Episode 1.08 TSC – “Beneath” or “Truth or Dare”

The members of the circle gather at Cassie’s house.  Cassie is concerned about her grandmother because she hasn’t heard from her since she left for Henry Chamberlain’s lake house.  Melissa is absent – her mother has taken her away for a while because she’s concerned about Melissa’s reaction to Nick’s death.  Jake, however, is there – and not everyone is thrilled.

They briefly discuss the events at the boat house and Diana asks if anyone can explain what happened to Luke.  Cassie says she yelled out and it felt as if she set Luke on fire.  Adam says the circle with ringed with sulfur and iron, cutting off their powers – but Faye catches on to what Cassie is saying.  Cassie can do individual magic.  She also catches on to the relationship between Cassie and Jake – and she is openly jealous.

Faye thinks it’s strange that all the trouble they’ve had started happening once Cassie arrived in town.  Diana defends Cassie, saying all the trouble started after they bound the circle.  But Faye says they bound the circle when Cassie arrived.  Before they go another round, Cassie shows them the parchment Calvin gave her.  Adam asks her who JB is and she thinks it’s her grandmother.  She can’t get either Calvin or her Grandma on the phone.

Cassie wants to go to the Chamberlain lake house and Jake says he’ll go with her.  But when Faye points out that it’s her family’s house and she’s the only one who knows the way there, they all decide to go.  Cassie rides with Jake.  After a conversation with her mother – in which Dawn makes it clear she doesn’t want Faye to go – Faye find herself riding with Diana and Adam.

Dawn wastes no time getting Charles on the phone.   It was Charles who struck Jane Blake as she was kneeling over Henry Chamberlain with the crystal.  He’s moved Henry’s body, so Faye will not discover it.  He has the crystal.  And he’s got Jane Blake’s unconscious body in the back of his car.  He’s on the way back to Chance Harbor.

When the Circle arrives at the lake house, a storm has erupted. And Faye begins to have visions of a little girl – herself as a child.  There’s no power, but a generator takes care of that.  Once Cassie gets a text from her Grandma (courtesy of Charles) they decide it’s too stormy for the ride back so they will stay the night – but not before a party.

Charles arrives at Dawn’s with the crystal and the news that he’s given Jane enough sleeping pills to keep her asleep for hours.  They need to wipe Jane’s memory – and Charles is sure he can find Diana’s Book of Shadows for a spell that will do the trick. He and Dawn go to the old abandoned house, and reminisce about their youth and learning the craft – before Blackwell made it something other than fun.

Charles clearly has the upper hand with Dawn in this episode.  He’s got the crystal and he’s not giving it up.  He’s back to being the BAMF we saw in the pilot – and Dawn is clearly intimidated by him.  Later, he berates an unconscious Jane Blake (and the rest of the Elders) for taking away their power.  And the spell he is casting on Jane will apparently turn her from his perception of someone who is smug, self-righteous and dull to probably someone just the opposite – because now he will control her thoughts and actions.

So I guess we can expect a humble, broad-minded and edgy Jane Blake – that will be interesting for Cassie – and everyone who knows Jane!

Back at the lake house, there’s a fire in the hearth, booze from Henry’s supply, and the triangles rage.  Truth or Dare turns into a game of competition (between Adam and Jake) and triangles – each member of the circle pushing someone’s buttons until truths are revealed that they are not prepared to deal with.

Faye leaves in a huff but encounters her previous hallucination and follows her instead of driving away.  Diana and Jake have an argument that turns all hot and bothered.  Jake tries to find out how much Cassie knows about her individual power and Cassie tries to stir up something else. When Jake puts up a stop signal, Cassie goes outside for her things – and encounters Faye’s hallucination!

Cassie follows the little girl – who leads her to Faye.  Faye is astonished Cassie can see her – the little girl is Faye, as a child. Faye tells Cassie about the time she nearly drowned at age 6 – and her grandfather saved her life.  Faye believes her small self is there for a reason.

Faye thinks the little girl is drowning and while everyone tries to calm her, Cassie sees the little girl on the end of the dock.  She is drawn there and puts her hands in the water – the water churns, and up pops the body of Henry Chamberlain.

By the end of the episode, there appears to be an attraction between Cassie and Jake that is deeper than what was there before.  Whether Jake’s intentions are honorable remains a question – but Cassie can certainly take care of herself.

What We Learned

The Elders– when you kill an elder, you’d better do it right, or their energy will survive and lead you right to their body – and perhaps to their killer.

The Parents – Melissa’s father died in the fire 16 years ago. There is an ongoing power-struggle between Dawn and Charles, and right now, it looks like Charles has the upper hand.

The Secret Circle – Diana and Adam have broken off; while Cassie and Jake may be heating up.

The Crystals – the power of a crystal doesn’t seem to have anything to do with who “owns” it.  It appears to be available to anyone who knows how to use it.

The Witch Hunters – They are now underground, but Jake is still playing on their team.  His strategy is to get closer to Cassie in order to learn how to kill her properly and he is concerned about the document Calvin gave her.  He is convinced she is the only one in the circle with dark magic.  When he returns from the lake, Isaac seems intent on killing Cassie and her Circle now.  Which side is Jake on?

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