Episode 1.13 TSC – “Medallion”

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle was a disappointment on many levels but did move the plot forward.

It appears that Cassie’s grandmother is still out of town.  She’s collecting a few things from her home when Adam shows up to warn her to take it slow – with both Jake and her dark magic.  They are in conflict.  When Adam leaves, Cassie hides the medallion with her Book of Shadows.

Lucy Gibbons – the gal who recognized Cassie in Jake’s memory – shows up.  Apparently she is a psychic and she explains that each moment in time leaves a psychic imprint.  When Cassie shared Jakes memory via tethering, the imprint changed.  Lucy tells her that the witch hunters are coming for her.  Lucy wants to help – she owes it to Cassie’s parents.

The middle generation plotline revolved around the crystal.  Ethan’s got it and Charles and Dawn both want it back.  The one thing I found interesting in this episode was that Dawn has many “marking” scars on the palm of her hand.  And apparently, when someone who has been marked shows up after being “banished”, the marking cut opens up.   This is what happened when Lucy arrives in Chance Harbor.

Ignoring Adam’s warning, Cassie meets up with Jake at the old house.  Once again, she has the medallion.  Jake suggests that since the symbol on the medallion matches the one in the ceiling downstairs, perhaps they go there.  Cassie tries to align the medallion with the symbol, and when she does, she becomes stuck in place while the energy around them shakes the entire house.  Cassie tells Jake to run – but when she lets on that she can’t move, Jake runs back and tackles her, just as Adam arrives! This appears to break up the energy and the energy flux abates.  Everything is still again.

Adam is angry with the appearance of things between Jake and Cassie, and he runs outside.  Cassie follows and tells them that the witch hunters are coming and she believes since the medallion protected her father, it can protect the Circle as well.  Adam thinks the power of the Circle is all they need.

Cassie returns to the house and tells Jake she plans to meet up with Lucy.  Jake goes with her.  Lucy appears to know that Jake is a witch.  When Cassie tells her she has found the medallion, Lucy seems to be very happy and to know quite a lot about it.  Cassie wants to know if the medallion can protect the Circle, Lucy tells her it can, but its “locked”.  It can be activated if the Circle performs a ritual.  They all agree to meet in the woods later.

When the kids leave, there is a knock at Lucy’s door.  Thinking it’s Cassie, Lucy opens the door – and finds Dawn standing there.  Dawn reveals that Lucy was Blackwell’s psychic, and she betrayed him on the night of the fire.   Dawn wants Lucy to help her get the crystals!

I don’t trust either of these gals – they both have hidden agendas!

Back at her house, Cassie looks for the medallion in its hiding place – but it’s not there.  And there’s only one person who knows about that hiding place – Adam.  She goes off to confront him – at his birthday party!

And things at this party are just odd.

  • First of all, the place is packed – and Adam doesn’t strike me as a guy with an abundance of friends. Who are all these people?
  • Second, Ethan’s speech is extremely underwhelming for a Dad!  The pregnant pause that follows is just another indication to me that perhaps Adam is the other Balcoin child because Ethan is NOT a doting father (and we already know he probably betrayed his own Circle – why?)
  • Third, although I appreciate Diana’s speech for what it tells us about her perspective and Adam’s character, it seemed completely out of place given the status of their relationship.
  • Finally, Faye and Melissa are outside – and Melissa is high on the Devil’s Spirit which Faye has shared with her!   To be honest, Melissa’s drugged out speech in this scene, and Faye’s mishap with the drug and the wind were the episode highlights!

But I digress.

Cassie confronts Adam (Happy Birthday?) and he admits taking the medallion – he wants to protect her, and he continues to sow seeds of doubt about Jake.

Elsewhere, there are confrontations galore – the one between Charles and Ethan plays out with Charles slipping Ethan a “mickey”.  (Later, when Ethan has passed out, Charles retrieves the crystal!).  Also, Faye has called Callum for more drugs and when he arrives at the party, he gets into a stare-down with Jake – which is hilarious because Jake is the tallest guy in the room!  And finally, back at the Chamberlain residence, Lucy shows up and stabs Dawn!

No surprise – Lucy is NOT who she appears to be.

After the party, Cassie tells the Circle about the medallion ritual.  Faye is jealous and thus reluctant, but Diana is all for it, and Melissa – stoned – is up for anything!  Jake’s already in – Adam holds back but eventually agrees, continuing to be cautious.

But they all show up in the woods, and they start the ritual.  And one by one, the Circle members starts to feel weak.  Cassie becomes suspicious and turns to Luc, who explains that the medallion can channel magic – in or out!  It has “stolen” magic from thousands of witches over the years and that’s why it is such a powerful talisman.  Right now, it’s taking the Circle’s power.

Cassie – apparently again the least affected by this spell and suddenly remembering the chant her father used the night of the fire – turns on Lucy in spectacular fashion having the fire chase her!  Cassie gets Lucy to admit that her father is still alive – and then banishes her from Chance Harbor forever.

No worries – back at the motel, one of the witch hunters (apparently NOT burned to death in the fire 16 years ago, but scarred from his experience) shows up and slits Lucy’s throat!

Back in the woods, Cassie and Jake have a confrontation – she asks him point blank if he’s ever killed a witch.  His silence is her answers.


  • Melissa meets up with Callum for more drugs!
  • Faye meets up with Jake – just like if old times, if you know what I mean!
  • Charles saves Dawn with the crystal!
  • Cassie encounters her father’s presence in the basement of his old house!


After the wonderful “Witness” episode, perhaps it’s too much to expect each new episode to be as good, but this one seemed like afiller.  Although it did provide some interesting information, it did not pack the emotional punch that “Witness” did.

I continue to be completely confused about the status of Melissa’s mother.  In this episode, Adam says plainly she was killed in the fire.  But back in “Beneath” she is out of town with her Mother.  Is it her “step-mother”?  I wish someone would clear this one up.

I was also confused by the medallion, of all things.  First Cassie’s got it, then she’s hiding it, then she’s got it in the house, then she’s looking in its hiding place to find it missing.  This made very little sense – I call continuity issues!

Also a bit confusing is the changing dynamics of the relationships.  It looks as if perhaps Adam and Diana are in for a reconciliation, Jake and Faye are in for a rekindling of their past romance, and lord only knows what kind of journey Melissa is on.  I just hope it’s not with Callum!

I am also hoping we get to see more of the previous Generation and the Elders.  This is my personal preference, because I enjoy the history and mythology of the show – but their stories appear richer than those of the current Circle.  Perhaps when Blackwell finally arrives we will get to see more of “the parents”.

Despite the fact that this episode was somewhat underwhelming, I’m sticking with it because I’m really looking forward to Blackstone’s arrival.   I expect things will really take off from there!

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