Episode 1.14 TSC “Valentine” or “The Devil’s Spirit Made Me Do It

The opening of this episode was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed the fact that “The Secret Circle” follows immediately after “The Vampire Diaries”.  I don’t know if the writers of these shows collaborated, but one show ended with a hot love scene and the next began with one.  Nice touch.  We pick up where we left off, with Faye trying to “sneak” out of Jake’s room – and winding up back in bed with him.  I’m not sure which couple I like better in the Cassie-Faye-Jake triangle.  I think Faye and Jake are well suited to each other – but I also enjoy watching Cassie and Jake together because they are such a contrast.

Turns out none of the female members of the Circle are particularly looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  Faye’s never liked it, Melissa is feeling wonky due to Nick’s recent death, and Diana is out of sorts due to breaking up with Adam.  The girls decide to throw a “Screw Valentine’s Day” slumber party at Faye’s house, and Cassie agrees to join them.

Cassie, forgetting a book for class, bumps into Adam on the way to fetch it – and he asks her for a genuine date – and she accepts!  (Considering my theory about these two – that they are both children of Blackwell – this makes me uncomfortable.)  When she gets to her car, there is a figure there wearing the same kind of hooded robe that Blackwell was wearing when the Witch Hunters were preparing to burn him at the stake.  Cassie doesn’t see this figure, however.

Meanwhile, Jake takes a lot of anger out on Isaac, who has returned.  Jake is feeling used after learning the truth about his parents’ death in his memory flashback.  Isaac, however, is claiming that he still doesn’t know the whole story.  He claims the whole thing was grounded in Blackwell’s trickery, but Jake doesn’t buy it.  Isaac presses on – he wants the medallion.  He claims the only way to save Cassie is to give him the medallion – if she keeps it, evil will continue to be attracted to her.

Back at the Blackwell house, Cassie has an encounter with the hooded figure from the school parking lot.  As she runs screaming from the basement, she runs smack into Adam.  She describes the robe as like the one her father wore during the fire – with a symbol on the front.  They decide to find Jake, who knows more about symbols than they do.  Jake recognizes it as the symbol of a coven that originated in Europe (not Salem) but was destroyed long ago.

At Faye’s house, Lee has dropped by with a very strange looking doll, which he claims will give Faye the power she’s craving.  All she needs to do is put it under her bed – the doll will draw out her weaknesses and replace them with power.  Sounds very fishy to me – and apparently to Faye!

Diana arrives (Melissa’s already there) and in a confrontation with Faye, the voodoo doll breaks.  An exasperated Faye leaves the room but Melissa tells Diana she needs to loosen up – and brings out the Devil’s Spirit.  Let the games begin!

Borrowing liberally from a part of the books on which the series is based, the next few scenes are my favorite of the series so far.  Diana on drugs is even better than Melissa with a demon in her head!  The girls decide to cast a spell to make the pizza delivery hot and sexy – but when the doorbell rings and Diana attacks the person on the other side with her hot kisses – it turns out to be Lee, there to fix his voodoo doll!  Lee’s not too happy about the girls doing drugs – his former girlfriend was a victim of the same thing.

But they party on – even though part of the “party rules” was no guys allowed – in, that is.  The pizza finally arrives and Diana has her way with him – just as Cassie arrives!  Melissa takes another hit of the Devil’s Spirit.  Gathered around a table, Cassie fills the girls in on what’s been happening.  Faye thinks using a Ouija board may help but it doesn’t work.  Cassie has the idea that perhaps the medallion will – and without anyone touching it, it spells out a word – SACRED.  No one knows what it means, and the group breaks up as Cassie gets a text from Adam.  Cassie leaves and Melissa takes yet more drugs!

Elsewhere, Jake meets with Isaac again to let him know that it looks like dead witches from the old coven are haunting Cassie.  Isaac tells Jake that Blackwell is the one who killed off the coven – at a local church (SACRED?).  He used the medallion to take their powers.  And now the dead witches want their power back.

Apparently, the medallion is filled with the powers of thousands of dead witches whose souls are cursed.  That much evil attracts more evil – and having the medallion puts Cassie in danger.  Jake recognizes now that Cassie could be in terrible danger.

