Episode 1.15 TSC – “Return” or “Make Room for Daddy”

Cassie and Diana are chatting.  Cassie is packing to go back home.  She doesn’t want to overstay her welcome at Diana’s house, and I think she really wants her privacy back.    Charles brings college catalogs to Diana.  The look on his face when Diana tells him that Jane is coming home – well, he doesn’t look happy.  Or perhaps he knows that Cassie is lying – Jane is not coming home.

Cassie’s also got a job at Java Brew.  Interesting.   As Charles leaves, Diana asks “Why do all the men in my life like you better than me?”

Cassie arrives at grandma’s house to find the door open.  Cassie wields an umbrella as a weapon.  It’s Jake, who claims he saw someone from his house.  He tells her the door was open.  Cassie found ash on the floor – Jake recognizes it – it’s outside all around the house.  Ash mixed with salt – witch hunters use it to block witches power.  Jake tells Cassie Isaac warned him but Jake didn’t think they’d come after her so soon.

Jake tells Cassie that Isaac wanted the medallion and was furious when it was destroyed.  It has the power of 1000 witches and is – apparently – the only way to stop a witch hunter attack on dark magic.  Cassie wields the umbrella and forces Jake out of the house.

Later, Cassie is attempting to waitress – bringing an order to the wrong table!  Adam offers her some tips on loading and carrying a tray full of drinks.  She tells him she’s gone back home – and no, her grandmother is not arriving any time soon.  She wanted to stop imposing on Diana and Charles – and she also wants to sleep in her own bed.  But she also tells Adam about the witch hunters being after her.  Adam is, not surprisingly, protective.

Faye and Melissa are also at the Java Brew – Faye loving the idea of Cassie having to wait on her.  Melissa wonders why Faye is behaving as if she’s jealous if she truly doesn’t care that Jake has a thing for Cassie – why doesn’t she move on – to Lee!  Callum shows up and invites them to a party.  Melissa claims he’s “not like that” – but Faye’s not buying it.  Callum is bad news.

Back at her house, Cassie – lying to her grandma on the phone – finds her father at her door. She tells him he owes her no explanation – she’s used to him not being around.  But he couldn’t let anyone know he was alive.  There are people looking for him and he needed to protect Cassie and her mother.   But he knew she was in trouble once she activated the medallion.  Cassie wants him to leave.  He claims she needs his help.  “Meet me on the boardwalk in an hour.  No one can know I’m here.  I only stayed to help you.”  He leaves as Adam arrives.

Despite her father’s admonition that no one can know he’s here, Cassie tells Adam.  The medallion spell brought him back.  He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s here.  Adam tells her not to meet him later.  But Cassie wants to know the truth about what happened 16 years ago.  She’s sure her father won’t hurt her.  Adam is sure Blackwell is not there just to help Cassie.  He’s got a hidden agenda.

Faye and Diana have a confrontation over Melissa, who has gone to Callum’s party.  They go to Lee to find out where Callum lives.  Lee wants to accompany them because Callum is bad news.

Cassie meets up with her father but she doesn’t trust him.  His story is that he abandoned Cassie and her mother because if anyone knew he was alive, they would come for her – and her mother.  He knows Amelia is dead – he loved her.  Cassie is the daughter her parents always dreamed of.  He asks for the medallion – as long as she has it, she is in danger.

Cassie reveals she has told Adam about him – and she’s not giving him the medallion.  But she doesn’t tell him it’s been destroyed.   At her car, Eben captures her; and later instructs his hunter crew to prepare her for a ceremony.

At the party, Callum discovers that Melissa is a witch.  He definitely wants her power.  Lee shows up with Diana and Faye and instructs them to find Melissa and leave.

At his house, Blackwell encounters Jake.  Jake tells him that hunters are after her and he can’t find her anywhere.  Maybe at the Conant’s boathouse.

Jake takes off and encounters Eben – who is clearly Isaac’s boss.  Jake is prepared to trade himself to Eben if he will let Cassie go – but Eben says Cassie’s dark magic is more valuable than anything Jake can offer.  Jake counters with John Blackwell – if Eben will let her go, Jake will bring Blackwell to him,

Cassie awakens to find herself in danger.  Eben appears to perform a spell on Cassie – interesting for a witch hunter – or is he a witch hunter?  And if he’s not, what IS he?

