Episode 1.07 TSC – “Masked” or “How to Kill a Witch”

“Masked” was a perfectly themed episode for Halloween, and interestingly did not overdo the whole witch thing.  It starts with Cassie and Faye at an eccentric looking little shop where they are looking for items to dress up the Halloween party that Cassie’s throwing.  There is a lot of new information in this episode and I’ve bolded it for those who are tracking it as I am.

Turns out the shop owner, Calvin Wilson, is also a witch, and when he encounters Cassie and they both have their fingers on her credit card, his mirror cracks.  He recognizes her as a Blake from the name on her card, and he knew her mother.

Later, Cassie mentions her encounter with Calvin to her grandmother.  Jane says that Calvin keeps a low profile like many of the witches in town.  Most of them moved away after the fire.  The ones who stayed stopped practicing.

Jane thinks the cracked mirror was residual power (Calvin’s) and active power (Cassies’s) crossing, or perhaps a surge.

In any case, Jane is on her way to Henry Chamberlain’s lake house. Jane is concerned because she hasn’t heard from Henry in weeks. Cassie’s on her own.

Perfect time for a party.

On their boat, Adam confronts his father because Ethan is responsible for Adam and Diana breaking up.  Adam feels that Diana’s love made him a better person, and the better he became, the farther he grew from being like Ethan.

Ethan is clear – he has no interest in Adam being like him.  But he continues to state his concerns about meddling with fate.  Ethan feels that Adam is destined to be with Cassie, and diverting from that path is messing with fate and will ruin his life sooner.

But Adam is convinced that the whole fate argument is just an excuse for Ethan’s behavior, and he asks if Ethan ever even loved his mother – or is fate his excuse for what he did to her?

Cassie, Faye and Melissa are decorating for the party when Cassie finds a piece of the knife that Simone (the Witch Hunter) used when she attacked Cassie.  Cassie asks Jake about it but he claims ignorance, so she’s on her way to Calvin’s shop. But Jake spells her car to delay her just long enough for him to beat her there and scare the crap out of Calvin.

Jake asks Calvin for witches cruets, and Calvin looks scared.

Jake makes his intensions clear – he knows how to kill a witch.  Spell a cruet and put mandrake root, the witch’s blood, and a personal article in it, set it on fire, and the witch is dead. 

Jake cuts Calvin and drips his blood into a cruet, along with mandrake root and Calvin’s wedding ring.  As Jake leaves, he tells Calvin that if Cassie Blake comes to his shop with questions, he is not to give her any answers.

When Cassie arrives at his shop asking about the knife symbol, Calvin is evasive.  Cassie diverts his attention by spilling a bowl, and while he is looking for a broom (I love that every witch in this town seems to have a broom handy), Cassie takes a picture of a knife in one of the display cases – with the same marking as the knife she found.

Jake and Melissa meet up at the cemetery.  Jake’s there to visit the graves of his parents, Richard and Sarah Armstrong. (Finally, we have the names of the Armstrong parents!) Melissa is bringing flowers for Nick’s grave.

Jake is defensive and cold – he says he and his brother were not close and he messed with things he didn’t understand and it got him killed.  But Melissa throws a little guilt at him – maybe if he hadn’t left, he could have protected Nick and this wouldn’t have happened, so perhaps it’s on him.  Nick says he’s nothing like the rest of the circle members.

Adam and Cassie are going to run a scan of the knife symbols and see what his computer can come up with (I do not have software like this and I thought only police and crime labs did!).  He tells Cassie that Diana believed what his father told her about fate because of the way he’d been acting.   He’s not sure what’s between him and Cassie, but he feels like he’s nothing without Diana.  Cassie tells him that if he feels that way, he should fight for her.

The computer gets a match.  One of the symbols on the knife represents a society – the Getticas – witch hunters who go all the way back to the middle ages. 

At the old boathouse, Jake is filling 5 cruets with mandrake as he designates each one with the name of a circle member.  He is speaking to the presumed leader of the Witch Hunters, Isaac.  Simone apparently marked each witch (with the crescent fire), but Nick says she might have ruined the entire plan.  If you kill a bound witch the wrong way, their power passes to other witches in the circle – it makes them stronger.

Isaac is still skeptical of Jake’s motives but Jake says if he doesn’t spell the cruets, the society will have to return to burning witches at the stake.  So Isaac gives him approval to spell the vessels. Now all they need is blood and a personal object from each witch.  Then they can set the vessels on fire to destroy them.

Isaac does not want Jake’s part in all this revealed, so he’s enlisted others – one from their village in Salem.  The other one is a familiar face – Luke – Cassie’s dance date and now one of the people invited to her party.

In Cassie’s next conversation with Jake, when she tells him she’s discovered the truth about Simone, she becomes wary when he reveals his knowledge of the 3 symbols – there were only two on the piece of the knife that Cassie found. So how does he know there were 3?

