Episode 1.12 TSC – “Witness” or “You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear

Friends, this was a super awesome episode in so many ways I hardly know where to start.  Perhaps I’ll start by saying that there were actually three story lines running in this episode, one of which was linked to the main action, and one that looks like a set-up for future action.

So I’ll start with a short summary of the two smaller stories before I get to the main event.

Faye is feeling on the outs with her friends and is still lusting for power (and I still think that this is the reason she is NOT the “other” Balcoin child – it’s too obvious).   So she cozies up to Lee, who has a lust of his own going on.  And a pain in his heart.  Faye and Lee are talking when in walks one of Lee’s former “associates” – looking for….drugs?  Lee’s a drug dealer?  Former drug dealer, he explains to Faye.  The guy – Callum, tells him “get me the stuff”.  It’s a drug called “Devil’s Spirit”.  Lee later explains to Faye that his former girlfriend OD’d on this stuff and that’s why he’s no longer a dealer.  Callum meets up with Faye later, and Faye is dumb enough to take some of this drug from him.  We will undoubtedly find out what happens with that in an upcoming episode.

The second sub-plot involves Dawn attempting to use first Diana and then Ethan to get the crystal from Charles.  Dawn tells Ethan that Charles tried to choke her – Ethan sympathizes.  In the exchange, it is revealed that Ethan actually dated Amelia in the past.  Interesting because it has always appeared that he loved her from afar – but apparently they dated until John Blackwell came along.  Later, Ethan gets Charles to meet him, and Ethan knocks him out and takes the crystal.  When Charles comes to, he warns Ethan not to fall for Dawn’s stories – don’t let history repeat itself.  Ethan uses the crystal to take revenge on Charles – he conjures the same “drowning” spell Charles earlier used on him. Later, he tells Dawn he will not give her the crystal just yet.

Ethan is suddenly not who he appears to be.  More on that later.

The bulk of the episode is about what really happened in the fire 16 years ago.  The action picks up exactly where it left off last week – Jake walks in on Adam kissing Cassie.  Cassie looks happy to see Jake.  Adam still doesn’t trust him – mostly because of Jake’s behavior in the past.  But also because now he’s free to pursue the celestial relationship he’s been hearing about all his life – and Jake’s the only person who can get in his way.

Cassie meets up with Jake back at his house.  He tells her that he witnessed the events on the boat 16 years ago, but his memory only goes up to a certain point and then is blocked.  He’s been working on a spell and believes that Cassie’s special powers will allow her to make a connection to him – to his mind – so she can see what happened.

Adam thinks the whole idea stinks – of course – but Cassie thinks it will work.  After all, she reminds him, she connected with Faye’s mind when they discovered her grandfather’s body at the lake.  She is sure she can do this.  And they all need to find out what happened to their parents.

Adam seeks out Diana and tells her he thinks the idea is too dangerous – but surprise – Diana is on Cassie’s side.  The information is too important to all of them not to risk it – and if it were in Diana’s power to do it, she would.

Adam is screwed!

Cassie and Jake visit the boatyard, where Jake collects some of the ash from the fire – which despite being outside in the elements for 16 years is still available.  How convenient!  But they need it for the spell, apparently.

As they prepare to cast the spell, Jake takes out the only family photo he has where all 4 members of his family are present – Nick as an infant in his father’s arm.  (And once again I am confused but willing to wait until the writers explain how the Armstrongs are members of a circle of 16 year olds when they are obviously a few years older than the others – or were REALLY young when Jake was born).  Using the picture and the boat ash, the spell is case.

And Jake and Cassie are transported back in time to the boat 16 years ago.  This was really terrific and provided a much broader perspective on how far Cassie’s powers go – time travel!  They are “physically” present on the boat.  And the first people Cassie and Jake see are his parents – young and alive – and gorgeous!  The look on Jake’s face is devastating.  He was not expecting this.  And suddenly he’s in terrible pain.

Ah, the consequences of time travel.  Apparently, Jake was not going to be allowed to witness his parents’ death – perhaps that is why he can’t remember anything in the first place.  He tells Cassie they must stop – but Cassie keeps right on going.  Jake is back in the present, but Cassie – sitting in front of him – is still locked in the spell.  He begs her to come back.  But it looks like Cassie can – and will – carry on.

