Episode 1.17 TSC – “Curse” or “Sex Education”

Previously, on “The Secret Circle”, Cassie and Adam consummated their relationship.  We rejoin them as they awaken from the presumably blissful slumber that followed this “cosmic” event.  After all, the Conants and the Blakes are destined to be together because it’s “written in the stars”, right?

Well, perhaps not.  Outside the Blake house, all those crows that were encircling it while Cassie and Adam were getting it on are now lying dead.  John Blackwell is stepping gingerly through them.  When Cassie and Adam emerge, they don’t get it – but Blackwell explains they have awakened the “curse” and this is a sign.

He explains that the curse is supposed to prevent their families from joining their bloodlines – it’s what made Amelia break off with Ethan.  They visit Grandma Jane, who is still having a rough time and thinks Cassie is Amelia.  When pressed, Jane discloses that the curse was cast by another witch out of jealousy, and awakening it will cause one of the members of the Circle to die.

So, it’s not bad enough to know that your father knows you’ve been having sex – now all your friends have to know what you’ve done too because you owe it to them if one of them is in danger of dying!  This is especially awkward given the past relationship of Adam and Diana.  But Faye’s reaction is priceless – first she tries to suppress a giggle and then she tells them it’s just a ruse devised by the older generations to keep their kids from having sex!  Honestly, this makes a great deal of sense!

But Jake is missing from the Circle.  Cassie finds him at home, in bed, sick as a dog, with an alarming looking blood-poisoning kind of thing on his forearm.  Later, Blackwell – leafing through Amelia’s journal – believes he’s found a possible elixir to stop the curse.  Presumably, the endangered Circle member, Jake, will have to drink it.  But it calls for some rare ingredients, and Blackwell thinks the best chance of finding them lies with Calvin Wilson!

Well, how inconvenient.  Calvin’s dead – and Jake killed him!  This – and his obvious illness – is not enough to keep Jake at home.  Off he goes with Blackwell, Adam and Cassie to Calvin’s shop.  Calvin’s niece is running it now, and she has all the ingredients needed to create the elixir – except one.  Cassie, Adam and Jake will need to find it in the local forest – but not before Jake begins to hallucinate – Calvin appears in a mirror and accuses him of murder!  Still, he is simply NOT going to let Adam and Cassie run off into the forest together.

As they hunt for the final ingredient, Cassie and Adam notice that Jake is getting worse and falling behind.  Asking them to hold up while he gets a drink, he hallucinates that his water bottle is a witch’s cruet.  He’s got a raging fever and the blood poisoning is now visible on his chest.  Suddenly, he attacks Adam, believing him to be Calvin.

This sets Cassie off toward use of her dark magic to break it up – but Adam cautions her to focus on him – and together they are able to throw Jake off.  But now the secret is out – they know Jake killed Calvin.  Soon after, Cassie discovers the root they need to complete the elixir.

While mixing the potion, Blackwell has an exchange with Melissa.  It’s one of the best moments of the episode.  He tells her he used to wander in the woods with her mother, who was close to nature and knew a great deal about plants and herbs.  Melissa listens with obvious pleasure.  I’m betting people don’t talk about the dead parents much with these kids.

Once mixed, Blackwell informs Adam and Cassie that they must drink it to break the curse.  But when they do, they will remember they loved each other, but not how they felt, or why.   Reluctantly, they drink.

When they awake, Adam feels better than he has in quite a while.  No more nervousness around Cassie.  But when he leaves, it’s clear that Cassie remembers everything and is devastated that Adam no longer loves her.  Blackwell tells her that it’s likely her dark magic has made her resistant to the full effects of the potion.  He claims ignorance but his face tells a different story.

But it looks like the curse on the Circle is broken.  Completely healed when he awakens, Jake feels tremendous guilt – his friends have given up their love for him, and everyone knows he’s a murderer.

Elsewhere, Faye has gone off looking for Lee but encounters Eva, who tells her Lee is gone.  Faye doesn’t believe her and enlists Melissa and Diana to search Lee’s car, which she knows he would never leave behind.  Unfortunately, the police show up – but Eva comes to their aid with the police.  She says when he left, Lee took his bike.

Faye is undeterred.  She returns to Lee’s to find Eva confused about her sudden power and its consequences.  Eva shows Faye Lee’s corpse in the bed she once occupied.  She wants Faye’s help to bring him back to life.  To save her own, Faye pretends she knows a spell, and while chanting, discovers the totem under the mattress.  She breaks it in half, and Eva’s power is gone!  Thank God, because Eva was seriously psycho.

The episode ends with a twist.  Dawn, as persistent as her daughter, confronts Blackwell, claiming there is no curse.  He wanted to drive Adam and Cassie apart because he’s afraid of their destiny, just as he was with Ethan and Amelia.  But Blackwell tells her Ethan and Amelia are actually responsible for all those deaths 16 years ago.  They wanted to leave the Circle – and that left them vulnerable to the Witch Hunters.

And the Witch Hunters are back!!!!! And they have a witch working with them now.  That puts all the children in danger.

Meanwhile, back at the looney bin, Charles is visiting Jane.  He’s using the crystal to help her regain her senses, because he needs her help to defeat John Blackwell.

Cassie hums the lullaby her mother used to sing to her, and the stars on her ceiling dance!

As the first season marches towards its ending, I’m wondering:

  • Is Melissa Blackwell’s other child?
  • Can Jake hope to rekindle any roman with Cassie, now that she knows he’s a murderer?
  • Is Eva’s power truly gone?
  • Will Adam and Diana get back together?
  • What is Charles’ plan for Jane?

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