While the kids are partying at Cassie’s, Calvin pays Ethan a visit. They haven’t seen each other since the fire and Ethan is wary, but Calvin says that even though he wasn’t in Ethan’s circle, he never gave him a reason not to trust him.  He reveals that Cassie has been asking questions about old hunting acquaintances of theirs.

Calvin says he didn’t see much of Amelia in Cassie until he knew who she was, but you never know which parent a child will favor.  Ethan insists Cassie is Amelia’s daughter, but Cal is not so sure.  He knows that Ethan’s love for Amelia made him blind to a lot of things.

But Ethan says that they were all blind in the end, all except Amelia.

Cal suddenly realizes that Cassie doesn’t know who her father is or what he was attempting to do the night of the fire.  Ethan doesn’t think she needs to know, but Calvin thinks she does.   And he reveals the name of Cassie’s father – John Blackwell.  And he believes she should know so she can protect herself.

While Faye distracts Jake (and he steals one of Cassie’s necklaces), Cassie runs next door to the Armstrong house and rummages through Nick’s room, where she finds a knife with that same society symbol.  Faye can’t seem to distract Jake and he returns home to find Cassie with the knife.  He shows her a sheath of weapons, all bearing the symbols of the society.

Faye (who now suspects Jake because he was so distant with her during their encounter), interrupts and says she can’t find Melissa (who has been subdued and kidnapped by one of the hunters.

Calvin calls Cassie to tell her he has left her something and that she’s in danger.  Jake finds Calvin and kills him with the vessel, but not before he tells Jake that Cassie has dark magic in her.  Meanwhile, all the members of the circle are being subdued and kidnapped by hunters.

At the boathouse, all 5 members of the circle are bound and coming to.  Luke is cutting Cassie to collect her blood in her vessel.  Isaac informs them the circle is ringed with iron sulfite to stop their powers.

It becomes clear that Luke is descended from a long line of witch hunters.  As he starts the ritual, Isaac leaves just as Jake runs up to tell him to stop the ritual.  Cassie has dark magic, which makes her stronger than other witches.  But Isaac thinks all magic is dark and won’t stop.

Luke prepares to kill Diana, but Cassie sends out energy, smashing the vessel in his hand.  Luke is undeterred.  Cassie’s vessel is next – but again Cassie sends out power, and sets Luke on fire.

Seeing this, Jake cuts his arm just as Adam frees himself and the others.  Jake screams, and when the others find him, he tells them a man attacked him and ran off.  Jake  asks what happened, but the circle members are clearly stunned.

Later Adam attempts to reconcile with Diana.  He tells her that as a kid, he was known as the motherless boy but he feels you can’t lose what you never had.  Every day his father became more distant, and Diana provided him with a sense of home.  Now he feels like he is losing everything he had all at once.

Diana tells him that although she knows everything can’t be perfect, she needs to believe it can be so that fighting for it makes sense.

Cassie is cleaning up after the party and Jake arrives to check on her.  Cassie asks how there can be people who hate the witches so much.  After all, they did not choose to be who they are, they were born that way.  Jakes says that people fear what they don’t understand.

Cassie tells him that she thinks she did witchcraft on her own in the boathouse – she thinks she stopped one of the witch hunters from killing Diana.  But she’s curious as to why the hunters didn’t round Jake up with the rest of them.  Jake says he knows she doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t mind having to earn it.  Cassie wishes him luck with that.

As she’s locking up the house, she sees the envelope Cal has left for her sticking out of the mailbox.  When she opens it, she finds a parchment, with a circle symbol in the middle, and the initial J.B. on the lower right side.

Meanwhile, Jane has arrived at Henry’s lake house to find him lying on the floor.  She locates what must be the Chamberlain crystal high up on a column in the foyer, and she holds it and begins to chant over Henry’s still body.  Someone comes up behind her, whacks her in the head and knocks her unconscious, takes the crystal, and leaves.


What did Ethan to do his wife?  And how does Adam know anything about it if he was so young when she died?

Richard and Sarah Armstrong are the only two members of the previous circle with two children.  Is this a possible clue to why they were both killed?

John Blackwell is Cassie’s father, and passed his dark power on to her.  Who is he and what is dark power?  How is it different from the power of the rest of the witches in the circle?

John Blackwell is also the reason Amelia and Ethan did not fulfill their destiny – how did he interfere in Ethan and Amelia’s relationship, and is the same dynamic now playing out with Cassie, Diana and Adam?

Is Jake truly a Witch Hunter out for a vendetta against the current circle and all the witches in Chance Harbor, or are his motives completely different?

Henry’s body has been lying around the boathouse for weeks, according to Jane – why hasn’t it decomposed?  Is Henry really dead, or only in a state of suspension?

Who hit Jane and stole in the Chamberlain crystal?

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