And she observes Richard and Sarah Armstrong locked in a conversation that reveals the truth of what happened 16 years ago.  Apparently, the witch hunters were around then too, and all the Circle members were meeting up on the boat to call for a truce between the witches and the hunters.  The deal was that the witch hunters would leave the witches alone if they would agree to stop practicing,

But the Circle was split.  Some – Richard Armstrong among the – wanted the truce.  Others – like Sarah – didn’t think the witch hunters could be trusted.  This is what John Blackwell has told them.  Richard is miffed that Sarah is taking John’s side and not his.  But Sarah tells him to talk to John, who is at the boat.  Richard says it’s too late.  Tom (Dawn’s husband) and Sophie Ann (the mother of one of the current members?) is inside.  But Sarah says Dawn and Charles are up on deck with John Blackwell.   Amelia is NOT there – John Blackwell betrayed her and she doesn’t trust him.

Suddenly, Ethan walks right past Richard and Sarah (and Cassie).  Ethan, who has said all along that he was not there that day.

And just as Ethan passes, one of the witch hunters steps out of the shadows and slits Richard’s throat – right in front of Sarah – and Cassie.  Sarah is dragged off, with Cassie following – into the ship’s cafeteria where there are many bodies on the floor, all with their throats cut.  This is a set-up for a massacre of the witches by the witch hunters!  And behind a barrier, we can see little Jake – and he sees all this blood and mayhem.  No wonder his memory is blocked!

In another room of the ship, the hunters drag a body with a hood over its head into a room and tie him to a poll.  This is John Blackstone, and they have something else in mind for his death – burning at the stake!

The Witch Hunters started the fire – not the Circle!!!!

Suddenly, one of the other people on the boat sees Cassie!  And tells her she shouldn’t be here and run!  Her name is Lucy.  (Not sure why we were given her name, but I’m pretty sure it will be important later!)  And she’s right – Cassie should not be there because the fire is creating smoke, and Cassie’s having trouble breathing – in the past AND the present.  Adam, Diana and Jake protect her with their magic.  She can breathe again.

This is Diana has always says the Circle is about – a power for good that is stronger together.  Loved this moment.

Adam tells Jake to get back into the past and get Cassie out of it before something really awful happens.  Jake arrives but is still having issues with head pain.  He soldiers on.

Cassie is watching the fire, but John Blackstone turns the tables on the witch hunters, and escapes, dropping a necklace as the hunters catch on fire.  Jake arrives as Cassie watches her father leave (and now knowing that he may still be alive).  There are issues with the cafeteria door before Jake gets Cassie out – but not before he sees his own mother – choking to death on the smoke and pleading with him from behind the glass of the locked door.

Jake is helpless – and he and Cassie are suddenly back in the Blackstone house – and clearly devastated.

Cassie recounts some of what she saw, but when Adam and Diana ask her if she saw either one of their mothers, she is very vague.

Later she returns to the boat and finds the lost necklace – with the medallion that is the title of the next episode.  The medallion contains the symbol from the last episode – the one John Blackwell carved into the basement ceiling of his house!

Jake, who’s grown up hating witches because he’s always believed they caused the death of his parents, now knows the truth.  That the witch hunters he’d been trusting were actually responsible for murdering his parents.  He finds Cassie on the boat, and she is obsessed with her father – with knowing if he is alive.  She can’t understand why he would let people think he was dead.  (Maybe to hide from the witch hunters?)

So naturally, they go to the cemetery to dig up his body!

When they do, Jake hesitates for a moment before opening the coffin – to make sure this is really what Cassie wants to do.  She does – but when the coffin is opened, there are only animal bones inside.

Did anyone else think IMMEDIATELY of the graveyard scene in “The Omen”??????  Yikes!

What We Know Now – and more questions

The incident with the demons and Heather did not happen on the boat at the fire.  It was a completely separate event.  Was this event the “betrayal” that Sarah mentioned to Richard – the one that caused Amelia to stop trusting Blackwell?

The fire on the boat 16 years ago was started by the Witch Hunters, not the Circle.  And the Circle members who died were murdered – they were not burned in the fire.  It’s pretty hard to hide a slit throat in an autopsy – how has the town kept this secret all these years?  And why?

Ethan is a liar.  He was on the boat when the fire occurred.  And it looks like he was on the witch hunter’s side.  I think it’s possible that he betrayed John Blackwell to them, because he was angry that John came between him and Amelia.  I think Ethan’s drinking is founded in the guilt of knowing the other circle members were murdered because of him.  And now he has a crystal!

John Blackwell is not dead.  And it looks like he knows about Cassie.  Does he know about his other child as well?  Is he helping Cassie, or are her powers completely her own?

Jake may have known that Ethan was involved in the fire 16 years ago, and that may also explain why he tried to destroy him in the past!

The relationships are getting complicated, just like they were 16 years ago.  Relationship dynamics are difficult.  The Cassie, Adam, Jake triangle is apparently a mirror of the Amelia, Ethan, John triangle 16 years ago.  Will things play out the same way, with Adam jilted as Ethan was?

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