Blackwell encounters Adam and Ethan at the boathouse.  Clearly terrified, Ethan tells Blackwell to stay away from Adam, and Cassie.  Amelia would not want Blackwell near her.  He needs to get out of Chance Harbor.  Blackwell vows to stay until he finds Cassie.

Ethan warns Adam that he and Cassie need to stay away from Blackwell.  Adam observes Jake and Blackwell in the parking lot.  They leave together.

Adam calls Diana and asks for her help.

Callum confronts Melissa – “you’re a witch, right?” She calls his bluff – “don’t test my power!”  It works.  She finds Faye – and tells her about the power of the totem, and warns her about Lee. Diana meets up with them and tells them Adam and Cassie need their help – but not before Faye confronts Lee – who tells her the totem is just an object.  It’s the spell that matters.

Walking to a meeting place in the woods, Jake tells Blackwell he has history with the witch hunters.  Eben shows up with Cassie.   But it is not Blackwell he wants – it’s Jake!  He will trade Cassie for Jake.  Something passes between Eben and Cassie and Jake is taken prisoner – with iron handcuffs, which will keep Jake’s power in check,

Jake asks Eben “What happened to killing Blackwell?”  Eben responds “I don’t have to – Cassie will do it.”

Cassie is doing things and doesn’t understand why.  She’s been spelled – she circles Blackwell and casts a fire.  He is powerless to help her – he has no magic.  He tells Cassie to fight the spell – she is stronger than she thinks.  It appears she is powerless against whatever spell Eben has cast.

Meanwhile, Eben prepares to kill Jake – the same way he killed his father – by slitting his throat.  But the Circle arrives and throws him into a tree branch.  They free Jake – and  Jake thanks them just as he notices Eben is no longer pinned to the tree.  They waste no time going to look for Cassie.

Blackwell tells Cassie to block the spell – the Circle joins up with her – and they tell her to concentrate.   Together, they are able to block the spell.  The fire goes out.

At Blackwell’s house, the Circle talks about him.  Adam says he’s never seen his dad so scared as when he looked at Blackwell.

Blackwell is with Cassie at Jane’s house.  He tells her the Circle was there for her.   She asks how he lost his magic.  He explains that after fire, the elder’s stripped her mother’s generation of their power – and it affected him too.  He wishes they’d taken his power a long time ago.  Magic took everything he ever cared about.  “You – your mother.  No one will believe I’ve changed, I am not who I was and all I care about is keeping you safe.”

Cassie tells him that she destroyed the medallion.  And Blackwell insists he needs to stay now – to protect her.  Eben must be working with a witch because otherwise he can’t cast a spell.  Blackwell is staying in Chance Harbor until her gets to the bottom of things.

Lee is at Faye’s – she’s angry.  He destroys the totem that was under her bed.  They embrace.  Meanwhile – the comatose ex-girlfriend awakens!

Blackwell meets up with Jake.  He is willing to forgive Jake because he can see how much Jake cares for Cassie.  He wants them to team up, and Jake agrees.

At the boathouse, Cassie settles into Adam’s arms and they sit in silence.


  1. Blackwell’s back but he has no magic.  That basically makes him just another member of Generation 2 – Dawn, Ethan, and Charles don’t have any magic either.  The medallion’s gone, but what about those crystals?
  2. Once blessed with power, it’s hard to give it up.  I can’t imagine Blackwell is going to go down easy.  It’s more than likely he will try to link up with Dawn, who is just as power-mad as he is, and we know she won’t object because she had a crush on him!
  3. I see the plotlines of Generation 2 heating up.  Both Charles and Ethan have bad history with Blackwell – but if you need a whole Circle to magnify power, they are going to have to join forces eventually – unless possession of the crystal renders that factor moot.
  4. It looks like there may still be a triangle here – Jake and Adam are both clearly enamored with Cassie.  Despite the “celestial romance” angle of the Adam/Cassie pairing, I like Cassie and Jake better.  I guess that makes me a “Cake” shipper!
  5. Another reason I like Cassie and Jake is that I still believe the other Balcoin child is Adam.  That would cast the “celestial” angle in a totally different light.  And could actually be interesting.
  6. I find the whole Lee/Callum/voodoo angle woven into the plot a waste of time – but I have to believe there is some purpose behind it.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.  But right now, I don’t care about Lee, his formerly comatose girlfriend, or Callum.  I’m hoping they wrap up this sub-plot soon.

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