Episode 1.16 TSC – “Lucky” or “As the Crow Flies…”

After weeks on hiatus, The Secret Circle is back with a party, a new guy, a death, some interesting new mythology, and a curse!

The episode opens with Faye spilling the beans to her Mom about John Blackwell being back.  Dawn appears stunned, but not shocked (as in perhaps she knew he wasn’t dead – or perhaps it was stunning that her daughter appears to know there was something between her mother and JB!)

At the Blake house, Cassie and her father are having a chat.  Clearly Cassie doesn’t trust him – she wants to know why her mother never brought him up – ever.  John believes Amelia was afraid of what he’d become.  He explains “Once dark magic takes hold of you, it’s impossible to get free.”  Sounds like a drug.  Cassie is not so sure – she thinks she can handle her dark magic. As he leaves the Blake house, John encounters Jake and confirms that Jake is watching out for his daughter.

Cassie gathers the Circle at the coffee shop where she’s working. The Circle wants to know how Eben has witch power without being a witch.  Jake suggests they get Blackwell’s help to protect the Circle.  Cassie is reticent.  As the Circle members depart, Adam asks Cassie to be his date at the evening’s Casino fund-raiser at the school.

Elsewhere, Lee is torn between Faye and Eva, and a new handsome young man named Grant appears at the Boathouse as Diana and Melissa gather supplies for the evening’s event.

At the abandoned house, Cassie discovers Blackwell searching for something in the wall.  When he doesn’t find it, he throws a fit.  Cassie seeks out Adam, and he reveals that when he and Nick first discovered the abandoned house, they searched it – and discovered a sway.  It’s a device used to take a witch’s power.  This must be what Blackwell was looking for, because they found it where he was looking.  But why does he want it?  Adam recalls that Blackwell stole power from another coven – is he going to try to take the Circle’s power?

Later, Cassie asks Blackwell about the sway.  He explains – it doesn’t take a witch’s power.  It transfers it – temporarily – to a mortal.  Blackwell suspects this is what happened on the boat 16 years ago – but he doesn’t know who the betrayer is.  He tells Cassie he can trace it through the sway – but Cassie retains it and motions for him to leave.

Shortly thereafter, she reveals her suspicion about Ethan’s role in the fire to Adam, who is understandably angry at that suggestion.  Cassie later tells Jake what she’s thinking, and he is only too happy to agree – there is no love lost between Jake and the Conants.  Meanwhile, Adam confronts his father and asks what happened on the boat, but Adam refuses to discuss it.

Meanwhile, Faye seeks out Lee to ask him to Casino Night.  And she finds a pair of kitten heel shoes – clearly not hers!  Lee turns her down – and Faye stalks off, not realizing – of course – that Eva is right in the next room.

With encouragement from Melissa, Faye returns to Lee’s house dressed for the event. But instead of finding Lee, Eva is there.  Pretending to be a customer, Faye engages Eva, who says she is Lee’s girlfriend.  In walks Lee, but he quickly assesses the situation and embraces Eva with a kiss.  Faye recovers from her shock and leaves, while Lee explains the incident away by telling Eva he thinks Faye has a crush on him.

Diana is manning the main table at Casino Night, taking money in exchange for chips.  Grant drops 5 $100 bills on the table, but Faye is still holding back, reluctant to get involved with someone “normal”.  Elsewhere at the Fundraiser, Lee arrives and kisses Faye passionately, Dawn surprises Blackwell, who is not interested in her but would love to know where Ethan is, and Adam arrives, finds Cassie, and both apologize to each other.

But as quickly as all this begins, it is interrupted.  Eva walks in and catches Lee with Faye.  After insulting her, Eva stomps off. Grant flirts a bit more with Diana (and uses stuffed monkeys??), and Melissa tells Jake he needs to get over Cassie.

As Cassie takes a breather, she finds someone stabbing Blackwell in the parking lot.  After determining he’s OK, she takes off after the perpetrator, enlisting her dark powers to take him down with a bleacher seat.  Upon discovering the attacker is Ethan, she grabs one of the bleacher boards and is about to take his head off, but Blackwell stops her.  Later, Cassie tells him she is afraid of her dark magic – and Blackwell tells her she must stop using it.  It is a slippery slope – it will take her to place she doesn’t want to go until it changes her – and then she will only want to go there.

He explains that regular magic is about connecting with the energy around you, but dark magic is about connecting to the energy created by your own hate and anger.  Even if you use it for good, whatever you are trying to prevent will turn out to be much worse.  But it’s Cassie’s choice.

As Grant makes further attempts to connect with Diana, Lee returns home to check on Eva – and discovers she is pissed, and has powers now.  And she uses them to suck the life out of him.  Lee falls to the floor dead!

Blackwell finally confronts Ethan, and he admits he betrayed the Circle, but Eben was only supposed to eliminate Blackwell.  Blackwell knows Ethan is not working with the Hunters now because he has no power.  In exchange for his silence on Ethan’s role in the betrayal, he makes Ethan promise not to tell anyone about Cassie’s dark magic.  Ethan counters by telling Blackwell that it was Amelia who wanted him dead so she could fulfill her destiny with Ethan.  You know – the whole celestial romance thing – “written in the stars”.

But Blackwell has the last laugh – he tells Ethan that Amelia apparently didn’t tell him that the real meaning of the phrase “written in the stars”.  It’s a curse!

Cassie confesses to Adam that she lost control.  Instead of being upset, Adam is angry at the parents and their lies.  He tells Cassie their fate is their own – and he loves her.  And just like that, passion is ignited.  Clothes are flying off inside – and crows are flying in circles outside, above the Blacke  house!

As Cassie Black and Adam Conant consummate their love, they trigger the Celestial Curse!

Things to Look Forward To

  • Eva loved Lee, but she killed him – what does this mean for Faye?
  • Will Cassie give Blackwell the sway, and what will he do with it?
  • Cassie and Adam have triggered a curse.  What does it mean for the Circle?


Dark Magic – Although Cassie is convinced it helps her protect her Circle, her father reminds her that this is what he was trying to do and it got the better of him.  Their first conversation in the episode was reminiscent of a parent-child talk about drugs – by a parent who’s tried them!

Sway – a device that temporarily transfers a witch’s power to a mortal – this is apparently how Eben “spelled” Cassie.

The Curse Apparently, a union of a Blake and a Conant triggers a curse.  I’m betting the Elders know a lot about this but don’t talk about it.  

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