Cassie is driving away from the slumber party and towards Adam, but she doesn’t reach him.  The medallion rides up her chest to her neck and begins to choke her.  She loses control of the car and there is a spectacular crash – with the car flipping and skidding to a stop.  Unbelievably, Cassie emerges – unhurt.  Seeing a hooded figure in the field next to the road, she yells.  When there is no response, Cassie takes off in anger.

Jake arrives at Adam’s boat, but finds Cassie is not there.  Jake explains the trouble Cassie could be in.  Adam grabs a knife and takes off with Jake to find Cassie.  He calls Diana – who is not happy to hear from him.  She tells him Cassie is not there.  They take off and find Cassie’s wrecked car, and Jake knows the church where the coven was destroyed is nearby.  He’s sure the ghosts of the witches are leading Cassie there.

Faye and Diana have a heart-to-heart and suddenly realize that Melissa is not there.  They discover her convulsing in another room, an empty bag next to her.  Realizing she’s OD’d, they get her to the bathroom and induce vomiting.  Several recriminations later, it appears Melissa will be fine.

Cassie has arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart – scene of the death of the European coven.  Once inside, she is surrounded by hooded figures. As they close in on her, Jake and Adam arrive – Adam with knife in hand.  Jake wants to hold back, but Adam charges ahead – and he is suddenly the one surrounded by dead witches.  And in the blink of an eye, he is possessed.

What follows is a classic “Thomas Dekker” moment.  This young man is a fine actor and he is in his element here, as a “shell” in danger of committing his own suicide.  Through Adam, the witches demand the medallion – they want their power back.  Jake tells Cassie what he knows – and reveals the knowledge came from Isaac.

Jake tries to reach Cassie, but she pushes him out of the way with her power. Adam is cutting his wrist with his knife.  Cassie holds out the medallion as if to give it to the possessed Adam, who reaches out with his other hand.  But a defiant Cassie crushes the medallion!  The spirits of the witches, realizing they can’t retrieve their power now – leave Adam’s body.

Later, Jake gives Isaac what’s left of the medallion – and Isaac is not a happy camper.  Jake does not understand what Isaac wanted with the medallion – witch hunters can’t use it.  Isaac offers no further explanation.  Saying Jake’s anger is obscuring the truth, he leaves.

Back at Faye’s house, Faye puts Lee’s doll under her bed. Faye and Diana agree that they will both be friends to Melissa.  And as they watch movies, Faye says she’s done with boys for now. Diana reveals that Lee is a good kisser. Feathers fly as Faye tosses a pillow and the scene ends in a full blown pillow fight!

Somewhere, Lee is seen in a hospital room looking down on a young woman who is hooked to machines.  Holding a doll just like the one he gave to Faye, he tells his girlfriend that he has found a way to help her – yikes!

And back on Adam’s boat, Cassie admits that chasing after her father was probably a bad idea after all.  She just wanted to find out if he was evil because that meant she could be too – but Adam tells her he thinks she’s amazing.  The scene, and the episode, end with Cassie and Adam kissing.


This was my favorite episode so far – even though the parents were left out completely.

Favorite moments?

  • Opening with Faye and Jake
  • Diana on drugs
  • Adam “possessed”
  • Faye gets a lesson in friendship

What I didn’t like?

  • Adam and Cassie.

I know, I know.  It’s “written in the stars” and all that, but I believe there was a good reason the dead witches possessed Adam – and that it wasn’t just that they knew they could use his own knife against him!  I think they sensed “one Blackwell child against another”.  And there is just something about Cassie and Adam kissing that doesn’t feel right to me.   I’m pretty sure it’s because they are siblings.  Just my opinion though.

However, I do appreciate Cassie’s sacrifice (the medallion) for the sake of her friend, and her Circle.  This was a noble act and a stark contrast to the selfish Faye, who continues to pursue her own power, despite seeing how that has already put her friends in jeopardy.  She apparently has not learned her lesson and it appears that Lee is taking full advantage of this for his own purposes.

Up next week?  We finally get to meet John Blackwell!

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