up his hand – the hand scarred with the symbol from the pendant.  He holds it out towards Samuel – who bleeds and then explodes!

Blackwell is a liar – he has power!

Eben has harnessed the power of the demons, who enter him through the cut in his hand.  He runs off.  The Circle wants to follow, but Blackwell tells them Eben is too strong.  Cassie confronts him – he has had magic all along.  He tells Cassie he was trying to protect her – but she says it was his power that saved her.  However, now that Eben has the demons, he’s more powerful than all of the witches.

The Circle returns to the abandoned house – with Blackwell – who proceeds to give them an “us vs., them” pep talk.  And Cassie figures out that crystals will help magnify their power.  Separately they have tremendous power but bound together their magic is unstoppable.  There used to be one crystal but the elders split it into 6. The Circle with the power of the 6 crystals can defeat the witch hunters – forever.

The Circle buys it.

Later, back in the Harbor Woods, Blackwell digs up the body of his original sacrifice from 16 years before.

Why?  And who was it?


  • Can we trust John Blackwell or not? My sense is that he’s up to no good just like he was 16 years ago.
  • Can Diana trust Grant?  Here again, I would exercise caution.
  • I liked the idea of Witch Hunters better in the beginning, when it seemed like they were motivated by the good vs. evil paradigm.  Now that they are harnessing demons, how are they different from witches?  This is confusing.
  • John DeLancie’s voice on the promo is awesome.  I can’t wait to meet Jake’s grandpa!

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