Episode 1.00 TSC – Anticipating The Secret Circle Premier

Starting on Thursday evening, September 15, 2011, the CW Network owns me on Thursday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM Central Time.

I am eagerly waiting for the season 3 Premier of “The Vampire Diaries” followed by the Series Premier of “The Secret Circle”.

I am also starting a new journey – writing about “The Secret Circle” every week for TheTelevixen.com.   I am really looking forward to sharing my views on this exciting new series with fans of the books and the show.

How do I know it’s exciting already?  Well, I’ve seen the pilot.  I will not divulge anything here and now – that might ruin it for many who are eagerly anticipating it.  This includes my daughter.  Back in early August, I asked her if she wanted to view the pilot with me and she said “No.  I wouldn’t be able to wait for the next episode if I watch the pilot now.”

Smart girl.  I can hardly wait to see what happens next myself.  As I said, I am not going to spoil things for anyone.

When I began watching “The Vampire Diaries”, I had not read the books by L.J. Smith on which that series is based (and I still haven’t read them).  But for “The Secret Circle”, I went right out and purchased the books and then devoured them.  All I will say here is that, as with “The Vampire Diaries”, the show does not follow the books exactly.  But also like TVD, the changes are made with loving care and respect.  The producers/writers capture the essentials, remain true to the story, and make appropriate enhancements.

One thing I am sure of – no one will be disappointed.

I would like to point out two things to those planning to tune in to the series premier.  I don’t think I am giving anything away by saying you will love the “water” scene with Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson.  It is beautifully done in all its aspects.

Also, pay attention to the first “meeting” of the full circle.  As with most CW shows, this is a cast of beautiful young people who are also very fine actors.  And there is a lot of information in this first scene with all the witches together that I am sure will be the basis for many future episodes.

I am looking forward to being thoroughly entertained on Thursday nights.  I hope you will enjoy my posts.  All comments are welcomed – whether you agree with my perspective or not.  All points of view are valid and I often find new ways of looking at things from other viewers.

See you all on Thursday!

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